Announcing: The Temporary Tightwad

While this topic isn’t exactly about Trim Healthy Mama, many of us are interested in frugality and managing our money well, so I couldn’t not mention this deal!

My newest book, The Temporary Tightwad: Radically reduce your spending, meet a money goal and change your life forever, is now available in Amazon, and for a VERY short time (just a day or two!), it’s only .99!

The book is for anyone who wants to create change in their finances by taking massive (but temporary and doable) action. It recounts my own stories of mistakes I made with money and how I righted them. It shares hundreds of ways to lower expenses and save money, as well as earn more money without a dramatic lifestyle change.

It also contains free printable worksheets to help you get clear on your financial goal and to help you stay motivated (sometimes the hardest part!). Go here to download a free sample or buy the book – I mean really, at .99 this is a no-brainer folks. 

If you aren’t interested in this topic, I’m certain you know someone who needs this book. Why not mention it to them? Thanks so much!

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