How I get my TrimHealthyMama collagen

Sometimes a person new to TrimHealthyMama© will ask, “How do you take your collagen?” on the THM Facebook page.

I thought I would share how I get this important superfood ingredient into my diet every day.

But let me first backtrack a bit.

For years before I started TrimHealthyMama, I used gelatin and collagen (simply different forms of the same superfood) because I had read extensively about them and was convinced of their value in the diet. I have also made my own bone broth for years and never shied away from eating the skin of chicken. Collagen isn’t a “THM thing”. Our ancestors ate a lot more collagen/gelatin because they ate the animal from head to tail. They didn’t buy prettily packaged slabs of chicken breast at the store.

See this homemade bone broth? It’s gelatin/collagen that makes it gel up like that!

Collagen is a powdery substance that doesn’t clump or gel in liquids, and gelatin does – it’s the type you use to make gummy candies or pudding, for instance. So, they both have their place in the THM kitchen.

There is excellent information in the TrimHealthyMama plan book about why collagen and gelatin are important additions to the diet, but if you don’t have the book (or even if you do!), I recommend Serene’s excellent (long but worth it) article on the why of collagen.

I make it a goal to get around 2 Tablespoons of gelatin and/or collagen in my diet every day. Here’s how I do it.

  • Collagen in my morning coffee – I put half and half or cream in the bottom of my mug, add the collagen and stir until it dissolves. Then I add coffee and stir again. Even if I’m going to Starbucks, I put this mixture in the bottom of my travel mug, and I ask the barista to please NOT pour it out before adding my coffee!
  • Collagen in my iced coffee – Most afternoons at around 3 I need a snack (and a caffeine pick-me-up!), so I blend cold coffee with a bit of almond milk, stevia, collagen, a bit of cream (if I’m in S mode, if not I leave it out) and whey protein powder. It blends up creamy and delicious and then I pour it over ice. To save money, I use leftover brewed coffee from the morning’s pot instead of brewing fresh. I also make coffee ice cubes from leftover brewed coffee so my iced coffee doesn’t get diluted.
    Collagen in my iced coffee
    Collagen in my iced coffee – see that lovely creamy head of foam on top?


  • I add collagen to my *Fat Stripping Frappas and other shakes – some of the recipes in the THM cookbook call for collagen, especially those that don’t have another source of protein.
  • I add collagen to my oatmeal. Here’s how I make oatmeal, THM style: In a bowl, I put 1 T. collagen, 1 T. whey protein, stevia to taste, a dash vanilla extract with a few tablespoons of almond milk. I stir that until it’s a smooth mixture. Then I add 1/4 teaspoon glucomannon to thicken it. I add hot oatmeal and up to 1 tsp. butter, stir and serve (I love chocolate oatmeal, prepared the same way – with a T of cocoa powder added to the above mixture).
  • I drink *Hot chocolate Trimmy with collagen. This is a delicious Fuel Pull recipe from the cookbook. Since my blender is the type that cannot blend hot beverages, I mix up the ingredients cold in the blender jar, then pour it into a mug and microwave it. This is my favorite bedtime snack. The calories are minimal but the taste is amazing.
  • I make gelatin gummy desserts. These are so fun. They can be made as a Fuel Pull snack perfect for when you need juuuust a little something to tide you over until a meal. And of course kids love them! A couple of recipes: Orange Creamsicle Gummies | Strawberry Delight 
  • Collagen and gelatin can be added to soups and stews. It’s easy to boost your intake of either by just adding a bit to your soup. Voila! Instant protein boost and many, many other health benefits.

What’s your favorite way to eat collagen and gelatin?

p.s. Before discovering TrimHealthyMama, I bought my collagen and gelatin from Great Lakes brand. I think their products are very high-quality, and some prefer the ease of the canisters that you can pour directly from, instead of the plastic packages from THM. If you’re an Amazon prime customer and get free shipping, it may be cost-effective for you to get your products there. You can also use Knox gelatin from the grocery store, but it’s not made from grass-fed beef which I feel is important, and I don’t know much about Knox’s manufacturing process. I have researched Great Lakes and THM so I recommend their products wholeheartedly.

Since I place an order with THM frequently and am already paying shipping, I get my collagen and gelatin from them now, but I thought I would mention it. 🙂  THM has great prices and the quality of their products is exceptional. Their stevia sweeteners are the best I’ve ever tasted.

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