How to Stay on Plan with TrimHealthyMama: On Vacation!

How to stay on plan with TrimHealthyMama on Vacation

This week my family is at the beach for a much-needed rest. I’m feeling thankful for TrimHealthyMama because I feel confident wearing a bathing suit and have more energy. Also, my digestion is better. I always, always got out of kilter while traveling pre-THM, which robbed me of some of the joy of vacationing. No longer!

Of course, it’s not always easy to stay on plan with TrimHealthyMama while on vacation. Here are a few tips that work for me.

How to stay on plan with TrimHealthyMama on Vacation
My baby’s first time seeing the ocean… poor little guy needs some sunglasses! 

Plan ahead

Since we’re staying at a beach house, we can do our own cooking. I was able to plan a menu that’s THM-friendly. Even if you’re vacationing somewhere without a kitchen, think ahead about what might be available to eat or what restaurants you’ll be visiting. If there is a microwave in your hotel room, you can make Hot Chocolate Trimmy, oatmeal and Muffin-in-a-Mug recipes.

With a little advance planning, you could mix up most of the ingredients beforehand in baggies or small food containers. Or, bake on-plan cookies and bars or make THM-safe candy and stash it in your bag when temptation hits. I find that as long as I have something yummy that’s on plan, I don’t feel deprived when people around me are eating any and everything.

Thinking ahead always makes it easier to stay on plan, because you won’t be making decisions while hungry – never a good idea!

At the very least, bring THM-friendly snacks like 0% Greek yogurt, fruit, nuts, cheese sticks and such in a cooler for snacking on while you travel. You might also want to make a trip to the local grocery store once at your destination. You can pick up Oikos 000 yogurt, dark chocolate and even stevia if you didn’t bring your own (mine comes with me in my purse!).

You might also want to plan at least one off-plan meal so you don’t feel bad when it inevitably happens! Give yourself some grace. My husband and I went out alone for one meal and I wasn’t about to worry about my diet.

It’s what we do everyday that matters, not at one meal. 

Don’t forget your Good Girl Moonshine

Drinking your GGMS will help kill those cravings and give your mouth something to do. It is just me, or do you want to do nothing but eat when you’re on vacation? Jim Gaffigan nails it when he riffs about food and vacation! GGMS will keep you from drinking soda or sweet tea when everyone around you is doing it. And if you forget your ingredients or can’t bring them with you, nearly any grocery store these days has apple cider vinegar and ginger.

Lighten it up

When you eat a meal, try to lighten things up by filling up first with non-starchy green veggies. Have a lot of sauteed veggies with your eggs and bacon with breakfast, for example. Or order steamed veggies or a side salad with your dinner and eat it first, with dressing or butter served on the side.

While on vacation may also be the time to “lighten up” on your THM food rules too. If you’re a Purist, go ahead and enjoy some of those convenience foods that Drive-Thru Sues regularly eat.

Think like a French woman

A French woman would never deny herself the pleasure of exotic, delicious foods anytime, much less while on vacation! Eating, like vacation, is a way to celebrate life, loved ones and the pleasures that make life worthwhile.

A French woman would, however, be mindful of portion sizes. If you’re eating out, ask for the to-go box as soon as your food arrives, and place half of it in there (unless you’re vacationing in France, they don’t have to-go boxes!) immediately.

Thinking like a French woman also means staying active. Ride your bike around town, walk on the beach (or hike in the mountains), swim, enjoy healthy, natural movement. It burns calories!

How do you stay on plan with TrimHealthyMama on vacation? I would love to hear your tips.

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  1. Thank you for your tips, glad you got out safely. I love Myrtle Beach, been going 29 years, we have a condo down there, We got back a couple of weeks ago ad my mom is going back Saturday for a meeting.

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