Last Week’s TrimHealthyMama Food Journal

Every week I post what I ate, on and off plan with TrimHealthyMama. Recipes with an asterisk come from the TrimHealthyMama cookbook.

I ate off plan a few times this week. I haven’t weighed myself, but my clothes fit the same. This week I’m back to stricter THM though. The first time I ate off plan, we had been invited to dinner with friends. The meal was THM safe, but then the host pulled out dessert – brownies and ice cream. Since it was a small, intimate affair and she was dishing out the bowls without asking, I decided not to make an issue of it. I took a very small serving of ice cream.

Then, yesterday we went to one of those “Taste Of…” outdoor food festivals. I did great staying on plan, even taking advantage of several free Bai drinks at a display! But at the very end, I ate a few bites of my daughter’s ice cream.

Before we left for the festival, I considered bringing a THM-safe treat. I had No-Bake Peanut Butter bars in my fridge! But I didn’t. Next time, I’ll be sure to pack something sweet. When everyone around me is enjoying their ice cream, I won’t feel deprived.

Something I remembered this week that’s crucial to THM success: don’t let myself get too hungry! I went several hours inbetween fueling myself Saturday, and then overate (and ate off plan) when I finally sat down to eat. It’s better to have a little Fuel Pull snack instead of allowing 5-6 hours to pass between meals.




*Salted caramel oolong, *chocolate banana muffin, 0% Greek yogurt with strawberries – E @ 7:45
*Cabb and Sass – S @ 11:30
Small latte – XO @ 3
Ham, green beans, yams, tiny dish ice cream – XO/off plan @ 6


Coffee with cream, *Skinny chocolate chip muffin – S @ 6
*Banana-chocolate muffin, 0% Greek yogurt with peanut flour  – E @ 10
¼  cup grapes, ½ small sweet potato with chicken breast and peas – E @ 1
Taco chicken salad, *Hot chocolate Trimmy, popcorn w/ nutritional yeast – XO @ 6:30


Coffee with cream, *Skinny chocolate chip muffin – S @ 6
*Apple-cinnamon muffin, 0% Greek yogurt with peanut flour – E @ 10
French fries – XO/off plan
Indian butter chicken, spiced vegetables, rice, wine – XO @ 5


Coffee and cream, *chocolate-coconut glazed cake – S @ 7
*Strawberry secret shake – FP @ 11
Rice, Thai vegetables, chicken breast – E @ 12
*White cake with strawberries S @ 3
Vegetable soup – S @ 6


Coffee with cream, *white cake with strawberries – S @ 6:30
*Hot chocolate Trimmy – FP @ 11
Egg salad with red bell peppers – S @ 12
Burrito bowl with rice, beans, salsa, lettuce – E @ 6
French fries – XO /offplan @ 9


Coffee, *chocolate banana muffin – E @ 7
*Chocolate banana muffin, 0% Greek yogurt – E @ 10
Kale salad, iced coffee w/ cream – XO @ 12
No-bake chocolate peanut butter bar – S @ 3
Ranch-style chicken, broccoli, salad – S @ 7


*Salted caramel oolong, *Skinny chocolate chip muffin – S @ 8
*Apple cinnamon muffin, grilled chicken nuggets, coffee and cream – XO @ 11:30
Cottage berry whip – FP @ 1
Grilled chicken with mango salsa, cole slaw, BBQ pork, collard greens, a few bites of ice cream – XO @ 6

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