My Favorite Trim Healthy Mama Non Scale Victories!

The weight loss is wonderful, but Trim Healthy Mama non scale victories are amazing too.

Since starting Trim Healthy Mama over a year ago, I’ve lost 20 pounds and keep it off, effortlessly, without exercise or going hungry. I don’t even have to give up my favorite foods.

But, as many THMers know, the non-scale victories are almost as gratifying! Here are some of the benefits I’ve enjoyed on THM that go beyond weight loss.

My Favorite Trim Healthy Mama Non Scale Victories

1) Bloating and puffiness: gone

My feet have lost an entire size, my face is no longer puffy, and my hands are smaller. As it turns out, sugar makes you hold on to excess fluids and makes you bloat. I no longer have bags under my eyes in the morning!

2) No more achy hands and knees

My knees and hands used to ache. I assumed this was due to arthritis running in my family, and figured it was inevitable that I would have some symptoms too (false! We can change how our genes express themselves. It’s called epigenetics. We are not slaves to “it runs in my family”, that is victim talk!). Giving up sugar is the major component here, and eating collagen helps too.

3) Regularity

I spent more than 30 years constipated. No lie. I tried everything to solve this horribly uncomfortable problem. More exercise. More water. Herbs and cleanses. Diet changes (giving up dairy, gluten, etc). Increasing fiber.

Nothing helped considerably, most of those things didn’t help at all. But on THM? I poop like a teenage boy! And trust me, this is a very important victory for me. Constipation is painful, makes bathroom visits dreadful, and causes bloating that makes your clothes uncomfortable.

4) Increased resistance to infection

Two stomach viruses have passed through my family since I started THM, and a few colds too. And I haven’t succumbed to any of them! I have always heard that sugar decreases immune function, but didn’t know if there was any scientific validity to that. Nonetheless, the proof is in the (sugar-free) pudding! On THM, I don’t get sick as often as I used to. I haven’t had a cold the entire time on THM.

5) No more hypoglycemia!

I’ve struggled with hypoglycemia since I was a kid. My mom had to make special arrangements for me to eat a snack inbetween classes, because I would become sick and sometimes faint! Even as an adult, I would sometimes pass out or become horribly ill for several hours (or an entire day) after a bout with low blood sugar.

Since THM, this just hasn’t happened to me. For one, my carb intake is more moderate. I have always had trouble eating things like pancakes, bananas or oatmeal, and knew that bread was a problem. But I ate those things anyway due to cravings or convenience. Eating a la THM, anchoring all snacks and meals with protein, and avoiding sugar and crappy carbs, has changed my life for the better every day.

6) No more sugar cravings and addiction!

I’ve craved sugar all my life, especially in the afternoons when my energy dips. No more! I can happily eat my THM dessert or little treat when others around me are eating sugar.

I am no longer a slave to sugar cravings. I love it!

What are your favorite non-scale victories? 

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