On saving lettuce and Mason jar salads

Don’t throw away that wilted lettuce. My first strategy is to revive it by soaking it briefly in ice water and draining. That usually perks it up. However, I saw a great tip today: you can save wilty lettuce by making soup!

How to make lettuce soup 

I’ve read lettuce as a soup ingredient in several French cookbooks, so it must not be bad! I threw away half a bag of wilted lettuce last week (the shame!) and just can’t stand to waste food, so I need to try this. Avoiding food waste is an important part of saving money on groceries. (And leave it to the traditionally frugal French to figure out how to make wilted lettuce taste great!)

© Abdone | Dreamstime Stock Photos

Speaking of salads, here is a neat tutorial on how to make Mason jar salads. I still haven’t made a Mason jar salad. I need to get on that.

The benefit of Mason jar salads is that they can be made several days in advance, and even though they include dressing (and tomatoes if you like), they won’t get soggy. The secret’s in the layering!

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