My Personal Firm-Up Challenge: Join Me?

I’m happy with my weight loss thus far, thanks to Trim Healthy Mama©! But summer is right around the corner. Here in Georgia, that means humid, hot temperatures, unbearable without donning light, breezy skirts and shorts, sleeveless tees and tanks. Our neighborhood pool will open and the kids will want to swim every day… I […]

My menu plan this week only has one recipe from the Trim Healthy Mama cookbook. While I love the cookbook and have found many great recipes in its pages, including some new family favorites, I don’t want to give the impression that one HAS to own the cookbook in order to do Trim Healthy Mama well. […]

It’s been another week already?! Unbelievable how time flies. I made a discovery this week and will update on the results soon. I’ve been using flax seed, about a tablespoon a day, to make French Toast in a Bowl. It’s my favorite breakfast. Unfortunately, a couple of months ago I began to notice soreness and […]

On accountability, tough love, and truth-telling

I started this blog so that I could be accountable to my readers, with the hope we can encourage each other as we continue on this journey, not only of reaching and maintaining our ideal weight, but of improving our health and quality of life. Can we talk about accountability for a moment? Recently I […]

This Week's Trim Healthy Mama Friendly Meal Plan

It’s that time of the week again! Time to post my weekly Trim Healthy Mama-friendly meal plan. Sitting down to plan out a menu of dinners for my family is one way I stay sane while mothering a large family. It also saves me money, as I can plan meals around what’s on sale and […]

What I Ate Last Week, on Trim Healthy Mama plan

Each week, I post my food diary. Not only does this keep me accountable, but I hope  it also helps people new to Trim Healthy Mama understand how to make the plan work for them. You can see that I am certainly not deprived! This week I inserted some on-purpose Crossover meals. At the moment, […]

What I ate last week on Trim Healthy Mama plan

Another week has flown by. Time for another “what I ate” post.   What’s new this week: I’ve become fairly obsessed with 0% Greek yogurt. I understand now why Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project calls it “my preciousssss”. I’ve found that Greek yogurt is a wonderful way to solve any craving in a […]

Here is what’s on Le Menu this week, Trim Healthy Mama™ Approved. Items marked with an * asterisk are from the Trim Healthy Mama cookbook. Sunday: I bought a duck ages ago at ALDI and it had been sitting in my freezer since. I love roasted duck, but this one was unfortunately not very meaty or fatty! Ah, […]