Stevia Cookbook Review

We TrimHealthyMama types love our stevia. Sometimes we act as if the authors of the THM plan invented it, but au contraire. Stevia has been in use by South American Indians for centuries and is also quite popular in Asia. Here is a review of a stevia cookbook submitted by a reader.

The Stevia Cookbook: A Review

The first part of the Stevia Cookbook talks about the history of stevia – both since the beginning and in modern times. Here is an interesting question: why, despite the fact that stevia is popular in Asia and has also been in use by South American Indians for centuries, is stevia so little known in the States? The book points to big business (money) and government intervention (politics). Are we surprised by that? No.

Thankfully stevia is available on health food stores shelves today. The great thing about stevia is that it has zero calories. It only takes a couple of drops to sweeten your tea or a half teaspoon to sweeten an entire dessert. Stevia won’t contribute to tooth decay like sugar will. Some natural health experts even say stevia is healing to the pancreas and adrenal glands.

Chapter 3 tells us the history and dangers of artificial sweeteners. How safe are these? (Short answer: not safe at all.)

Chapter 4 acquaints you with the various forms of stevia: from whole leaf to green to white powder to liquid concentrates, you’ll learn which formulation to use for different applications.

Part Two has the recipes. You’ll find recipes for pancakes and crepes, muffins, salads, dressings and sauces, beverages and of course – desserts!

My family has been using stevia as a part of our daily life for years, even before I had heard of TrimHealthyMama. I actually began using stevia 14 years ago when I was pregnant with my third child. I don’t think it’s an accident that she was my healthiest, biggest baby – at 10 pounds, she was bouncing for sure. And I was able to have her at home in my bedroom. Of course, I doubt the stevia was responsible for all of that, but it sure didn’t hurt!

My kids reach for the liquid stevia whenever they make green tea. My sister uses stevia to sweeten her coffee. And of course, as a TrimHealthyMama fan, I use stevia in my desserts, muffins, hot chocolate, “skinny” candies, and many other treats too.

The book gives you some tips on cooking with stevia. For instance, if you use just a little too much, oddly enough your food will take on a bitter taste. There are a few tricks to using stevia successfully, and the book helps you learn those.

Learn more about stevia and start using it to sweeten your family’s food safely and naturally with the The Stevia Cookbook: Cooking with Nature’s Calorie-Free Sweetener.

Note: This review was written by a reader, not the author of the blog. I (Carrie) haven’t personally used this cookbook, but I’m placing it on hold at my library so I can check it out! I can vouch for the authors, however. Donna Gates is a well-known health expert who has helped many people improve their health and kick sugar cravings. She’s the author of several books on diet and wellness and her diet philosophy, known as Body Ecology, has many fans. I don’t know how TrimHealthyMama friendly the cookbook is, but my guess would be that, given what I have read of Donna Gates’ other books and recipes, it’s just fine, although some or all of the recipes may be Crossovers. 

My favorite stevia sweeteners, after having tried literally dozens, are the TrimHealthyMama Gentle Sweet and SuperSweet.

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