What I Ate Today, Trim Healthy Mama

Whew! It’s been a few years since I posted to this blog. I’ve decided recently to begin blogging my food intake for a couple of reasons.

One, to keep myself accountable. I’ve gained a tiny bit of weight I’d like to shed. (Helllooooo, perimenopause!) Two, to show how one can eat THM style without the book or buying specialty foods from the THM store.

What I Ate Today, Trim Healthy Mama Style

Breakfast: Nespresso with dash half and half, 2 Cran-Apple Holiday Muffins. Fuel: E

These muffins are SO good, 2 are quite filling due to the egg whites and collagen providing protein, and I’m proud of myself for actually using up that bag of cranberries that’s been lingering in my freezer since last year!

Why is it an “E” meal? Because it’s fueled with healthy “slow” carbs instead of fats. I used maybe 1 T half and half in my Nespresso shot, which is 2.5 grams of fat, keeping this meal under 5 g.

Lunch: Cajun Dirt-E Rice and half a banana. Fuel: E

This was leftover from last night’s dinner. Why is it an “E” meal? Because it has low-fat ground turkey for the protein source, along with beans and brown rice for healthy carbs.

This recipe gets rave reviews from hubby, and I love how frugal it is. If I can get all the ingredients from Aldi, I’m a happy girl!

If you didn’t know, I literally wrote a book on the topic.

Snack: Coffee with half and half, Aldi brand protein yogurt (identical to Oikos 000, just cheaper!) with a spoonful of all-natural, sugar-free peanut butter and Lily’s chocolate chips. Fuel: S

Who doesn’t love chocolate and peanut butter?! Why is it an “S” snack? Because peanut butter and chocolate chips contain fat, and there is no substantial carbohydrate in this snack. The low-fat yogurt is a good source of protein.

Remember that with Trim Healthy Mama, all meals and snacks are anchored with protein to stabilize blood sugar.

Dinner: Pork Chops with Apple and Fennel, Green Beans Nicoise, Brown Rice. Fuel: E

The green beans had a bit of olive tapenade on them, but the entire recipe only used a couple of tablespoons so the fat fuel was still under 5g. That makes this meal an E for “energizing” (carbohydrate fuel), due to the apples and brown rice.

Also happy to have used up the leftover fennel I had in the freezer from my last Trader Joe’s trip. I love fennel. It’s great for digestion and the gut in general, and it’s delicious!

I tend to eat too few carbs when I’m doing THM, which can lead to fatigue and cravings. I think this is a common problem, judging by the posts in the THM Facebook group. The “S” meals are so yummy and satisfying.

So I’m proud of myself for eating more E meals today. Carbs are important for thyroid health. When we aren’t getting enough carbs, it can cause that late night craving for cookies. No bueno!

What did you eat, Trim Healthy Mama style, today?

Trim Healthy Mama Fuel Cycle: Day 3 – E Fuel

Today’s day 3 of my Trim Healthy Mama Fuel Cycle, and I can now eat CARBS. Days 3 and 4 are E fuel days. Woo!

Trim Healthy Mama Fuel Cycle

Breakfast @ 5:30 AM – For breakfast I enjoyed an Apple-Cinnamon muffin, with an extra half apple and Salted Caramel gluccie pudding: a lovely combo and it kept me full for the entire 3 hours! Plus a small coffee with a tiny amount of half and half.

Snack @ 8:30Vanilla Gluccie Pudding – again, I love this stuff! So glad I finally tried it, and it’s Fuel Pull!

Fuel Cycle Day 3: E fuel!

Lunch @ 11:30Half a sweet potato, ground turkey patty, sauteed onions and zucchini. GGMS to drink.

Snack @ 3:30 – I made a Trim Healthy Mama “E” waffle and enjoyed it with mock maple syrup (recipes for both are in the THM cookbook) and a couple of sliced strawberries.  I had a cup of half decaf coffee with 2 T half and half (which has only 3 grams of fat, keeping me well under 5 grams!).

And would you believe, I discovered I had run out of oat fiber AND baking blend!? For me, running out of baking blend especially is an emergency. I was craving Sheri Graham’s Fuel Pull chocolate cake which calls for oat fiber and couldn’t make one! Plus, with Fuel Pull days coming

Trim Healthy Mama Waffles for Fuel Cycle Day E fuel

Dinner @ 6:00 – Another ground turkey patty, this time with a salad and half a sweet potato. For dressing, I stirred together a bit of 0% Greek yogurt, a dash mustard, a bit of stevia for a “honey mustard”. It was good.

Tip: one of the ways I save time while doing Trim Healthy Mama is to cook several things at once for use them later. For example, I cook several sweet potatoes at a time and eat one every day until they’re gone. Or I cook Bust-a-Myth banana cake or Trimtastic Zucchini cake, cut into portions, and freeze so I have an easy snack or meal. I often make a family-size portion of muffins, freeze and do the same. Etc.

Tomorrow is another E day. See you then!

My Week on TrimHealthyMama

My Week on TrimHealthyMama is where I post tidbits, tricks, hacks and meal ideas. See all the posts tagged “my week on TrimHealthyMama” here.

Trim Healthy Mama Sweetie on Steroids


As I mentioned lsat week, I’ve made it a goal to try every recipe in the TrimHealthyMama cookbook.

Trim Healthy Mama Sweetie on Steroids is not a new recipe for me, but I took a picture anyway. It’s one of my favorites and an excellent, tasty, easy E meal.  I make this one a little different each time. Here it is with half a medium-sized sweet potato, cooked with zucchini, broccoli, squash, onions and sprinkled with Cajun seasoning and nutritional yeast. On the side is a scoop of cottage cheese for protein.

What did I try that was new?

Trim Healthy Mama Cajun Cream Chicken


Cajun Cream Chicken. I thought it was easy and tasty. It tasted even better the next day. I had it over cauli rice and sauteed cabbage. My kids and hubby had it over rice. This is such an easy slow cooker recipe. You can memorize it fast, and throw the ingredients in the crock pot when you’re having a busy day.

Trim Healthy Mama quicky-quick power protein balls

I also made Trim Healthy Mama Quicky-quick Power Protein Balls. It was a pain, because I have a horrible blender/food processor combo. It doesn’t do either job particularly well! The batter wasn’t high enough in the container to mix properly, so I ended up mixing it by hand – which would have been easier if I had just done it that way in the first place!

I have a Ninja combo. I HATE it. It doesn’t make good smoothies because it can’t handle much ice. The blender containers are too small to fit an FSF recipe. The food processor is horrible too.

Any recommendations? I know the VitaMix is highly rated, but I don’t want to spend quite that much yet. Blendtec? Please tell me in comments!

Anyway, those protein balls are amazing. Loved them! Such a perfect thing to pop in your mouth when you’re starving and heading out the door, or with a cup of coffee or tea for a tiny bit of sweet.



I made a delicious snack. It’s a small piece of Bust a Myth banana bread topped with 0% Greek yogurt (mixed first with peanut flour and stevia), with a few slices of apple. So yummy and filling. And fast.

Try anything new last week a la TrimHealthyMama?

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Video: How keeping a Food Journal can help you with TrimHealthyMama

How Keeping a Food Journal

Of course, this isn’t mandatory, but keeping a food journal was so helpful to me in the beginning weeks of my TrimHealthyMama experience that I have to recommend it to you here.

I kept a food journal for about one year. It made it so simple to keep track of switching up fuel types, eating enough non-starchy vegetables, and other things that made my weight loss so easy with THM.

The video is only 3 minutes long. I know you’re a busy mama!


In it, I share:

  • How a food journal helped me understand THM quickly
  • How keeping a food journal helps you with meal planning
  • One reason why weight loss plateaus occur and how to avoid them
  • Easy, free tools for keeping a food journal
  • My Bullet Journal and how I use it to make my life easier

Keeping a food journal is simple. Just write down what you ate, what time you ate it, and what fuel type it was. If you’re just getting started and finding THM hard to understand, this will help you.

One final thought: keeping a food journal makes it plain and obvious when you’re cheating and eating off plan! It’s a little painful to have to write down that you succumbed to those french fries (hey – no judgments from me, you’ll see french fries making a frequent appearance in my food journals here!) or those cookies at Grandma’s.

Seeing it in black and white on paper means no more excuses. The plan WORKS, if you work it. It’s a way of staying accountable to yourself.

Feel free to leave questions in the comments!

Last Week’s THM Food Journal

Did you see my last post with a THM pro tip? If you’re tired of scrubbing hard-to-clean baking dishes after making THM muffin-in-a-mugs, see this easy hack. Of course, you can also make Swiss Bread the same way and save yourself the work of all that scrubbing.


As usual, food I ate marked with a * are recipes from the TrimHealthyMama cookbook.

Latte, *frosted cinnamon muffin – XO @ 7 (Crossover because of the milk in the latte.)
Almonds, fried egg with sautéed veggies – S @ 12:15
*Strawberry FSF,  Turkey-wrapped pickle – FP @ 3
Broccoli cheese soup, *Swiss bread – S @ 6

Coffee with cream, *banana nut muffin – S @ 6
*Lemon coconut truffle – S @ 8:45
Broccoli cheese soup – S @ 11:00
Lemon coconut truffle – S @ 2
Pork chop, rice and asparagus – E @ 6

Coffee, *apple-cinnamon muffin with 0% Greek yogurt – E @ 7
Steel cut oats – E @ 9:30
Turkey burger with cheese and sautéed vegetables – S @ 12
0% Greek yogurt with peanut butter – S @ 3
Black bean burgers and sweet potato fries – E @ 6

Coffee with cream, steel cut oats – XO @ 6:30
*Skinny chocolate chip muffin – S @ 10
Turkey burger and sautéed vegetables – S @ 12
Salmon with green beans and rice – XO @ 6
French fries – off plan @ 9

Coffee with cream, *Brainy Blueberry muffin
*Swiss bread with butter
Steel cut oats, mandarin orange – E @ 1:00
Mug brownie – S @ 3
Taco salad – lettuce, ground beef, sour cream, salsa, guacamole, chips and queso -XO @ 6

Coffee with milk, *chocolate banana muffin- E @ 7
2 chocolate banana muffins – E @ 11
Tuna with Tabasco – FP @ 1
Almond cake, meatballs, cauliflower, broccoli – XO/off plan @ 4
Chicken Mozzarella over zucchini noodles – S @ 7:30

Last week’s TrimHealthyMama Food Journal

This week had a couple of cheats. The first time happened because I was at a CPR class for a couple of hours, and I got VERY hungry (doing CPR, even for practice, is a workout! My forearms are soooo sore!). The only thing available was cookies and donuts. My bad for not being prepared with some almonds in my purse! The second time was at a party. Often when I go to a party, I let myself eat whatever I want. Since it only happens about once a month, it’s not a big deal. As long as I get back on plan the next day, I don’t gain weight.


As usual, meals with an asterisk * are from the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook: Eat Up and Slim Down with More Than 350 Healthy Recipes

Coffee with cream, *chocolate raspberry truffle cake – S @ 6:30
*Bust a Myth banana bread – E @ 10:00
Almonds, tuna with mayo and pickled vegetables – S @ 12:30
Sunflower seeds – S @ 5
Roast beef with veggies (cauliflower, zucchini, onions), dark chocolate  – S @ 7

Coffee, *Bust a Myth banana cake, 0% Greek yogurt – E @ 6:30
Roast beef with veggies – S @ 11
*Skinny chocolate chip muffin – S @ 3
1/2 an apple, *Egg roll in a bowl – E @ 6:30

Coffee, *Bust a Myth banana cake, 0% Greek yogurt  – E @ 7
Oatmeal – E @ 9
Ground beef with sautéed veggies, kitchen sink cookie, *Salted caramel oolong tea – S @ 12
A few spoonfuls of peanut butter – S @ 5
Bowl of pinto beans – XO (because of the peanut butter earlier) @ 6
*Hot chocolate Trimmy – FP @ 7:30

Coffee with cream, *Bust a Myth banana cake and 0% Greek yogurt – E @ 6
Oatmeal with collagen – E @ 9
Chocolate okra shake – FP @ 10
Rice, orange chicken (off plan – my daughter cooked this and I couldn’t resist!) @ 11:30
Bust a Myth banana bread – E @ 3:45
Chicken breast, roasted sweet potato, pinto beans – E @ 6

Coffee with cream, *Skinny chocolate chip muffin – S @ 7
*Apple-cinnamon muffin – E @ 10:30
Almonds and cheese – S @ 1
(Can’t remember what I ate here…)
Taco chicken salad – chicken breast with seasoning, lettuce, sour cream, guacamole, cheese – S @ 7

Oolong tea, oatmeal with collagen – E @ 9
*Brainy blueberry muffin, coffee and cream – S @ 11
Tuna with mayo, pickles – S @ 1
(Cheat – oatmeal cookies)
Pork chop with roasted asparagus and cauliflower – S @ 7

*Banana but muffin, coffee and cream – S @ 6:30
Pork chop, rice and beans, sweet potato – E @ 9:45
Salad caramel FSF – FP @ 11:30
Ham, BBQ, collard greens, salad, sweet potatoes, hash brown casserole, banana pudding – XO/off plan @ 5:30

Last week’s TrimHealthyMama food journal

I believe that whatever can be measured, can be improved. I track my spending, my goals, and also my eating – and I post my food journal here for public accountability. Items with an asterisk * are from the TrimHealthyMama cookbook.

Note: today I launched a new book called The Temporary Tightwad, and it’s only .99 for a VERY short time. Read more here!


Coffee with cream, KIND bar – S @ 6:30 (technically, a KIND bar is probably off plan, but it only has 6 grams of carbs, so I don’t mind having one occasionally, especially when I take off for work and forget my breakfast!)
*Brainy Blueberry muffin – S @ 8:45
*Apple-cinnamon muffin, 0% Greek yogurt – E @ 11:30
*Cheesecake berry crunch – S @ 3:15
*Chicken and wild rice soup – E @ 7


Black coffee, steel cut oats with strawberries and collagen – E @ 7
Scrambled eggs with sautéed vegetables and sausage – S @ 10
Chocolate okra shake – FP @ 1:30
0% Greek yogurt with peanut butter – S @ 3:30
Chili with ground turkey, pintos and quinoa – E @ 7


Coffee with cream, *chocolate raspberry truffle cake – S @ 7
*Berry secret shake – FP @ 9:30
*Chicken with wild rice soup, 0% Greek yogurt with peanut flour, 1/2 banana, *Hot chocolate Trimmy – E @ 12:30
*Chocolate raspberry truffle cake – S @ 4:30
Green salad with homemade Bleu cheese dressing – S @ 6


Coffee with cream, *Chocolate raspberry truffle cake – S @ 6:30
Olives, spoon full of peanut butter – S @ 10
Tuna with mayo and pickled vegetables, *Cheesecake berry crunch – S @ 1
Chicken and artichoke casserole, rice, carrots and green beans, half an apple – E @ 6

(Oops – I had family in town and forgot to track my eating!)


Coffee with cream, scrambled eggs – S @ 8:30
Black beans and rice, sautéed vegetables, tiny amount of ground beef – E @ 1
French fries – off plan
Ham, turkey, cauliflower, collard greens, green beans, small serving cheesecake – S/ off plan @ 6


Coffee with cream, *chocolate raspberry truffle cake, almonds – S @ 7
Fried egg – S @ 9
Oatmeal with whey protein and collagen – E @ 11:30
Green salad with homemade Bleu cheese dressing, slice gluten-free pizza – S @ 3
Coconut macaroon, coffee with cream – S @ 6
Turkey and cheese, pickle, dark chocolate – S @ 7:30


TrimHealthyMama Food Journal

TrimHealthyMama food journal

Oops. It looks like I’ve skipped a couple of weeks posting my TrimHealthyMama food journal. Oh, well. Sometimes it’s hard to get back in the swing of things after a vacation. I forgot to document what I was eating for several days, so decided to skip it.

So here’s what I ate last week. All meals with an asterisk beside them are recipes from the THM cookbook.

Coffee, oatmeal with 000 Salted caramel yogurt – E @ 6:30
*Salted caramel oolong – FP @ 10
Steamed shrimp with black beans and roasted sweet potatoes, *Hot chocolate Trimmy- E @ 11
Cup of coffee with cream, almond candy – S @ 2 (this almond candy is similar to the recipe for Payoff candy in the cookbook, but I use almonds and almond extract. Recipe coming soon!)
Almonds, dark chocolate – S @ 4:30
*Spinach artichoke soup – S @ 7 (this is a new recipe from the THM newsletter, and I love it!)

Coffee and oatmeal with apples and cinnamon – E @ 7
*Pumpkin streusel cake, *Autumn spice Trimmy – S @ 10:30 (These two are also from the THM newsletter. I love the new Trimmy recipe because it uses chamomile tea, which I never drink, but which is a wonderful beverage for night time or any other time you don’t want caffeine. See also my Teeccino Herbal Coffee review.)
*Spinach artichoke soup – S @ 12:30
0% Greek yogurt with peanut butter – S @ 3
Chocolate dreamy – FP @ 5 (this is a new recipe from Briana Thomas, who just released a cookbook.)
French fries – XO @ 9

Coffee with cream, *Pumpkin streusel cake – S @ 7
0% Greek yogurt with peanut butter, Chocolate dreamy – S @ 10
*Pumpkin streusel cake, turkey and cheese wrapped pickle – S @ 2:00
Oatmeal with collagen – E @ 4
*Hot chocolate Trimmy – FP @ 6
Salmon croquettes, roasted Brussels sprouts – S @ 7

Pumpkin streusel cake, 0% Greek yogurt, coffee and cream – S @ 6:30
Oatmeal with collagen, *Hot chocolate Trimmy – E @ 10
*Sweetie on steroids – E @ 12:30 (sweet potato cooked with onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, spices, topped with cottage cheese)
*Volcano mud slide muffin – S @ 3
Ratatouille with garlic bread – XO @ 6
Popcorn with butter – XO @ 7

Coffee with cream, *Pumpkin streusel cake and salted caramel 000 Oikos yogurt – S @ 7
*Pumpkin streusel cake – S @ 9:30
*Quinoa salad, meatballs, green salad, ham and cheese – XO @ 12:30
*Volcano mud slide muffin – S @ 3
Salmon croquettes, roasted Brussels sprouts with pancetta – S @ 6

Oatmeal, Salted caramel oolong – E @ 7:30
Grilled chicken and French fries – XO @ 11
*Cottage berry whip – FP @ 2:30
Taco salad – lettuce, ground beef, cheese, salsa, sour cream, corn chips – XO @ 6

Scrambled eggs with sautéed vegetables, coffee with cream – S @ 7
*Lemon fat stripping frappa – FP@ 10
Vegetable quinoa balls – E @ 11
*Cabb and Saus, wine, dark chocolate – S @ 6

Last week’s TrimHealthyMama food journal

When life gives you Meyer lemons, you make lemony Greek yogurt!
When life gives you Meyer lemons, you make lemony Greek yogurt!

Time for last week’s TrimHealthyMama food journal. I went to a gathering last night and had a planned off-plan dessert. That’s ok once in a while!

As usual, items with an asterisk * are from the TrimHealthyMama cookbook.
Coffee with cream, *Skinny chocolate chip muffin – S @ 7
Tuna with Tabasco sauce, bell peppers, *Hot chocolate Trimmy – S @ 11
*Cabb and Saus – S @ 3:30
Popcorn with butter – XO @ 5
0% Greek yogurt power bowl – S @ 7

Coffee with cream, *Berry cobbler – S @ 7
Peanut butter chocolate 0% Greek yogurt power bowl – S @ 9:45
Tuna with Tabasco – FP @ 10:45
*Apple cinnamon muffin- E @ 1:30
Oatmeal – E @ 3
Handful peanuts, sunflower seeds – S @ 5
Vegetable-beef soup – S @ 7

Coffee with cream, *Berry cobbler – S @ 7
Oatmeal with raspberries – E @ 11
*Hot chocolate Trimmy – FP @ 12:45
0% Greek yogurt with peanut butter and dark chocolate – S @ 2
Homemade pizza (with *THM perfect crust), green salad with homemade Bleu cheese dressing – S @ 6

Coffee and cream, *Frosted cinnamon muffin – S @ 7
Lime protein shake, cheese – S @ 12
*Peanutty fudge – S @ 3:30
Arroz con Pollo – E @ 6
*Hot chocolate Trimmy – FP @ 8

Coffee with cream, oatmeal with collagen – E @ 7:30
*Apple cinnamon muffin, *Lemon FSF – E @ 10
Green salad with homemade Bleu cheese dressing, chicken breast – S @ 1
½ Salted caramel mocha (off plan), *Peanutty fudge – S @ 3
*Cabb and Saus – S @ 6

Coffee with cream, *Berry cobbler – S @ 7:30
Oatmeal with cottage cheese and strawberries – E @ 10:30
Turkey-wrapped cheese – S @ 12:30
Lemony 0% Greek yogurt – FP 3
Vegetable “meatballs”, steamed broccoli – E @ 5

Coffee with cream, scrambled eggs with Parmesan cheese and sautéed vegetables – S @ 7:30
Green salad with homemade Bleu cheese dressing, turkey and cheese – S @ 1
Salmon with roasted vegetables, autumn kale salad, rice with peas, tiny slice coconut cake and cheesecake – XO/off plan @ 5
1/2 *cottage berry whip – FP @ 8

Last week’s TrimHealthyMama Food Journal

Time for this week’s Trim Healthy Mama food journal. I have fallen in love with Yogurt Power Bowls. They are so easy and delicious and feel so decadent. Here’s how I make mine:

Yogurt Power Bowls, THM “S” 

  • 1 cup 0% Greek yogurt
  • 4-5 strawberries, sliced
  • 1/2 tsp Super Sweet or equivalent
  • 1/4 small 85% chocolate bar, chopped
  • 1 T coconut flakes
  • 2 T chopped nuts

First, I take the strawberries and drizzle the stevia on top, then microwave for about 30 seconds. This creates a juicy strawberry glaze. Then I layer all the other ingredients on the yogurt, top with the strawberries and stir just a little. The warmth of the strawberries melts the chocolate just a little and knocks the cold off the yogurt. It tastes a little like a chocolate-covered cherry to me. But totally on plan!

As usual, food marked with an asterisk * is a TrimHealthyMama cookbook recipe.



Coffee, chocolate oatmeal (with collagen) – E @ 7

*Hot chocolate Trimmy – FP @ 10

Frittata with cheese, onions and bell peppers – S 11:30

Broccoli with cheese sauce and sausage, *Cottage berry whip – S @ 4

Popcorn – XO @ 5



Coffee and cream, *French toast in a bowl – S @ 7

Turkey-wrapped pickle – FP @ 9

Taco salad with pinto beans  – E @ 11

*Orange dreamsicle shake – E @ 1

Oat-peanut-flour muffin – FP @ 2:30 (I made this recipe FP style, instructions at the link.)

Dirty Cajun rice – E @ 5



Coffee and cream, *French toast in a bowl – S @ 7

Green salad with grilled chicken – S @ 12

*Skinny chocolate chip muffin – S @ 3

Grilled steak, green salad with cucumber and tomato, Bleu cheese dressing – S @ 7



Coffee with cream, oatmeal with collagen – E @ 6:30

*Berry secret shake – FP @ 10

Tuna with mayo, red bell peppers – S @ 1

0% Greek yogurt with peanut butter – S @ 3

Garlic-lime chicken, mixed vegetables, rice – E @ 6

*Hot chocolate Trimmy – FP @ 8



Coffee, oatmeal with strawberries and cottage cheese – E @ 7

Chips, queso, “naked” burrito (no tortilla) ground beef, cheese, sour cream, lettuce, tomato – XO @ 1:45

0 % Greek yogurt with peanut flour – FP @ 6:30

French fries – XP/off plan @ 9:30



Coffee and cream, *Skinny chocolate chip muffin – S @ 7

Yogurt Power Bowl: 0% Greek yogurt, chopped dark chocolate, ¼ cup berries, 1 T coconut – S @ 10

Chicken breast with bell peppers, 0% Greek yogurt, *apple-cinnamon muffin – E @ 12

*Salted caramel oolong – FP @ 3

Chicken breast, black beans and rice, boiled yuca, fried plantains – XO @ 7



*Salted caramel oolong, *Skinny chocolate chip muffin S @ 8

French fries – off plan @ 11

*Shake gone nuts – S @ 3

Bunless cheeseburger, onion rings, margarita – XO @ 6