Last week’s TrimHealthyMama food journal

Another week, another TrimHealthyMama food journal. Be sure to check back tomorrow for a TrimHealthyMama NSI meal plan (No Special Ingredients). I made it a goal to cook all week without using my THM cookbook. While I love the cookbook, I aim to prove that you don’t have to buy it in order to do THM. You can use your own cookbooks and Trim-ify those recipes, or create your own.

Keep it simple is my motto.

As usual, items with an asterisk * are recipes from the THM cookbook.



Black tea with cream, *Brainy blueberry muffin with cream cheese – S @ 7
Sweet potato with rice, chicken sausage, tomatoes and onions – E @ 11:30
0% Greek yogurt with peanut flour and an apple – E @ 2
¼ cheeseburger, mashed potatoes, roasted asparagus – S @ 6:30
*Hot chocolate Trimmy – S @ 8:30


Black tea with cream, *Brainy blueberry muffin with cream cheese – S @ 7
Cheese, cashews, french fries – XO @ 12
Slow cooker BBQ chicken, green salad with homemade Bleu cheese dressing – S @ 5:30
½ 85% chocolate bar, *Hot chocolate Trimmy – S @ 8


Coffee with cream, Instant Cheesecake – S @ 7
*Apple-cinnamon muffin topped with 0% Greek yogurt – E @ 10:30
*Hot chocolate Trimmy – FP @ 12:00
2 pieces peanut butter chocolate coconut oil fudge, iced coffee with cream and collagen – S @ 3
*Cornbread crusted Mexican Pie, Strawberry Shortcake (*Mini white cake recipe w/ whipped cream and strawberries) –  S @ 6


Tea with cream, Strawberry Shortcake – S @ 7
*Swiss bread with fried egg and cheese – S @ 9:30
Turkey sausage and cheese,  peanut butter fudge – S @ 1:30
0% Greek yogurt with ¼ banana – E @ 3:30
Green salad, homemade Bleu cheese dressing – S @ 5:30


Coffee with cream, * Skinny chocolate chip muffin – S @ 7
*Green secret shake – FP @ 9:30
Green salad with tomatoes, bell pepper, homemade Bleu cheese, ham – S @ 11:30
Greek salad with chicken, cucumbers, Kalamata olives, tomatoes, Feta, homemade dressing – S @ 6
Small french fry – off plan!  XO @ 9


Coffee with cream, oatmeal – XO @ 7
*French toast in a bowl – S @ 9:30
Turkey-wrapped pickle, chocolate covered almonds – S @ 11:45
Banana oat shake, 0% Greek yogurt – E @ 2:30
2 smoked sausages – S @ 6


*Swiss bread, fried egg and cheese, *Salted Caramel Oolong Tea  – S @ 7
*Bust-a-myth banana cake – E @ 10
Coffee with cream, *Chocolate-nut clusters, chicken breast with tomatoes and bell peppers – S @ 1
Chicken with tomatoes and bell peppers, rice – XO @ 4:30
Green salad with Caesar dressing – S @ 5


How to keep TrimHealthyMama simple

Recently as I thought about the TrimHealthyMama food journals I post here, I had a realization: that I more or less eat the same things over and over.

Keep It Simple: Trim Healthy Mama

Keep It Simple: Trim Healthy Mama style

For breakfast, I nearly always have some type of muffin in a mug. Because I’m out the door at 6 to write at a coffee shop, I need something I can prep the night before and make quickly without waking everyone the next day. Muffins in a mug are perfect for this because they’re highly portable.

For “second breakfast” I usually have a fried egg (or, often, the leftover eggs my two young daughters left on their plates at breakfast!).

Then for lunch I usually eat my “E” fueled meal: oatmeal with 0% Greek yogurt, whey protein and collagen or an Apple-Cinnamon muffin (often I have a Hot Chocolate Trimmy with lunch to help fill me up). Or I have tuna with Tabasco and bell peppers, and since that’s a Fuel Pull, I can have whatever else I want with it.

My afternoon snack, around 3, is typically iced coffee with cream and a bit of cheese and nuts, or something sweet like coconut oil fudge or some other “S” fuel. (This 3 o’clock snack is when, pre-THM, I would reach for something that wasn’t good for my body: carbs and sugar. Now, my snack is loaded with good stuff like coconut oil, nuts, yogurt and other foods that don’t leave me overeating or hypoglycemic later.)

Then for dinner I have a piece of beef, fish or chicken with vegetables, a green salad and either sweet potato or rice if I’m in E fuel mode.

This is my summer menu. In the cooler months I eat more stews, braised meats and casseroles.

This is one way I keep it simple with TrimHealthyMama.

We’ve learned about famous people who wear the same same thing every day in an effort to reduce decision fatigue.

Eating the same thing for breakfast and lunch can help minimize the stress that can come from having too many choices.

I’ve also figured out the lineup of meals and snacks that work best with my body and schedule.

For example, I love coffee with cream in the mornings, so I choose to have an S breakfast. (Also, I wake up pretty hungry after nursing a baby in the night.) By lunch, my energy is starting to wane, so that’s when I eat my E fuel (and since I love oats, I often have them for lunch). By 3 o’clock, though, I’m feeling hunger for something satisfying kicking back in, so I grab a comforting, fatty S snack (again, to go with my creamy coffee!). For dinner, I try to get a big salad in for my leafy greens, and I eat E and S fuels pretty much evenly in the evenings.

For those concerned about eating enough variety, I would say relax about that. As long as you’re getting a variety of fruits and vegetables over the course of the week, you’re fine. I aim for 5-10 fruits and veggies a day, and it’s ok if those fruits and veggies are the same 5-10 most of the time.  Since our eating also changes seasonally (more “winter” vegetables in the cooler months, less fruit), there’s no valid reason to stress over this. What’s harmful are mono diets consisting of mostly white foods. To sum up, as long as the foods you eat on “repeat” are healthy in the first place, don’t sweat it.

As my younger kids get a bit older, I’ll go back to making more complex meals (from my favorite French cookbooks!), with more exotic ingredients and variety, but for now, this is a rhythm that works for my lifestyle.

Another way to keep it simple is to create a monthly menu (or biweekly one), and to use it over and over. This way, you don’t have to recreate the wheel each time, but you don’t eat the same thing more than once or twice a month. I’ve never done this but it sounds like a great idea.

How do you keep it simple eating TrimHealthyMama?  Have you worked out a rhythm that works for you?

I would love to hear about it in the comments.

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