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I hope you had a wonderful year and met your weight loss goals with the help of TrimHealthyMama. I thought it would be fun to share the most popular posts on this blog for 2016. If you’re new here, you might have missed one of these.

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Most Popular Posts in 2016

How to do TrimHealthyMama when you hate cooking or don't have time!

How to do TrimHealthyMama if you hate cooking or don’t have time (boy do you guys love this post! It’s the most highly trafficked post by far.)

Trim Healthy Mama ALDI

What does a TrimHealthyMama buy at ALDI?  Aldi is how I stay in budget while eating THM. This one has a free meal plan.

Banana -Cream- Oatmeal THM "E"

Banana “cream” Oatmeal THM “E” – this recipe got lots of positive feedback. I used to have trouble filling up when eating E breakfasts, but this one keeps me satisfied for hours.

What's on plan at Starbucks #THM

What’s on plan with THM at Starbucks? For the coffee addicts like myself!

THM-Safe Starbucks Copycat Recipes

And part two, THM-safe Copycat Starbucks recipes – so you can save money, stay on plan and enjoy your yummy coffee drink too (or snack!)

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THM Starbucks Copycat Recipes

In my blog post on “What’s on plan with THM at Starbucks?”, I promised to create a post with THM Starbucks copycat recipes. Here it is!

THM Starbucks Copycat Recipes


THM Starbucks Copycat Recipes

For you Starbucks mocha lovers who don’t want all the empty carbs and sugar:

Sugar-free Peppermint Mocha recipe

Peppermint Mocha and Caramel Mocha recipe – two in one here for those who love their fancy mochas.

Better-than-Starbucks Hot Chocolate

Copycat Starbucks Passion Tea Lemonade – if you love this lemonade/berry tea combo, so refreshing on a hot summer day, try this recipe.

For the Frappuccino lovers…

Vanilla Latte OR Frappuccino Copycat Recipe – this one requires making a concentrate that you can use for the base of either a hot latte or frozen frappe beverage.

Salted Caramel Mocha Frappuccino – what would have been an unhealthy sugar-and-fat bomb is now a healthy, sugar-free, low carb treat.

(Don’t forget that the THM Mocha Fat Stripping Frappa (FSF), from the THM Cookbook, is basically a fuel pull mocha frappuccino. My favorite Fuel Pull FSF-style recipe is Briana’s Chocolate Dreamy, by the way. I think it’s better than the one in the cookbook.)

If you give a (THM) girl a latte…

Coffee House THM-safe Latte – if you love a latte, try this recipe which can be made FP or S fuel.

Copycat Caramel Macchiato recipe – did you know that a caramel macchiato is just a latte with added vanilla and caramel syrup? Here’s a recipe if that’s your drink of choice.

If Chai is your thing…

Iced Vanilla Chai 

Iced Chai Tea Latte – otherwise known as the Shrinker. OK now I feel silly, because I never realized until this moment that the Shrinker is indeed an iced chai tea latte!

The Shrinker Latte – a hot twist on the Shrinker.

For all you pumpkin spice lovers…

Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino Copycat Recipe

Pumpkin Spice Latte copycat recipe

Like your coffee iced? 

Iced Coffee – either S or FP

Here’s another Easy Iced Coffee recipe. Don’t forget to add collagen to your iced coffee for extra protein and other benefits. You won’t taste it in the finished product.

Collagen in my iced coffee
I put collagen in my iced coffee

What about Starbucks copycat food recipes? Here you go! 

Sugar Free Copycat Starbucks Lemon Loaf – ooh! ooh! I love lemon loaf.

Low Carb Salted Caramel Cake Pops – ooh, I love anything salted caramel.

Low Carb Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffin recipe – I also love the pumpkin spice muffin at Starbucks. I looked forward to it every year in my pre-THM days. But the homemade version is just as good, and of course cheaper and much better for you!

Did somebody say THM-safe Cranberry Bliss Bars? Yes, please!

Iced Coffee Ice Cream – love Starbucks ice cream? Here’s a healthy substitute.

If coffee isn’t your thing or you’re trying to wean yourself from caffeine, here’s a review of my favorite coffee substitute: Teeccino herbal coffee

Pictured below is my homemade cappuccino, made with half and half (breve). I make espresso on a stovetop espresso maker, warm the milk and froth it with a milk frother, and voila!


One great place to get flavor syrups and extracts that are sugar free: OliveNation. As a customer, you will get coupon codes in your email weekly. Natural flavor extracts are also available at Amazon, but I’ve found that OliveNation beats their prices.

And as I mentioned in the “What’s on plan with THM at Starbucks?” post, you can buy flavored stevia on Amazon- two steps in one.

Keep in mind that most flavor syrups, including the ones at Starbucks, contain sucralose (Splenda) and/or maltodextrin, both of which are not on plan with THM. Flavored stevia or flavor extracts are a better choice!

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Trim Healthy Mama at Starbucks

What’s on plan a la Trim Healthy Mama at Starbucks? Does being on Trim Healthy Mama mean you can’t enjoy your favorite Starbucks beverage? Maybe. Read on…

18 years ago, I was an employee of Starbucks, so I know a thing or two about their drinks. If you love plain old, ordinary drip coffee, you’re in luck. Drip coffee has less than 5 calories. If you drink it black, you’re golden. If you like cream, you’re in S mode (whether you use half and half or heavy cream). Drip coffee drinkers have it easy on THM.

Where it gets complicated with Trim Healthy Mama at Starbucks?  For those who love the fancy espresso-based drinks.

First let me explain a bit about the differences between various espresso-based drinks.

  • A latte has a little espresso and a lot of steamed and foamed milk.
  • A cappuccino has a little espresso and a lot of foamed milk. This is why the cup feels so light in your hand – it’s mostly air!
  • A flat white is inbetween – it has more milk than cappuccino, less than a latte.
  • A macchiato has a little espresso and a lot of steamed milk with a dash of foamed milk – macchiato is Italian for “marked”, so the drink is “marked” with a bit of foam. If you order espresso macchiato at Starbucks, you get a shot of espresso marked with a little steamed/foamed milk on top. It’s a very small drink.
  • An Americano is a little espresso with hot water added – similar to a brewed coffee.

All of the above drinks CAN be on plan if ordered black or with half-and-half or heavy cream. Unfortunately, the coconut milk AND the almond milk at Starbucks contain sugar!

Trim Healthy Mama at Starbucks

Trim Healthy Mama at Starbucks

A mocha is basically a latte with chocolate syrup added. A caramel macchiato is also basically a latte with caramel and vanilla added. Both of those you need to avoid on THM, as they have a ton of sugar.

Whole milk is a Crossover, and all the espresso-based drinks are made with whole milk unless you ask. So if you ask for a tall latte, for instance, you’re getting a whole lot of whole milk. Keep that in mind if you’re still in weight loss mode. In maintenance, this would be okay occasionally.

Keeping in mind the definitions above, a cappuccino would have less milk than a latte, so might be a safer choice if you’re still losing weight.

Frappuccinos would also be off plan due to their high sugar content, as would all the sweet fancy drinks: Pumpkin Spice Latte, White Mocha, Mocha, Caramel Macchiato, etc.

Starbucks lovers who are on THM were excited to hear about them offering a stevia-based sweetener, but alas, it contains fructose and is therefore not on plan. My advice?

Keep your stevia in your purse! I carry a few packets of an on-plan stevia sweetener with me all the time.

Your best bet to stay on plan with Trim Healthy Mama at Starbucks is to order one of the following:

  • Regular drip coffee or Americano, either black or with half and half or heavy whipping cream. (They don’t keep heavy cream at the condiment bar, you’ll have to ask for it.)
  • Iced coffee and iced Americano are also safe (just not the “shaken” ones, those have sweetener added). Add half and half or heavy cream for an S. If you use just a little half and half, you can stay in E parameters. 2 tablespoons of half and half contain 3.5 grams fat, so pour carefully.
  • Most of the brewed Teavana teas are THM-safe. The English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Jade Citrus Mint green tea, and Mint Majesty are all safe because they’re 100% tea leaves. The Passion, Youthberry and Peach, however, contain a small amount of sugar, but probably not enough to make any difference. The shaken iced teas all contain sugar, so avoid those. The Oprah Chai tea has small bits of apple, but it’s sugar count is still 0 grams, so it’s safe. The Oprah Cinnamon Chai has no fruit pieces.
  • If you love black tea, you could also order a Tea Latte – this is a drink made from brewed, hot black tea with steamed milk. With whole milk it’s a crossover, with half and half, it’s an S fuel.
  • A latte or cappuccino made with half and half. This is called ‘breve’, so you would order a Breve Latte or a Breve Cappuccino, depending. Since a cappuccino has less milk, it has fewer calories.
  • Keep in mind that any drink ordered breve will have a TON of fat and calories! You might want to make your next meal a Fuel Pull to compensate for that.
  • The sugar-free flavor syrups at Starbucks are not on plan. They contain maltodextrin AND sucralose (splenda) – yuck! Carry your own flavored stevia and use those instead. SweetLeaf makes a ton of flavors (including chocolate, caramel, vanilla and coconut) that you might like in your coffee.
  • Flavor your coffee yourself with regular old spices instead of syrups. Cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla are sugar free and on plan! You can easily carry a tiny little container of these in your purse, and they’re available also at the condiment bar at Starbucks (although the vanilla and chocolate have sugar).
  • Another option to stay on plan is to mix up all the ingredients for a Trimmy in your own travel mug, then when you get to Starbucks, order a coffee and pour that in. You could even mix up a Hot Chocolate Trimmy, leaving out the water, and ask for a cup of hot water at Starbucks.
  • Or, bring your own mug with almond milk (and stevia, or whatever else you like) added, and ask them to put hot coffee on top of it! This way you can stay in E fuel easily. Also, Starbucks gives you a .10 discount when you use your own mug.
  • Almost all of the food and snacks at Starbucks are off plan. If you find yourself starving at a Starbucks, order a Sausage, Egg and Cheese breakfast sandwich and ditch the bread for an “S” fuel. They also have packets of plain almonds and cashews. The snacks differ from location to location, so check out what your local store offers. Most of the beef jerky snacks I’ve seen also contain sugar.

What do you order that’s safe for Trim Healthy Mama at Starbucks?

p.s. If you love the mouth feel and flavor of steamed milk, why not buy a milk frothing pitcher or a foaming wand and make your own mock Starbucks coffees at home? I have this foaming wand and use it every day to make cappuccino or Trimmy drinks. I first warm the milk to the desired temperature, then I use the wand to make a beautiful head of foam on it. So delicious, and so much cheaper. I even prefer the flavor of my coffees made at home. 🙂


If you’re having a hard time staying on plan a la Trim Healthy Mama at Starbucks, be sure to check out the follow-up to this post, THM-Safe Starbucks Copycat Recipes!

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