TrimHealthyMama Lifestyle: My Week on TrimHealthyMama

TrimHealthyMama lifestyle: my week is a new feature here in which I share tips and tricks I’ve learned while working THM into my life. I hope you enjoy reading them, and please share your own in the comments.

Earth Milk Sip
Earth Milk Sip – those are my stainless steel straws and I love them! You don’t want to drink GGMS from a plastic straw, for example. These last forever and are much easier to clean than plastic.

I mentioned that I joined up with Crystal Paine’s 15 Days to a Healthier You challenge. (The challenge is now closed, but will reopen at some point.)

The material there, and the encouragement, are great. But since I already eat a healthy diet and I exercise, I decided that I would challenge myself to do something I often forget to do: enjoy one of the THM all-day sippers!

They’re so delicious, but sometimes I don’t take the trouble to make one. My goal is to enjoy one every day.

I know they’re good for me. They help me stay hydrated and not nibble inbetween meals, so they’re worth taking the time to make.

TrimHealthyMama Lifestyle: The Shrinker

Ingredients for the Shrinker: note my 2-year-old’s hand, he starts hollering at me whenever he sees the blender come out. “Shake! Shake!”. He loves all the THM smoothies and I always have to make enough to share with him. 🙂

Last week I enjoyed GGMS a couple of times, the Shrinker (made with decaf Roobios tea if I don’t need any more caffeine!), and Singing Canary (sooo yummy, and I know it helps me ward off viruses and such).

I also decided that I would begin working my way through the TrimHealthyMama cookbook, page by page, until I had tried every single recipe. A fun challenge! I’ll be sure to update here and post my thoughts.

TrimHealthyMama lifestyle: Wipe Your Mouth BBQ review
Wipe Your Mouth BBQ over Sweet & Tangy Coleslaw a la TrimHealthyMama – it doesn’t look very pretty in the picture, but it was delicious!

Last night I made Wipe Your Mouth BBQ (an E meal). It was easy and I love that it was a slow cooker meal. I didn’t have pineapple on hand, so I skipped that. Still, the recipe was for me too sweet. I wish I had used less stevia than the recipe called for. I find that many of the recipes are too sweet for my liking, so I should have known to use less sweetener. Also, I like my BBQ a little more vinegar-y, so I added a splash of Tabasco to my plate.

Still, it was delicious. I had mine over Sweet and Tangy Coleslaw (a Fuel Pull recipe). My family enjoyed theirs over bread. I liked the coleslaw recipe too, but again – a bit too sweet, not vinegar-y enough!

I’ll add a note to my cookbook to remind myself of this next time I cook these.

Many of the recipes from the cookbook have become family favorites, so I’m sure I’ll discover even more – my cookbook is falling apart from use!

Does your bottle of MCT oil sometimes leak a little down the side after you pour it? I posted to the THM Facebook page that I wipe this drip off with my finger and rub it into my face.

TrimHealthyMama lifestyle: MCT oil

The ladies there had some more great tips. Some of them said they replace the screw-on top with an olive oil pour spout. I thought that was a great idea! I might order some so I don’t have to fiddle with my olive or MCT oil lids. Another mom said she used a pump dispenser – also a great idea.

Two other moms there said that the Frank’s hot sauce flip top lid fits this bottle, and so does a Dawn dish soap lid! If you have either of those two things and are getting ready to throw them away, save the lids and use them for your MCT oil instead! (The Dawn dish soap would need to be washed for a loooong time to get rid of the smell and taste of soap. I can’t use dish soap on my coffee travel mugs for this reason, it’s baking soda and water for those.)

I enjoyed this post by Briana Thomas with 7 simple single-serve Greek yogurt variations. I used to eat a ton of Greek yogurt and sort of forgot that it was one of my favorite snacks! It’s high in protein and so versatile: you can eat it with peanut flour or a few berries for a Fuel Pull snack, or add banana or other fruit for an E snack, or chocolate, coconut or peanut butter for S.

Yesterday I enjoyed Greek yogurt with peanut flour, a dab of stevia, and a bit of chopped Lily’s dark chocolate. (The ALDI 85% dark chocolate is also on plan, and at a great price, I stock up while I’m there.) So delicious and filling.

That’s it! I’ll continue sharing TrimHealthyMama lifestyle tips and tricks each week, as well as update you on my “cook through the cookbook” adventures.

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Trim Healthy Mama Before and After Pictures

It occurred to me recently that I’ve never posted Trim Healthy Mama before and after pictures. So here goes!

Before Trim Healthy Mama Pictures

This one was taken about 3 months after my 7th child (a 27-weeker preemie) was born.

Trim Healthy Mama Before and After Pictures: BEFORE
Trim Healthy Mama Before and After Pictures: BEFORE

My face was so puffy! I had lost some of the baby weight at this point, but because of the sugar I was craving intensely (from all the emotional stress I was under), I was terribly bloated.

My face, hands and feet (a size larger than normal for me) were puffy.

This picture, taken a month later, has me looking even bigger.

Before TrimHealthyMama
Before TrimHealthyMama

And here are a few After TrimHealthyMama pictures.

Here’s a pic my 4 year old daughter snapped randomly. When I saw this, I remember being shocked at how my arms looked.

After TrimHealthyMama
After TrimHealthyMama: muscles popping out of my arms and shoulders!

Another After shot (I have so few of these, probably because I’m always the one taking the photos!)

AFTER TrimHealthyMama
AFTER TrimHealthyMama

It felt so great to feel comfortable in a bathing suit last summer!

Here’s a recent photo:

TrimHealthyMama After Picture

It is so easy to maintain one’s ideal weight on TrimHealthyMama. I’m very thankful to have found this lifestyle. I’m a THM lifer!

p.s. I recently posted this picture on the TrimHealthyMama Facebook group and got several questions:

TrimHealthyMama After Picture

Did I exercise to get to this weight? 


In fact, I did NOT exercise while I was losing.

For two reasons: one, I wanted to prove to myself that it was TrimHealthyMama causing the weight loss, not exercise. And two, I needed to rest and heal from the trauma I had experienced in the previous year.

I DO exercise now. I prefer the term “movement”, because I believe moving your body and rejecting a sedentary lifestyle should be part of one’s entire life, not something you do for a couple of hours a week.

I walk sometimes, bike sometimes, hike occasionally, and occasionally lift weights. I try to stretch for a few minutes each day. But again, I didn’t exercise to lose weight, the weight came off easily because of TrimHealthyMama.

Another question: Where did you get those pants?! 

From StitchFix. I wrote more about this wonderful service here.

I’m so thankful to Serene and Pearl for sharing their knowledge that helps women gain control of their eating and their health. After my 7th child was born, I felt so powerless. THM gave me confidence and a feeling of control over my body again.

And the benefits go beyond the weight loss! Read about my favorite non-scale victories here.

A final “after TrimHealthyMama” picture. (Clearly, this is one of my favorite tops.)

Caleb's Party revised 16e with cpyrght

My Week on TrimHealthyMama

This year I’m going to try out a new feature here: “my week on TrimHealthyMama” will feature short snippets of life as a THM lady. I’ll post new recipes I’ve tried (and my thoughts on them), time-saving shortcuts and tips, and general tidbits on how I fit THM into my life. I hope it’s helpful to you!

Earth Milk Sip

(from the TrimHealthyMama cookbook)

Earth Milk Sip
Earth Milk Sip

Every time I make this drink, I remind myself that I should be drinking it more often! It’s yummy and just makes me feel good, and I find it’s filling too – it takes away my urge to nibble between meals.

Funny story: after I made it, my 6-year-old daughter asked what it was. I told her and offered her a sip. She took a big gulp, then made a face. “Yuck!” she said. A few seconds later, she asked for another drink. Then another. Then she started sneaking little sips behind my back. Haha!

This is a drink that looks nasty but tastes great.

Hot Fudge Sundae

I really needed a chocolatey dessert, and thankfully had a Trimtastic Zucchini Cake in my freezer! I cut a slice, topped it with a bit of dark chocolate, then microwaved it so the chocolate would melt. Then I put fresh whipped cream (from heavy whipping cream with a drop of vanilla and a bit of Gentle Sweet added) on top. Oh. My. Goodness.

Hot Fudge Sundae
Hot Fudge Sundae

An Oopsie – Peanutty Fudge

I started making the peanutty fudge recipe from the THM cookbook, only to discover halfway in that I was out of cream cheese! Yikes.

I decided to add a bit of gelatin instead, figuring it would cause the fudge to thicken, and would you know it turned out perfect? It wasn’t as greasy as the normal recipe in fact, I preferred the texture. It was every bit as delicious. This lowers the fat content of the fudge and is another way of getting collagen/gelatin into the diet.

Eat more non-starchies: Put it on a salad

One of the easiest ways I’ve found to increase my intake of non-starchy veggies? Simply put everything on top of a bed of lettuce.

I made pizza using the perfect crust (from the cookbook). Put it on a bed of lettuce.


I made ground beef for tacos (for the family). I put it, along with salsa and sour cream which make a sort of “dressing”, on a bed of lettuce. Voila. Instant taco salad.

Put it on a salad
Put it on a salad!

So easy. Eating a lot of non-starchy veggies is important on TrimHealthyMama because a) they’re good for you b) they fill you up with minimal calories c) they’re inexpensive.

I buy bagged salad mixes to make things easier. I know I would save a few pennies by chopping my own greens, but you know what? I eat FAR MORE veggies when I buy them pre-washed and chopped! My health is worth a couple of dollars more each week.

One of my favorite E meals: Tilapia Veracruz

I’m so glad I tried this recipe right away (also from the THM cookbook!). It’s become one of my all-time favorite meals and the family loves it too.


It looks so pretty on a plate!

If you struggle with getting enough E meals, try this recipe.


My Favorite Trim Healthy Mama Non Scale Victories!

The weight loss is wonderful, but Trim Healthy Mama non scale victories are amazing too.

Since starting Trim Healthy Mama over a year ago, I’ve lost 20 pounds and keep it off, effortlessly, without exercise or going hungry. I don’t even have to give up my favorite foods.

But, as many THMers know, the non-scale victories are almost as gratifying! Here are some of the benefits I’ve enjoyed on THM that go beyond weight loss.

My Favorite Trim Healthy Mama Non Scale Victories

1) Bloating and puffiness: gone

My feet have lost an entire size, my face is no longer puffy, and my hands are smaller. As it turns out, sugar makes you hold on to excess fluids and makes you bloat. I no longer have bags under my eyes in the morning!

2) No more achy hands and knees

My knees and hands used to ache. I assumed this was due to arthritis running in my family, and figured it was inevitable that I would have some symptoms too (false! We can change how our genes express themselves. It’s called epigenetics. We are not slaves to “it runs in my family”, that is victim talk!). Giving up sugar is the major component here, and eating collagen helps too.

3) Regularity

I spent more than 30 years constipated. No lie. I tried everything to solve this horribly uncomfortable problem. More exercise. More water. Herbs and cleanses. Diet changes (giving up dairy, gluten, etc). Increasing fiber.

Nothing helped considerably, most of those things didn’t help at all. But on THM? I poop like a teenage boy! And trust me, this is a very important victory for me. Constipation is painful, makes bathroom visits dreadful, and causes bloating that makes your clothes uncomfortable.

4) Increased resistance to infection

Two stomach viruses have passed through my family since I started THM, and a few colds too. And I haven’t succumbed to any of them! I have always heard that sugar decreases immune function, but didn’t know if there was any scientific validity to that. Nonetheless, the proof is in the (sugar-free) pudding! On THM, I don’t get sick as often as I used to. I haven’t had a cold the entire time on THM.

5) No more hypoglycemia!

I’ve struggled with hypoglycemia since I was a kid. My mom had to make special arrangements for me to eat a snack inbetween classes, because I would become sick and sometimes faint! Even as an adult, I would sometimes pass out or become horribly ill for several hours (or an entire day) after a bout with low blood sugar.

Since THM, this just hasn’t happened to me. For one, my carb intake is more moderate. I have always had trouble eating things like pancakes, bananas or oatmeal, and knew that bread was a problem. But I ate those things anyway due to cravings or convenience. Eating a la THM, anchoring all snacks and meals with protein, and avoiding sugar and crappy carbs, has changed my life for the better every day.

6) No more sugar cravings and addiction!

I’ve craved sugar all my life, especially in the afternoons when my energy dips. No more! I can happily eat my THM dessert or little treat when others around me are eating sugar.

I am no longer a slave to sugar cravings. I love it!

What are your favorite non-scale victories? 

Trim Healthy Mama Gift Ideas

If you have an anniversary or other special day coming up and need some Trim Healthy Mama gift ideas for the THM devotee in your life, read on!


Trim Healthy Mama gift ideas

Anything from the “my favorite TrimHealthyMama products” would be welcome to most THMErs, but here are some more gift ideas.

The TrimHealthyMama plan book and cookbook are a MUST. If your friend is searching around on the internet, trying to understand the plan or find recipes that are THM-safe, she needs these two books! They’ll save her hours of frustration and boost her efforts to stay on plan.


If your favorite TrimHealthyMama already has the official THM cookbook, get her the other one she wants: Food For Life, a collection of THM-compatible recipes.

Every TrimHealthyMama wants Lily’s chocolate, but she may not want to buy it for herself because it’s a little on the pricey side. But that kind of describes all great gifts, doesn’t it? Something we truly want but hesitate to buy for ourselves? Treat her to a Lily’s multi-pack so she can taste all the flavors!


Trust me when I say that every Trim Healthy Mama drools over the VitaMix! It’s certainly on MY wish list! With a VitaMix, THMers can make those secret shakes (made with okra) super creamy. Ordinary blenders just can’t handle the demand a THMama puts on it! THM mamas bust through cheaper blenders.

A VitaMix is an investment in your health, and a good long-term choice because it will last forever. She can make her favorite Trimmy beverage in it (they can’t be made in many other blenders without exploding hot liquid everywhere! – ask me how I know!), she can even make quick healthy soups in the VitaMix. Or blend bread dough. Or do many other tasks she’s currently (frustratingly) using an inferior product to do.

If your budget is smaller, here’s a gadget that will make her everyday life a little easier: a milk frothing wand. She can use it to put a foamy head on her Trimmy drinks or to mix up Goodgirl Moonshine or other beverages without dirtying the blender. Pictured above is the one I own and use several times a day. I love it! It puts a beautiful foamy top on coffee beverages (see this post about THM-safe Starbucks copycat recipes and “What’s on plan with THM at Starbucks?” if your girl is a coffee lover!)


What about a gift pack from OliveNation?

I love their organic flavor extracts. I use them for my THM shakes, for Trimmy hot drinks, for GGMS, for muffins and cakes, and more. (THMamas use extracts to add maximum flavor with minimal calories.) Put together an order with her favorite flavors and surprise her. I love banana, raspberry, coconut, strawberry, maple and butter (for my oatmeal and to make my own sugar-free maple syrup), and lime.

olive nation coupon code

And finally, TrimHealthyMamas can never have enough measuring cups and spoons. Give her an extra set in stainless steel so they’ll last forever.

This set even includes teeny-tiny spoons perfect for measuring those tiny amounts of pure stevia powder! It has 1/64 and 1/32 teaspoons. Trust me, THMers need those sizes.

What would be your dream gift idea as a TrimHealthyMama? 

(Hint: mine would be the VitaMix!)

Trim Healthy Mama at Starbucks

What’s on plan a la Trim Healthy Mama at Starbucks? Does being on Trim Healthy Mama mean you can’t enjoy your favorite Starbucks beverage? Maybe. Read on…

18 years ago, I was an employee of Starbucks, so I know a thing or two about their drinks. If you love plain old, ordinary drip coffee, you’re in luck. Drip coffee has less than 5 calories. If you drink it black, you’re golden. If you like cream, you’re in S mode (whether you use half and half or heavy cream). Drip coffee drinkers have it easy on THM.

Where it gets complicated with Trim Healthy Mama at Starbucks?  For those who love the fancy espresso-based drinks.

First let me explain a bit about the differences between various espresso-based drinks.

  • A latte has a little espresso and a lot of steamed and foamed milk.
  • A cappuccino has a little espresso and a lot of foamed milk. This is why the cup feels so light in your hand – it’s mostly air!
  • A flat white is inbetween – it has more milk than cappuccino, less than a latte.
  • A macchiato has a little espresso and a lot of steamed milk with a dash of foamed milk – macchiato is Italian for “marked”, so the drink is “marked” with a bit of foam. If you order espresso macchiato at Starbucks, you get a shot of espresso marked with a little steamed/foamed milk on top. It’s a very small drink.
  • An Americano is a little espresso with hot water added – similar to a brewed coffee.

All of the above drinks CAN be on plan if ordered black or with half-and-half or heavy cream. Unfortunately, the coconut milk AND the almond milk at Starbucks contain sugar!

Trim Healthy Mama at Starbucks

Trim Healthy Mama at Starbucks

A mocha is basically a latte with chocolate syrup added. A caramel macchiato is also basically a latte with caramel and vanilla added. Both of those you need to avoid on THM, as they have a ton of sugar.

Whole milk is a Crossover, and all the espresso-based drinks are made with whole milk unless you ask. So if you ask for a tall latte, for instance, you’re getting a whole lot of whole milk. Keep that in mind if you’re still in weight loss mode. In maintenance, this would be okay occasionally.

Keeping in mind the definitions above, a cappuccino would have less milk than a latte, so might be a safer choice if you’re still losing weight.

Frappuccinos would also be off plan due to their high sugar content, as would all the sweet fancy drinks: Pumpkin Spice Latte, White Mocha, Mocha, Caramel Macchiato, etc.

Starbucks lovers who are on THM were excited to hear about them offering a stevia-based sweetener, but alas, it contains fructose and is therefore not on plan. My advice?

Keep your stevia in your purse! I carry a few packets of an on-plan stevia sweetener with me all the time.

Your best bet to stay on plan with Trim Healthy Mama at Starbucks is to order one of the following:

  • Regular drip coffee or Americano, either black or with half and half or heavy whipping cream. (They don’t keep heavy cream at the condiment bar, you’ll have to ask for it.)
  • Iced coffee and iced Americano are also safe (just not the “shaken” ones, those have sweetener added). Add half and half or heavy cream for an S. If you use just a little half and half, you can stay in E parameters. 2 tablespoons of half and half contain 3.5 grams fat, so pour carefully.
  • Most of the brewed Teavana teas are THM-safe. The English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Jade Citrus Mint green tea, and Mint Majesty are all safe because they’re 100% tea leaves. The Passion, Youthberry and Peach, however, contain a small amount of sugar, but probably not enough to make any difference. The shaken iced teas all contain sugar, so avoid those. The Oprah Chai tea has small bits of apple, but it’s sugar count is still 0 grams, so it’s safe. The Oprah Cinnamon Chai has no fruit pieces.
  • If you love black tea, you could also order a Tea Latte – this is a drink made from brewed, hot black tea with steamed milk. With whole milk it’s a crossover, with half and half, it’s an S fuel.
  • A latte or cappuccino made with half and half. This is called ‘breve’, so you would order a Breve Latte or a Breve Cappuccino, depending. Since a cappuccino has less milk, it has fewer calories.
  • Keep in mind that any drink ordered breve will have a TON of fat and calories! You might want to make your next meal a Fuel Pull to compensate for that.
  • The sugar-free flavor syrups at Starbucks are not on plan. They contain maltodextrin AND sucralose (splenda) – yuck! Carry your own flavored stevia and use those instead. SweetLeaf makes a ton of flavors (including chocolate, caramel, vanilla and coconut) that you might like in your coffee.
  • Flavor your coffee yourself with regular old spices instead of syrups. Cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla are sugar free and on plan! You can easily carry a tiny little container of these in your purse, and they’re available also at the condiment bar at Starbucks (although the vanilla and chocolate have sugar).
  • Another option to stay on plan is to mix up all the ingredients for a Trimmy in your own travel mug, then when you get to Starbucks, order a coffee and pour that in. You could even mix up a Hot Chocolate Trimmy, leaving out the water, and ask for a cup of hot water at Starbucks.
  • Or, bring your own mug with almond milk (and stevia, or whatever else you like) added, and ask them to put hot coffee on top of it! This way you can stay in E fuel easily. Also, Starbucks gives you a .10 discount when you use your own mug.
  • Almost all of the food and snacks at Starbucks are off plan. If you find yourself starving at a Starbucks, order a Sausage, Egg and Cheese breakfast sandwich and ditch the bread for an “S” fuel. They also have packets of plain almonds and cashews. The snacks differ from location to location, so check out what your local store offers. Most of the beef jerky snacks I’ve seen also contain sugar.

What do you order that’s safe for Trim Healthy Mama at Starbucks?

p.s. If you love the mouth feel and flavor of steamed milk, why not buy a milk frothing pitcher or a foaming wand and make your own mock Starbucks coffees at home? I have this foaming wand and use it every day to make cappuccino or Trimmy drinks. I first warm the milk to the desired temperature, then I use the wand to make a beautiful head of foam on it. So delicious, and so much cheaper. I even prefer the flavor of my coffees made at home. 🙂


If you’re having a hard time staying on plan a la Trim Healthy Mama at Starbucks, be sure to check out the follow-up to this post, THM-Safe Starbucks Copycat Recipes!

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THM Food Journal

TrimHealthyMama Luscious Lemon Cake - Weekly Food Journal

if you take the kids to Starbucks and three of them order the Lemon Loaf Cake, and the smell filling the car on the way home is making you insane, and you whip up a quick Luscious Lemon Cake for yourself to enjoy…

you might be a TrimHealthyMama!

Here is this week’s food journal. I did cheat once this week when I ate a few Doritos on Saturday (just a few – the remnants of my daughter’s very small bag) and a few sips of Coke. We were at the water park and I got very hypoglycemic.

Note to self: don’t eat Oatmeal (an E fuel) before going to the water park. A crossover would have been a better choice, since running around keeping little ones alive burns a lot of calories.

Foods noted with an asterisk * are from the TrimHealthyMama cookbook.

Coffee with cream, fried egg- S @ 8
*Frosted cinnamon muffin – S @ 11:45
*Cabb and saus – S @ 5

Coffee with cream, *Brainy blueberry muffin with cream cheese – S @ 8
Turkey-wrapped pickle – FP @ 10:30
Turkey and cheese roll-up with ½ apple – XO @ 12
*Cowboy grub, *Bust-a-myth banana cake – E @ 5:30
*Hot chocolate Trimmy – FP @ 7

Coffee with cream, *Frosted cinnamon muffin – S @ 7:30
Tuna with Tabasco, bell peppers, BAM cake, *Cinnamon apple muffin – E @ 12
½ 85% chocolate bar with peanut butter, iced coffee with cream – S @ 3:30
*Zucchini boats – S @ 6

Coffee with cream, *Skinny chocolate chip muffin – S @ 7:30
½ *Key lime shake – S @ 9:30
Oatmeal (with collagen) and diced apple – E @ 12
BBQ chicken and pork tenderloin, black beans, green beans nicoise – E @ 6
*Hot chocolate Trimmy – FP @ 8

Coffee with cream, *Skinny chocolate chip muffin – S @ 9
½ *Key lime shake – S @ 10
Brie cheese, tuna w/ mayo and bell peppers – S @ 12
Ham-wrapped pickle – FP @ 2
Oatmeal with peanut flour, ½ banana, 0% Greek yogurt – E @ 3

Coffee with cream, *Skinny chocolate muffin – S @ 8
Tuna with Tabasco, pickle, *Luscious Lemon Cake – S @12
Blackened fish, tomatoes, bell peppers, rice, peas, Parmesan cheese – E @ 6

*Frosted cinnamon muffin, tea and cream – S @ 7
*Brainy Blueberry muffin – S @ 10
Almonds, coffee and cream – S @ 11
Oatmeal with blueberries – E @ 2:30
3 bunless hot dogs with mustard, a few sips of Coke and Doritos (cheat!!)
Burrito bowl – steak, lettuce, cheese, sour cream, black olives, guacamole, black beans – XO @ 6:30

Reminder: don’t get too hungry, because you may stuff your face with 3 hot dogs followed by Coke, Doritos and then a proper meal. 🙂  I would have taken a THM-safe snack to the water park, but they don’t allow outside food. Next time, I’ll have a hearty Crossover meal before going.

You might be a TrimHealthyMama…

… if your snacks carry a warning label


… you brag along with your teenage sons about the size of your poops

… you encourage your husband to buy you a fancy blender for your anniversary

… there are 3 sets of measuring spoons and cups in your sink at any given time of day

… when you refill the ketchup bottle with homemade, sugar-free ketchup, saying to yourself, “what they don’t know won’t hurt them


… your banana muffins contain no banana

… but your chocolate cookies contain okra

… if you have a glass container in your fridge with these zucchini “crayons” leftover after using your zoodle maker


… if your phone alarm goes off every 3 hours

… you might be a TrimHealthyMama©!