This Week’s Meal Plan, TrimHealthyMama Approved

Trim Healthy Mama approved meal plan

Here’s what’s on the menu for my family this week, Trim Healthy Mama approved.
Dishes with an * asterisk are from the Trim Healthy Mama cookbook.

Monday – we had Asian Beef Noodle Soup (recipe here) – “S” fuel

Tuesday – *Taco Salad  – “S” fuel (lots of beans for the kids and hubby, less than 1/4 c for me to keep this an S)

Wednesday – *Spinach Sausage Quiche – “S” fuel, with green salad

Thursday – *Pot Roast with Radishes, Celery and Cauliflower – “S” fuel

Friday – *Sweet Potato Oat Soup – “E” fuel, with Chocolate-Banana Muffins for dessert

Saturday and Sunday – eat out and leftovers

I’m also going to try my hand at the *Superfood Chews. Everyone raves about them. Well-meaning friends at my place of worship give my kids candies after our meetings, and I don’t want them to have sugar right now. I’m hoping having them on hand will keep the little kids from getting too sad about this change.

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