THM Hack: How to clean your muffin in a mugs quickly and easily

If you’ve been doing THM for a while and have ever made a muffin-in-a-mug recipe, you will probably encounter a common problem: the mug or baking dish you use to bake it is so difficult to clean!

I have tried putting mine in the dishwasher, on the bottom rack, face down. They still don’t get clean. I’ve tried soaking them (for a day or two, even!) before washing. They’re still hard to clean.

Eventually I would just break down and scrub them hard with baking soda for a few minutes. It was frustrating to spend so much time on one dish, especially since I eat muffins in a mug nearly every morning for breakfast.

I decided there had to be a better way to keep muffin-in-a-mug batter from sticking so badly.

I grabbed a coffee filter, placed it in the baking dish, then poured the batter in.

I didn’t use anything to grease the coffee filter or bowl.

I microwaved the muffin and when it cooled a bit, took it out of the bowl. Then I peeled off the coffee filter… it came off cleanly and left no muffin sticking to it! The coffee filter is basically acting as a large cupcake liner.

And the best part, the bowl I baked it in was almost CLEAN. 


I don’t consider myself a genius, but when I posted this tip on the THM Facebook group, dozens of ladies declared me such. 🙂

Since the muffin recipes in the TrimHealthyMama cookbook are large (enough to fit into two standard-sized muffin cups), the coffee filter is just the right size. This is a standard size coffee filter, but a 4-cup size filter would probably be even better.

THM hack: clean muffin in a mug container
Sick of cleaning your baking dish or mug for THM muffin-in-a-mug? Try this easy hack!

The muffin shown is the Skinny Chocolate Chip muffin from the THM cookbook.

I make my muffin-in-a-mugs in the microwave or my toaster oven so I don’t have to warm up the oven. A standard muffin tin doesn’t fit in either appliance, so I use a Pyrex baking dish or bowl.

I hope this little THM hack helps you spend a little less time cleaning!

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