Trim Healthy Mama Before and After Pictures

It occurred to me recently that I’ve never posted Trim Healthy Mama before and after pictures. So here goes!

Before Trim Healthy Mama Pictures

This one was taken about 3 months after my 7th child (a 27-weeker preemie) was born.

Trim Healthy Mama Before and After Pictures: BEFORE
Trim Healthy Mama Before and After Pictures: BEFORE

My face was so puffy! I had lost some of the baby weight at this point, but because of the sugar I was craving intensely (from all the emotional stress I was under), I was terribly bloated.

My face, hands and feet (a size larger than normal for me) were puffy.

This picture, taken a month later, has me looking even bigger.

Before TrimHealthyMama
Before TrimHealthyMama

And here are a few After TrimHealthyMama pictures.

Here’s a pic my 4 year old daughter snapped randomly. When I saw this, I remember being shocked at how my arms looked.

After TrimHealthyMama
After TrimHealthyMama: muscles popping out of my arms and shoulders!

Another After shot (I have so few of these, probably because I’m always the one taking the photos!)

AFTER TrimHealthyMama
AFTER TrimHealthyMama

It felt so great to feel comfortable in a bathing suit last summer!

Here’s a recent photo:

TrimHealthyMama After Picture

It is so easy to maintain one’s ideal weight on TrimHealthyMama. I’m very thankful to have found this lifestyle. I’m a THM lifer!

p.s. I recently posted this picture on the TrimHealthyMama Facebook group and got several questions:

TrimHealthyMama After Picture

Did I exercise to get to this weight? 


In fact, I did NOT exercise while I was losing.

For two reasons: one, I wanted to prove to myself that it was TrimHealthyMama causing the weight loss, not exercise. And two, I needed to rest and heal from the trauma I had experienced in the previous year.

I DO exercise now. I prefer the term “movement”, because I believe moving your body and rejecting a sedentary lifestyle should be part of one’s entire life, not something you do for a couple of hours a week.

I walk sometimes, bike sometimes, hike occasionally, and occasionally lift weights. I try to stretch for a few minutes each day. But again, I didn’t exercise to lose weight, the weight came off easily because of TrimHealthyMama.

Another question: Where did you get those pants?! 

From StitchFix. I wrote more about this wonderful service here.

I’m so thankful to Serene and Pearl for sharing their knowledge that helps women gain control of their eating and their health. After my 7th child was born, I felt so powerless. THM gave me confidence and a feeling of control over my body again.

And the benefits go beyond the weight loss! Read about my favorite non-scale victories here.

A final “after TrimHealthyMama” picture. (Clearly, this is one of my favorite tops.)

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  1. It’s always encouraging to hear from those who have had success with the plan. I love your philosophy on exercise, too. Thanks for sharing your journey with us!

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