Trim Healthy Mama Week 1: Mistakes I Made

It didn’t take me long to get the hang of eating THM style: only a couple of weeks until I had the basics down. But in my first week, I did make some mistakes. I’m sharing my Trim Healthy Mama Week 1 mistakes here for people new to the plan.

Trim Healthy Mama Week 1

Feeling guilty about Crossover meals.

Until I truly understood how to separate fuels, I often ate accidental crossovers. I would then feel guilt as if I had cheated. But this is silly! Crossovers are a part of THM, especially if one is breastfeeding or pregnant. Guilt is not an appropriate emotion when it comes to healthy food. Be patient with yourself as you learn the plan.

Going too long in between meals, which leads to overeating later

It really is important for most of us to eat every 3-4 hours, especially early on in our THM journey while we’re rediscovering our natural appetite and healing our metabolism. Try setting your phone alarm to remind you to eat. I would get busy and forget to eat then eat too much later on (especially if I ate too little or skipped breakfast!). Fuel your body!

Not eating enough protein!

A lot of E meals and snacks are delicious, but in Week 1 you may forget to anchor your E fuel with adequate protein. Previous to THM you may have overeaten carbs, and now that you’re being told to be mindful of portion sizes, you find yourself not feeling sated.

Protein! If you have a hard time getting enough, try adding a Trimmy or Fat Stripping Frappa beverage with your E meal and blend Collagen and/or Whey Protein in it to boost the protein.

Feeling like the Very Hungry Caterpillar, constantly snacking but never feeling sated.

Sometimes, I’m so busy with my (7) kids, homeschooling, blogging and other things that I don’t really take the time to SIT DOWN and feed myself. I just eat little snacks instead of really nurturing my body. I would never treat my kids this way, but I do it to myself, and then I find myself hungry all day long!

The remedy for this is simple: sit down at the table, put your food on a nice plate, eat with a fork and napkin, and savor. Chew and enjoy your food, and eat enough so you don’t need to snack again in an hour.

Things you may notice in Week 1 of Trim Healthy Mama:

  • low blood sugar. Some people experience this as their body becomes accustomed to burning fat, or as a response to cutting out sugar. It will pass. Be sure to eat enough protein! (Do I sound like a broken record?)
  • quick weight loss. I lost 7 pounds in Week 1 on THM!
  • dizziness when standing/low blood pressure. Not everyone has this symptom, and it’s usually related to hypoglycemia. I think I got this because I’ve always struggled with hypoglycemia, which is why a no-sugar diet is so important for me! Again: be sure to anchor those E meals with protein. And use mineral salt. You may have to increase your salt intake a bit.
  • digestive issues. I didn’t have any digestive problems on THM, in fact my digestive issues dramatically improved! But others do experience this as their bodies adapt to more fiber and ingredients like stevia, glucomannan and oat fiber. Give it time, the gas will go away. (Unless you have an allergy to stevia, which a small percentage of people have.)

What did you notice in your first week on TrimHealthyMama?

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