TrimHealthyMama Food Diary & time-sensitive note!

Another week already, time for me to post my Food Diary. I stayed on plan all week except for one time when I ate a KIND bar at Starbucks.

Side note: Does anyone else think Starbucks needs to come into the 21st century and offer more gluten-free and low-carb snacks? The ONLY thing I can have there are the salted almonds, and they were out that day, hence the granola bar. Okay I’m done ranting!

It’s certainly not something I’m going to feel guilty about. I don’t feel guilty if I eat french fries either. Because I’m no longer a slave to my sugar addiction, I can enjoy a small handful of fries (6-8), and no more.

what I ate last week on plan with THM

Food is a blessing.

If I have it, I’m fortunate. And a few fries isn’t going to derail my efforts to maintain a healthy weight! Of course, everyone is different. Some people wouldn’t be able to eat just a few fries. This is how I used to be with sugar: I would have every intention of NOT eating something sweet (or just having a little), but I couldn’t stop at a few bites.

I’m so thankful to be free of sugar forever! I still get to have my cake and eat it too with delicious stevia-based sweeteners.

Here’s what I ate last week, “on plan” a la TrimHealthyMama©. As always, meals with an asterisk * are recipes that appear in the TrimHealthyMama cookbook.


Tea with milk, fried egg, sautéed vegetables – S @ 8:30
KIND bar (off plan) – XO @ 11:30
Bunless cheeseburger with lettuce, onion, pickle – S @ 2:15
Peanut butter bar – S @ 3:45
Pork chop with apples and onions, brown rice, green salad with blackberries – E @ 6:30
*Hot chocolate Trimmy – FP @ 7:30


1 slice Swiss bread, coffee with cream – S @ 8:30
1 slice Swiss bread with butter, 1 fried egg, *secret strawberry shake – S @ 11
Tuna with tabasco, bell pepper, pickle – FP @ 12:30
0% Greek yogurt with peanut butter, peanut butter bar, coffee and cream – S @ 3:15
Slice of Swiss bread – FP @ 5:30
Chicken fiesta soup with brown rice and beans – E @ 7
Vanilla creme Trimmy – FP @ 8 (this is an invention of mine when I wanted something creamy but with no caffeine or cocoa, will post recipe soon)


1 fried egg, slice of ham, coffee with cream, chocolate nut cluster – S @ 9:45
*Strawberry big boy shake – FP @ 11
Fiesta soup, brown rice, 0% Greek yogurt w/ peanut flour and ½ banana – E @ 12:45
*Orange dreamsicle shake – E @ 3
Turkey-wrapped pickle – FP @ 4:15
Turkey burger with mustard, roasted Brussels sprouts, *green bean “fries” – S @ 7


2 fried eggs, 1 slice Swiss bread, 1 slice bacon, piece of chocolate nut cluster, coffee with cream- S @ 9:30
Pork chop, *earth milk sip – FP @ 12:30
0% Greek yogurt with peanut butter, turkey burger with sautéed vegetables – S @ 3:30
Peanut butter bar – S @ 5:45
Sweet potato oat soup – E @ 7


Scrambled eggs with salsa, coffee, cream, bite of chocolate-nut cluster – S @ 9
*Hot chocolate Trimmy – FP @ 10:30
Small sweet potato, ground turkey and vegetables – E @ 12:00
Chocolate-nut cluster – S @ 3
0% Greek yogurt with 2 T blueberries – FP @ 4
Salmon, green salad with bleu cheese, *green “french” fries
0% Greek yogurt with bananas, *Hot chocolate Trimmy – E @ 9:30


1 fried egg, 3 slices bacon, *mocha fat stripping frappa – S @ 9
2 hot dogs, vegetable crudites, cheesy artichoke bites, *Bust-a-myth banana bread with chocolate drizzle – XO @ 12
Taco salad (lettuce, ground beef, salsa, bell pepper) – S @ 6


Scrambled eggs with veggies, Swiss bread, coffee and cream – S @ 8:30
Almonds – S @ 11
Cheeseburger wrap – S @3:30
Cottage berry whip – FP @ 7

Walked one mile
15 push-ups
20 squats with 40 lbs weight
45 push-ups, walked 2 miles
Walked 1 mile, did 20 push-ups

Filed under “this counts!”:
Yard work: gathering and throwing away limbs from yard
Spring cleaning: scrubbing baseboards, walls and stair risers

I tried those chocolate-nut clusters on the THM Youtube page, and they were so good! These are a must for my freezer from now on. So fast and easy, and a good way to incorporate more coconut oil into the diet. Much tastier than Skinny Chocolate in my opinion.

I mentioned the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle last week (the one that has over $1300 worth of ebooks and resources, including FREE products, for $30).

I discovered another really cool feature of the Bundle: it comes with a free, optional Book Club. There are author interviews, helpful videos that assist you in figuring out where to start with this huge resource, and a Facebook group for authors and women who have purchased the bundle. It’s like a built-in accountability/buddy system. I joined right away. Take a look, you only have a few hours left to take advantage of this deal!

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