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TrimHealthyMama Lifestyle: The Shrinker

TrimHealthyMama lifestyle: my week is a new feature here in which I share tips and tricks I’ve learned while working THM into my life. I hope you enjoy reading them, and please share your own in the comments.

Earth Milk Sip
Earth Milk Sip – those are my stainless steel straws and I love them! You don’t want to drink GGMS from a plastic straw, for example. These last forever and are much easier to clean than plastic.

I mentioned that I joined up with Crystal Paine’s 15 Days to a Healthier You challenge. (The challenge is now closed, but will reopen at some point.)

The material there, and the encouragement, are great. But since I already eat a healthy diet and I exercise, I decided that I would challenge myself to do something I often forget to do: enjoy one of the THM all-day sippers!

They’re so delicious, but sometimes I don’t take the trouble to make one. My goal is to enjoy one every day.

I know they’re good for me. They help me stay hydrated and not nibble inbetween meals, so they’re worth taking the time to make.

TrimHealthyMama Lifestyle: The Shrinker

Ingredients for the Shrinker: note my 2-year-old’s hand, he starts hollering at me whenever he sees the blender come out. “Shake! Shake!”. He loves all the THM smoothies and I always have to make enough to share with him. 🙂

Last week I enjoyed GGMS a couple of times, the Shrinker (made with decaf Roobios tea if I don’t need any more caffeine!), and Singing Canary (sooo yummy, and I know it helps me ward off viruses and such).

I also decided that I would begin working my way through the TrimHealthyMama cookbook, page by page, until I had tried every single recipe. A fun challenge! I’ll be sure to update here and post my thoughts.

TrimHealthyMama lifestyle: Wipe Your Mouth BBQ review
Wipe Your Mouth BBQ over Sweet & Tangy Coleslaw a la TrimHealthyMama – it doesn’t look very pretty in the picture, but it was delicious!

Last night I made Wipe Your Mouth BBQ (an E meal). It was easy and I love that it was a slow cooker meal. I didn’t have pineapple on hand, so I skipped that. Still, the recipe was for me too sweet. I wish I had used less stevia than the recipe called for. I find that many of the recipes are too sweet for my liking, so I should have known to use less sweetener. Also, I like my BBQ a little more vinegar-y, so I added a splash of Tabasco to my plate.

Still, it was delicious. I had mine over Sweet and Tangy Coleslaw (a Fuel Pull recipe). My family enjoyed theirs over bread. I liked the coleslaw recipe too, but again – a bit too sweet, not vinegar-y enough!

I’ll add a note to my cookbook to remind myself of this next time I cook these.

Many of the recipes from the cookbook have become family favorites, so I’m sure I’ll discover even more – my cookbook is falling apart from use!

Does your bottle of MCT oil sometimes leak a little down the side after you pour it? I posted to the THM Facebook page that I wipe this drip off with my finger and rub it into my face.

TrimHealthyMama lifestyle: MCT oil

The ladies there had some more great tips. Some of them said they replace the screw-on top with an olive oil pour spout. I thought that was a great idea! I might order some so I don’t have to fiddle with my olive or MCT oil lids. Another mom said she used a pump dispenser – also a great idea.

Two other moms there said that the Frank’s hot sauce flip top lid fits this bottle, and so does a Dawn dish soap lid! If you have either of those two things and are getting ready to throw them away, save the lids and use them for your MCT oil instead! (The Dawn dish soap would need to be washed for a loooong time to get rid of the smell and taste of soap. I can’t use dish soap on my coffee travel mugs for this reason, it’s baking soda and water for those.)

I enjoyed this post by Briana Thomas with 7 simple single-serve Greek yogurt variations. I used to eat a ton of Greek yogurt and sort of forgot that it was one of my favorite snacks! It’s high in protein and so versatile: you can eat it with peanut flour or a few berries for a Fuel Pull snack, or add banana or other fruit for an E snack, or chocolate, coconut or peanut butter for S.

Yesterday I enjoyed Greek yogurt with peanut flour, a dab of stevia, and a bit of chopped Lily’s dark chocolate. (The ALDI 85% dark chocolate is also on plan, and at a great price, I stock up while I’m there.) So delicious and filling.

That’s it! I’ll continue sharing TrimHealthyMama lifestyle tips and tricks each week, as well as update you on my “cook through the cookbook” adventures.

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