Trim Healthy Mama Weekly Meal Plan

Instead of posting my THM food journal, as I did for several months, I now publish a Trim Healthy Mama weekly meal plan. See all the posts tagged “sample TrimHealthyMama meal plans” here.

There are a couple of reasons for this change. For one, I’m at goal weight and find that I need to eat Crossovers quite often in order to not lose more weight. That may not be helpful for those who are still losing. Second, I keep THM simple by eating the same things over and over. Some may want more variety, so I try to include that in the weekly meal plan.

I hope you enjoy these, and please leave feedback in the comments! (If you have a special diet challenge such as allergy, let me know and I’ll do a meal plan that accommodates that.)

Trim Healthy Mama Weekly Meal Plan

Recipes with an asterisk come from the TrimHealthyMama cookbook.

Trim Healthy Mama Weekly Meal Plan

Day One

B: Coffee and cream, *French Toast in a Bowl – S
L: *Egg Roll in a Bowl with brown rice – E
S: 0% Greek yogurt with 1/4 cup berries – FP
D: Tamale Pie, green salad with dressing of choice – S
(Note – I loved this recipe so much I made it two days in a row. The kids said the topping tasted just like cornbread, and they’re right.)

Day Two

B: Trimmy beverage of choice (FP),  steel-cut oats with added collagen and whey protein – E
L: Veggie scramble – saute onions and bell peppers (and other desired non-starchy veggies) in a little butter, add eggs, scramble. – S
S: Pumpkin Spice Muffin in a Mug – S
D: *Quinoa Goes Cajun – E  – for dessert, Cottage Berry Whip would complement the spicy flavors of this dish nicely

Day Three

B: Banana Protein Shake – E (To make this, I mix half a banana, a half cup cottage cheese, 1/2 tsp banana extract, stevia, ice and collagen)
L: Green salad with diced chicken, ham or turkey, creamy dressing, cucumbers, a bit of peeled carrot. Serve with Swiss Bread or other on-plan bread – S
S: *Fat Stripping Frappa in your favorite flavor – FP
D: Ham, *green fries, mashed cauliflower – S

Day Four

B: Coffee with cream, green omelet – make an omelet with spinach and optional Parmesan cheese – S
L: “Ham” and Bean soup – this contains no ham and is an E fuel.
S: 1/2 dark chocolate bar, a few almonds – S
D: Chicken breast poached in broth and white wine with mushrooms, brown rice, 1/2 small sweet potato – E. For dessert, enjoy an Autumn Spiced Trimmy

Day Five

B: FP *Trimmy drink, small serving oatmeal cooked with 1/2 chopped pear, topped with cottage cheese blended with stevia and a dash vanilla – E fuel
L: Avocado sandwich made with on-plan bread. Spread bread with mayo, line with lettuce, add avocado slices and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Add an easy salad of chopped cucumber on the side. – S fuel
S: *Hot Chocolate Trimmy – FP
D: Roast turkey with bacon-wrapped asparagus, roasted Brussels sprouts and mashed cauli – S

Day Six

B: *Skinny Chocolate Chip Muffin, coffee with cream – S
L: Small baked sweet potato. Top with diced chicken or turkey (or cottage cheese), diced cooked onion, tomato or Seasoning Blend and spices of choice – E
S: Pickle wrapped with thin-sliced turkey – FP
D: Zoodle Bake with lightly dressed salad greens  – S

Day Seven

B: *Trimmy beverage (FP), Egg white omelet with non-starchy vegetables – FP
L: Lasagne in a Bowl – S
S: 0% Greek yogurt with 1 T peanut flour and 1/2 banana, diced, mixed in – E
D: Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole with green beans and cauliflower – S

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