TrimHealthyMama Saving Money Tip: Cash Back Apps

Those of us who follow the TrimHealthyMama© plan may find that our grocery spending goes up. Sad to say, it really can be true that healthy, whole foods cost more than junk. Here’s a money saving tip that might help.

<strong>Saving money on TrimHealthyMama: use cash-back phone apps</strong>
Saving money on TrimHealthyMama: use cash-back phone apps

Some clever folks have found that by combining stores sales with coupons, they can make a significant dent in their grocery budget.  One of the easiest ways to find coupons without collecting papers and cutting them out is by using cash back apps such as ibotta and Checkout51.

I have both of these apps on my phone and use them every week to get literal cash back from purchases. For instance, a couple of days ago I got two bottles of shampoo free. They were on sale at the grocery, and Checkout51 had a $3 off coupon, which made the purchase free. All I had to do was click on the coupon, then take a picture of my receipt. Checkout51 added $3 to my account. That same day I also saved $3 on a box of diapers I bought, thanks to ibotta.

I just checked my apps and I have $17.50 from Checkout51 and $23.00 from ibotta waiting for me to transfer to my PayPal account, and I use these applications very part-time – once or twice a week, but the savings adds up.

I’ve gotten cash back bonuses on produce as well. Right now, taking a quick look at both apps, I see several items of interest to TrimHealthyMamas in the Checkout51 app:

  • .75 cash back on cheese
  • 1.00 cash back on brown rice
  • .75 cash back on sausage
  • 1.00 cash back on deli ham and turkey
  • .75 cash back on canned fruit
  • many other personal care and household products

With Checkout51, you can use the cash back savings at any store. Ibotta is a bit different in that the savings is organized by store. ibotta uses GPS to track where you’re at, so it pings your phone with coupons if you’re near a store. Pretty cool feature, because otherwise I may forget to use it!

Taking a quick look at ibotta’s offerings today, I see a lot of things TrimHealthyMamas might buy:

  • from Walmart: savings on tuna and salmon packets, cottage cheese (!!), butter, cheese and many others
  • deals from Publix, Kroger, and several other grocery stores (even Sprouts and Whole Foods)
  • tons of savings on makeup, personal care, pet food, household and baby stuff too
  • savings from stores such as DollarTree, Sally Beauty Supply and online retailers.

Right now, ibotta ($10) and Checkout51 ($5) are offering cash bonuses just for using the app. Give them a try and see how this helps you by saving money on TrimHealthyMama.

[Note: when you download and use these apps, you will get a cash back bonus and so will I for referring you. Thanks for helping me out!]

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