My week on Trim Healthy Mama

I did cook several new recipes from the Trim Healthy Mama cookbook (which I stated was my goal in a recent post), but would you believe that I forgot to take ANY pictures of the meals!? Oh well. I did snap this pic of a yummy Fuel Pull. It’s tuna with Tabasco (I love it served this way. So fast and easy and snazzy on the taste buds with no added fat!), with a chopped mini cucumber and Greek yogurt dipping sauce.

My week on Trim Healthy Mama: a Fuel Pull lunch

I also ordered the FIRST Trim Healthy Mama plan book. I’ve never read it! There are many recipes in the old book that some THM devotees say are among their favorites, so I’m excited to dig in.

Here are the new recipes I tried this week on Trim Healthy Mama:

BLT Frittata

I love all egg-based dishes: quiche, frittata, you name it! So this one was a hit. Some people loved the tomatoes, others didn’t. In the future, I may try to put them in half the dish.

Tomato Chicken Bisque

This was a HUGE hit. Loved it. Definitely adding it to our favorites list.

Spaghetti & Meatballs

Making meatballs isn’t my favorite thing to do, but this slow cooker recipe was worth it. It’s simple and only took a few minutes to put together. The family loved it, so it’s a win. They enjoyed theirs atop gluten-free rice noodles. I had mine on salad.

Family Serve Chocolate Waffles

Enjoyed this for breakfast a couple of times. It was tasty. I had it topped with 0% Greek yogurt (with a dab of vanilla and stevia added), along with faux maple syrup (recipe in the THM cookbook), and strawberries. Very filling for an E meal!

Buttah Chicken

I am a HUGE fan of Indian food, but this recipe was a bit disappointing. It just didn’t have nearly enough flavor for me. Just meh.

I did well with my other goal, that of drinking a healthy THM sipper drink each day. Last week I had several GGMSs, a Shrinker (made with naturally decaf roobios tea, I’ve been drastically cutting my caffeine intake lately), a Singing Canary, and one new recipe I’d never had before: the Apple Pie Sip.

I liked it!


Trim Healthy Mama Apple Pie Sip
Try anything new on Trim Healthy Mama recently?

Next week I’ll have something entirely new: I’m doing my very first Fuel Cycle! Even though I’m at goal weight, I have a bit of “fluff” around my waist. I know it’s VERY common for women in mid-life to “thicken” in the waist, but you know what?

As a THM, I have the tools I need to fight this! I can’t wait to report back next week with my results. Stay tuned for that 🙂


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