When you buy stevia that isn’t TrimHealthyMama…

I bought three bottles of liquid stevia in order to make a recipe recently. They were vanilla flavored. I thought it would be simpler to have them on hand when I wanted something sweet and with a hint of vanilla. Also, I didn’t know how to convert the recipe from liquid stevia to powdered.


Big mistake.

The TrimHealthyMama© stevia products are so superior to these. This is a very popular brand, probably one of the best-selling brands available. I see them at every health food store, prominently displayed.

But it has that characteristic bitter aftertaste of so many inferior stevia products. Yuck! I am currently trying to sell the unopened bottle on eBay.

TrimHealthyMama stevia products don’t have this bad, funky aftertaste.

I like to enjoy my food, not just eat for health. Like the French, I believe eating should be for pleasure, and health a secondary benefit. That’s why this blog is called La Slim Femme, d’accord?

Thankfully, I can have my cake (and eat it too) if I buy high quality stevia sweeteners like the ones from TrimHealthyMama.

2 thoughts on “When you buy stevia that isn’t TrimHealthyMama…”

  1. Interesting! I have one sweetleaf liquid stevia bottle- unflavored-and I love it (i also love the thm line of products) I don’t find if has any aftertaste at all! I’ve used it mostly in drinks not in baking though ..

    1. Hmm… mine was the vanilla, maybe it’s the problem? I also have the plain, I used it for the cupcake batter, maybe I’ll try it again. 🙂

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