Burrito Bowls: Gluten free, THM “S”, “E” or “FP”

At least once a week, I eat something for dinner that around here we like to call Burrito Bowls. (I suppose you could call them Taco Bowls, but alliterations are just fun).

Basically, Burrito bowls are all the ingredients you would put in a burrito – in a bowl, sans the tortilla. We’re gluten-free in my household, even before I began eating TrimHealthyMama© style.  We just haven’t located a gluten-free tortilla that we love (yet). Either they contain soy, an ingredient I avoid, or they’re too crumbly and not at all soft and flexible like a good flour tortilla should be.

Burrito bowls - THM "S", "E", or "FP"

Plus – with 7 kids and a husband who want to eat dinner every single night (the nerve of them!), I prefer to keep it really simple.

Burrito bowls are simple because I just put all the ingredients together and everyone can pick and choose what they want. I often serve this cafeteria style, leaving all the stuff in the kitchen instead of bringing it to the table.

And here’s a really cool thing: I can make my bowl an “S” or an “E” (or even an “FP”!) just by changing what I put in my bowl a little. So it’s super flexible. As an example:

  • small amount of ground turkey, chicken breast, shrimp or fish, lettuce, lots of sauteed veggies, salsa, 0% Greek yogurt – “Fuel Pull”
  • ground beef, cheese, sour cream, olives, guacamole, sauteed veggies, salsa – “S”
  • ground turkey, chicken breast, shrimp or fish, brown rice, Mexi-style corn, lettuce, sauteed veggies, salsa, 0% Greek yogurt, beans – “E”

See what I mean? This recipe is a THM’ers dream. Here’s how I do it.

Burrito Bowls

(THM E, S or FP)

  • Choose a meat. I use whatever I have on hand: chicken breasts browned in coconut oil spray in a non-stick skillet (for E or FP meals), ground turkey (E or FP), or grass-fed ground beef (S!). You could also use shrimp or fish. Yum! I cook it then season with chili powder, cumin, garlic, onion, salt and pepper.
  • Saute vegetables. I usually do onions, bell peppers (to make life easier, I buy these chopped and frozen. This tip makes eating more vegetables so easy), zucchini, whatever you like.
  • Cook brown rice and make gaucamole. Brown rice is if I’m eating this meal “E” style, but it’s nice anyway because I have lots of kids who need crossovers. Guac is easy enough – I mash several avocados into a bowl and add a bit of lemon or lime juice or salsa, salt and pepper.
  • Put other toppings in bowls. Shredded cheese, salsa, sour cream (or 0% Greek yogurt), chopped black olives, pico de gallo, lettuce, beans of choice, Mexican-style corn, etc.

Sur la table!

Call everyone to the table and have them fill their bowls. Everybody’s happy!


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