Firm-up Challenge, days 11 + 12

firm up fitness challenge

Today I would normally post a TrimHealthyMama-style meal plan, but we’re heading out of town in a few days, and I’m winging it as far as dinner is concerned. I want to use up everything in the fridge so nothing goes bad while we’re gone, so the plan is to peek inside the fridge and freezer and throw something together.

Last night we had Garlic-Lime Chicken with brown rice and sweet potatoes. I had chicken tenderloins that I cooked with a tiny bit of butter and olive oil (just enough to keep them from sticking to the pan), with garlic, onion, paprika, thyme, cayenne and lime juice. It’s an old favorite recipe and perfect for an “E” meal.

So on to my Firm-Up Challenge update.

Yesterday I walked two miles.

Today I played on the playground with my kids: I climbed a rock wall a couple of times, ran up the slide (ooh, rebellious! there was noone else there to shame me for it), took a walk around the park, and hung from the monkey bars.

I also did 15 pushups.

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