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So my 3-day blogging break turned into an entire week. Oops! I actually took it a bit easy offline, too. I put my Firm-up Challenge on hold for a little while. I did my usual walk most days, but no weights. (Read on for a weight loss update!)

As I wrote on my other blog, I’ve been experiencing a nagging constellation of symptoms that I need to get checked out.

I restarted thyroid medication for the fatigue (I was diagnosed as hypothyroid when I was 20 and have been on meds off-and-on since). I made an appointment with my doctor for a checkup, but the earliest I could get in is June.

Meanwhile I’ve been working on improving the quality of my sleep.

I haven’t slept well in two years (read the above link for more on that) and it’s taking a toll. My symptoms could be explained by poor sleep and the immune dysfunction that comes along with that. More worrisome is that they could also be explained by an autoimmune disease, and since that runs in my close family I need to rule it out.

Thankfully, staying “on plan” with TrimHealthyMama has done a lot to improve my health. I’m a THM gal for life!

I ordered a sleep maskear plugs (for when my son’s band practices here) and some “bedtime” essential oils that I diffuse in my atomizer at night.

Happily, these items have actually made some difference already. I’m waking up a bit earlier than before, feeling more refreshed. I’ll take it!

Beautiful “Tagalong” cookies my daughter made for me. They were amazing!

Here’s what I ate this week, on TrimHealthyMama:



  • 2 slices sourdough toast w/ butter and honey, slice cheese, coffee w/ cream – XO @ 9
  • Roast turkey, green beans with mushrooms, carrots, banana muffin – XO @ 1:30
  • Cup of vegetable soup, 1 cup 0% Greek yogurt with 1 T peanut butter – S @ 8:00



  • Piece of cheese, almonds, coconut, coffee w/ cream – S @ 9
  • Lemon coconut smoothie – S @ 10:30
  • A fried egg, cheese, slice of whole grain sprouted bread, slice turkey bacon, bell pepper – S @11:45
  • 3 “tagalong” cookies, two salmon croquettes – S @ 6:30


  • Fried egg, piece of cheese, slice of turkey bacon – S @ 8:00
  • Scrambled eggs – S @ 10:00
  • Sprouted corn tortilla with sautéed veggies, beans and small portion ground beef, 0% Greek yogurt with berries – E @ 12:00
  • Tagalong cookie, peanut butter fudge – S @ 2:30
  • Herbed chicken breast, green salad with tomatoes, broccoli  – S @ 6:30


  • Veggie ham scramble with cheese, coffee, cream – S @ 8:30
  • Raspberry muffin, lettuce tuna wrap – S @ 12:00
  • *Volcano mud slide muffin w/ whipped cream – S @ 1:00
  • *Lemon coconut truffles – S
  • Beef stew (with green beans, bell peppers, onions), 1 slice sprouted bread – S @ 7:30



  • 1 slice sprouted toast, coffee and cream, egg veggie ham scramble – S @ 9
  • Oatmeal – E @ 11:30
  • Applesauce muffin – E @ 12:30
  • Small beef patty with onions, lemon 0% Greek yogurt – S


  • Oatmeal with cottage cheese, coffee and cream, *salted caramel fat stripping frappa – E @ 8
  • Chicken melt, open-faced on a slice of sprouted bread, *strawberry secret shake – S @ 12
  • *French toast in a bowl with almond butter – S @ 3:45
  • Beef stroganoff, cauliflower rice, salad, almond cluster candies – S @ 6:00
  • Popcorn, almond cluster candies – XO @ 8


  • Scrambled egg, slice bacon, coffee and cream, almond cluster candy – S @ 9
  • Almonds, green salad with strawberries and bleu cheese vinaigrette, almond cluster candy, *key lime shake – S @ 1:30
  • Burger patty with cheese, zucchini “fries”, brownie  – S @ 6:30

Note: The almond cluster candies were a creation of my own. They’re amazing! I’ll post a recipe soon.

Even though I ate several crossovers this week and exercised less than prior weeks, I lost two more pounds! This plan works so well.

As always, foods marked with an asterisk * are TrimHealthyMama cookbook recipes.



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