Movement: how I did last week

I still took it a bit easy last week. Despite my best intentions, I’m sometimes very tired half way through the day. I homeschool in the mornings and do most of my housework in the afternoons, then every evening there is some activity – extracurriculars for the kids, religious services, etc. I’m not complaining, but it does wear a body out, especially when my youngest isn’t sleeping through the night.

My energy level is increasing since I made some changes to my sleep habits. I think the biggest help has been wearing a sleep mask! I wake up a bit earlier now and with more energy. My eyes, which had been bothering me (they felt dry and achy and looked red, even in the mornings) have dramatically improved.

firm up fitness challenge

Amazing how one small thing can make such a difference.

Along with posting my weekly food diary, I’ll share my “movement diary” as well. I want to do more dumbbells as summer approaches.

Sunday:  walked two miles and did 20 push-ups

Monday: walked a mile, did 10 squats with 40 lbs of weight

Tuesday: 20 push-ups

Wednesday: walked one mile

Thursday: walked two miles

Friday: —-

Saturday: went on a 3/4 mile hike (it was uphill so a bit challenging, just short)

Sunday: walked a mile, did 20 squats with 40 lbs of weight

I need to do better next week!




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