My Favorite THM Products

If you’re new to the TrimHealthyMama diet, you might wonder what veterans of the program like to buy to make their THM experience a little easier. Here is my personal list of favorite THM products. (May include affiliate links.)
My Favorite Trim Healthy Mama Products
Of course – the TrimHealthyMama plan book! I don’t recommend you try to do THM without reading this book. Searching for everything free online is time-consuming and stressful. Keep everything at your fingertips and truly understand the plan (which makes it more likely you’ll stick with it!).

The TrimHealthyMama cookbook is a favorite. I cook recipes from this book on a daily basis.

THM Baking Blend. I use this every day to make muffins, quick breads, as breading for meats, etc. I love it.

THM Super Sweet – a concentrated stevia-based sweetener with a nice “crunch”. I love Super Sweet for my smoothies, muffins, cakes and much more.

THM Gentle Sweet – this one replaces powdered or confectioner’s sugar in recipes, and is a perfect beginner sugar substitute for those transitioning to stevia. I use it when I bake things for my kids as it takes just like sugar.

Collagen – I like the Great Lakes brand because it comes in a convenient shaker that makes it easy to pour without mess. Go here for more information on how I get collagen into my diet every day.

Peanut flour – I adore this product. I use it in my favorite shake: Shake Gone Nuts, as well as my favorite THM-safe dessert, chocolate peanut butter bars. I also mix it into 0% Greek yogurt for an afternoon snack.

THM Whey Protein Powder – essential for boosting protein in those E meals and snacks and for creating foamy, creamy Trimmy drinks.

Oolong tea – this is my favorite brand. It has a mild flavor and is so delicious, especially as a Salted Caramel Oolong!

Milk frothing wand – this nifty little device puts a beautiful creamy whip on your almond milk (or half and half) for Trimmy drinks. I can’t put hot drinks in my blender without it exploding, so I use this wand to mix up hot chocolate and other Trimmy drinks and make them creamy. You can also use it to foam milk for lattes or cappuccinos!

Lily’s stevia-sweetened chocolate – you don’t have to eat off plan when you want chocolate, nor do you have to eat 85% dark chocolate if you don’t love it. Try Lily’s chocolate bars and for recipes, chocolate chips. So delicious!

Natural and organic flavor extracts. I get mine from OliveNation. The prices are great and they are constantly offering coupon codes.