Time for my weekly food journal post, a la Trim Healthy Mama™. A few notes about abbreviations and such: BPC stands for Bullet Proof Coffee. I typically make it by adding heavy cream, a bit of grass-fed butter, collagen and MCT oil, then blending until frothy with my handy-dandy frother. Sometimes I drink this first […]

Ah, zucchini! If you’re eating the Trim Healthy Mama™ way, it’s probably one of your most-used vegetables. If you and yours are getting tired of using zucchini to make vegetable “noodles”, try this recipe instead. I haven’t made this recipe in a while (which is why I don’t have a picture, my apologies!), but when I […]

Every week, I’ll post an update of my Trim Healthy Mama™  journey. I’m not quite at goal weight yet. Even when I am, I think it will be informative (for me, and hopefully for others too!) to see how going completely sugar-free has impacted my health and well-being. Here is a pic I snapped today. […]

Can you do Trim Healthy Mama gluten free?

My answer to this question is a resounding yes. While THM isn’t a gluten-free diet (sprouted breads containing gluten are “on plan”), it is very easy to do Trim Healthy Mama gluten free. In fact, people who are already gluten-free might find that the transition to THM is easier because they’ve already given up many […]

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Since I began eating a la Trim Healthy Mama™, I’ve been keeping a food diary. I highly recommend this practice. It’s very enlightening to write down what you actually eat each day. It helps you eat less, for one. Also, I think it helps you eat a more balanced, varied […]

What does a Trim Healthy Mama Buy at ALDI?

Looking for a Trim Healthy Mama ALDI shopping list? Look no further. THM and ALDI are a match made in heaven as far as I’m concerned. Why? One of the objections I hear about Trim Healthy Mama™ is that “I’ve never spent more on groceries!“. That may be true. Unfortunately, real, whole foods are often more […]

Since I’m a Francophile (and struggling beginner Francophone), I decided to name this blog La Slim Femme, a Franglish name that roughly translates The Slim Woman, and which happened to be available for a Blogger blog. 😉 This blog will document my Trim Healthy Mama™ journey, which began in December 2015. I plan on posting […]