Trim Healthy Mama Fuel Cycle: Day 2

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’m doing a Trim Healthy Mama “Fuel Cycle”. Today is Day 2. I’m still in Deep S mode today.

Trim Healthy Mama Fuel Cycle

(Quick note: OliveNation, my favorite source of flavor extracts, is having a 20% off sale for 2 days. Use code TWENTY at checkout. I used their caramel extract just yesterday to make Salted Caramel Skinny Chocolate. I don’t love skinny chocolate as-is, but it was awesome doctored up this way! I added a couple teaspoons caramel extract to the recipe, then once I poured it into molds, sprinkled extra mineral salt on top. I loved it! Go here to take advantage of the offer, minimum order $25.)

Breakfast (5:15) – yes, you read that right, I ate at 5 am! I was STARVING when I woke up. Obviously my metabolism is kicking into high gear, because I usually don’t eat until around 6:30.

I had a frittata made with 3 eggs and Mexican-seasoned ground turkey (leftover from last night’s taco salad), plus coffee with a very small amount of half and half. (Small amounts are ok on a fuel cycle.)

Snack (9:00) – a fried egg and 2 small sausages, then a Hot Custard. People I felt STARVING. This is a good sign. The ol’ metabolism is waking up!

Lunch (11:15) Yes, I know I didn’t wait a whole 3 hours here, but I was cooking for the kids and didn’t want to go back into the kitchen soon after to cook again. So I had half a chicken breast cooked in butter with sauteed kale. Just like yesterday. Keeping it simple!

Snack (1 PM) A few pieces of Salted Caramel Skinny Chocolate, a Trimmy and a Salted Caramel Gluccie Pudding. Um, excuse me gluccie pudding, but where you have been all my life?!

Fuel Cycle Day 2: Deep S

I drank GGMS in the afternoon.

Dinner (5:30)Salmon Patties, roasted cauliflower and Brussels sprouts. Oh man do I love roasted veggies! It brings out the natural caramelly sweetness in them, plus butter and olive oil – hello. I had a couple pieces Salted Caramel Skinny Chocolate for dessert.

I’m looking forward to eating some carbs tomorrow, but my body really loves these Deep S meals and snacks!

Go here to read the first post about my Trim Healthy Mama fuel cycle, and notes from the entire week.

Trim Healthy Mama Fuel Cycle: My first day

As I mentioned in my last post, I decided to do a Trim Healthy Mama fuel cycle. A fuel cycle is designed to wake up your metabolism. It’s not for people new to Trim Healthy Mama. It’s recommended for those who have been on plan for a long time and have mastered the concepts, but who have a bit of stubborn weight hanging on.

Trim Healthy Mama Fuel Cycle

I’m hoping to lose a bit of “fluff” around my waist and belly, sadly a problem area for les femmes d’une certaine age. I think also I’ve gotten a bit lazy in my diet lately. While I’m on plan 90% of the time, I don’t eat enough Deep S meals, or Fuel Pull meals. Maybe this will help me discover some new favorites and remind me of the importance of JUGGLING the fuels!

I also chose to do the fuel cycle for only one week, instead of two. I don’t want to lose a lot, just a couple of pounds that hopefully will come off my waist and belly. I’ll update every day on what I’m eating as well as my thoughts on the fuel cycle process.

If you want to know how to do a Trim Healthy Mama fuel cycle, you must read the book! If you haven’t already, go here to get a copy for around $12 on Amazon.

Trim Healthy Mama Fuel Cycle

This is my very first time doing a fuel cycle, so I made things easier on myself by getting prepared. I created a Fuel Cycle pinterest board and added meal plans. I read about other people’s experiences. I made a meal plan for the week, down to the snacks, so I wouldn’t have to think about what to eat.

Trim Healthy Mama Fuel Cycle

Starting weight: 124.2
Waist circumference: 29″

Here I am, in my messy pajamas still, first thing in the morning. (Funny note: I actually weighed myself a few minutes earlier and the scale said 126. Then I used the bathroom. For kicks and giggles, I decided to weigh myself again, and I had “lost” 2 pounds. Ha!)

The Fuel Cycle days will look like this:

Day One: Deep S
Day Two: Deep S
Day Three: E fuel
Day Four: E fuel
Day Five: Fuel Pull
Day Six: Fuel Pull
Day Seven: Deep S, Deep S, E
Fuel Cycle Results!

Fuel Cycle Day One – Deep S Day

Breakfast (6 AM) – 2 eggs fried in butter with sauteed kale, 4 strips of bacon and a Trimmy Rich.

Trim Healthy Mama Fuel Cycle

Snack (9 AM) –  fried egg (I was going to have something else, but this was left over from breakfast, so I had it so it wouldn’t go to waste), Trimmy made with Teeccino (see my review of Teeccino herbal coffee here).

Lunch (12:30 PM) – Green salad with cucumbers and seasoned chicken. I sauteed the chicken in butter and Cajun seasonings with added chili powder and onion powder. The salad dressing was a simple olive oil and ACV vinaigrette. I enjoyed a Roobios Shrinker after my meal.

Trim Healthy Mama Fuel Cycle
Snack (3:30 PM) – Deep S Hot Custard (thanks Briana, you are amazing!). The custard was delicious and so easy, but I still felt STARVING after I ate it, so I cooked a chicken breast in butter and seasonings (left over from lunch), along with pan-sauteed kale and a Trimmy.

I recall being VERY hungry the first week or two on Trim Healthy Mama. I think because I’ve always had issues with low blood sugar, and it was hard for me to adjust to fewer carbs. I found that I felt better with S helpers some of the time instead of regular S meals.

At this point in the day I’m feeling a mild headache. I’m not sure if I’m in ketosis or detoxing or what. I took a nap! I drank a big glass of water too. (Maybe I’m not drinking enough?) Then I made myself a GGMS to sip on.

Dinner (6:30 PM) – Faux Taco Salad – a huge plate of lettuce topped with seasoned ground turkey, black olives and cucumbers and lots of Tabasco to tickle my taste buds. I had a few pieces of Skinny Chocolate for dessert.

Thoughts on the first day of my fuel cycle:

  • I love Hot Custard. This one’s a keeper.
  • I need to eat more kale with eggs. So yummy. When I first began THM, I ate fried eggs with greens a lot, but got out of the habit.

I’ll be back tomorrow, another Deep S day, for an update.

Have you ever done a Fuel Cycle on Trim Healthy Mama? What were your experiences?

My week on Trim Healthy Mama

I did cook several new recipes from the Trim Healthy Mama cookbook (which I stated was my goal in a recent post), but would you believe that I forgot to take ANY pictures of the meals!? Oh well. I did snap this pic of a yummy Fuel Pull. It’s tuna with Tabasco (I love it served this way. So fast and easy and snazzy on the taste buds with no added fat!), with a chopped mini cucumber and Greek yogurt dipping sauce.

My week on Trim Healthy Mama: a Fuel Pull lunch

I also ordered the FIRST Trim Healthy Mama plan book. I’ve never read it! There are many recipes in the old book that some THM devotees say are among their favorites, so I’m excited to dig in.

Here are the new recipes I tried this week on Trim Healthy Mama:

BLT Frittata

I love all egg-based dishes: quiche, frittata, you name it! So this one was a hit. Some people loved the tomatoes, others didn’t. In the future, I may try to put them in half the dish.

Tomato Chicken Bisque

This was a HUGE hit. Loved it. Definitely adding it to our favorites list.

Spaghetti & Meatballs

Making meatballs isn’t my favorite thing to do, but this slow cooker recipe was worth it. It’s simple and only took a few minutes to put together. The family loved it, so it’s a win. They enjoyed theirs atop gluten-free rice noodles. I had mine on salad.

Family Serve Chocolate Waffles

Enjoyed this for breakfast a couple of times. It was tasty. I had it topped with 0% Greek yogurt (with a dab of vanilla and stevia added), along with faux maple syrup (recipe in the THM cookbook), and strawberries. Very filling for an E meal!

Buttah Chicken

I am a HUGE fan of Indian food, but this recipe was a bit disappointing. It just didn’t have nearly enough flavor for me. Just meh.

I did well with my other goal, that of drinking a healthy THM sipper drink each day. Last week I had several GGMSs, a Shrinker (made with naturally decaf roobios tea, I’ve been drastically cutting my caffeine intake lately), a Singing Canary, and one new recipe I’d never had before: the Apple Pie Sip.

I liked it!


Trim Healthy Mama Apple Pie Sip
Try anything new on Trim Healthy Mama recently?

Next week I’ll have something entirely new: I’m doing my very first Fuel Cycle! Even though I’m at goal weight, I have a bit of “fluff” around my waist. I know it’s VERY common for women in mid-life to “thicken” in the waist, but you know what?

As a THM, I have the tools I need to fight this! I can’t wait to report back next week with my results. Stay tuned for that 🙂


My Week on TrimHealthyMama

My Week on TrimHealthyMama is where I post tidbits, tricks, hacks and meal ideas. See all the posts tagged “my week on TrimHealthyMama” here.

Trim Healthy Mama Sweetie on Steroids


As I mentioned lsat week, I’ve made it a goal to try every recipe in the TrimHealthyMama cookbook.

Trim Healthy Mama Sweetie on Steroids is not a new recipe for me, but I took a picture anyway. It’s one of my favorites and an excellent, tasty, easy E meal.  I make this one a little different each time. Here it is with half a medium-sized sweet potato, cooked with zucchini, broccoli, squash, onions and sprinkled with Cajun seasoning and nutritional yeast. On the side is a scoop of cottage cheese for protein.

What did I try that was new?

Trim Healthy Mama Cajun Cream Chicken


Cajun Cream Chicken. I thought it was easy and tasty. It tasted even better the next day. I had it over cauli rice and sauteed cabbage. My kids and hubby had it over rice. This is such an easy slow cooker recipe. You can memorize it fast, and throw the ingredients in the crock pot when you’re having a busy day.

Trim Healthy Mama quicky-quick power protein balls

I also made Trim Healthy Mama Quicky-quick Power Protein Balls. It was a pain, because I have a horrible blender/food processor combo. It doesn’t do either job particularly well! The batter wasn’t high enough in the container to mix properly, so I ended up mixing it by hand – which would have been easier if I had just done it that way in the first place!

I have a Ninja combo. I HATE it. It doesn’t make good smoothies because it can’t handle much ice. The blender containers are too small to fit an FSF recipe. The food processor is horrible too.

Any recommendations? I know the VitaMix is highly rated, but I don’t want to spend quite that much yet. Blendtec? Please tell me in comments!

Anyway, those protein balls are amazing. Loved them! Such a perfect thing to pop in your mouth when you’re starving and heading out the door, or with a cup of coffee or tea for a tiny bit of sweet.



I made a delicious snack. It’s a small piece of Bust a Myth banana bread topped with 0% Greek yogurt (mixed first with peanut flour and stevia), with a few slices of apple. So yummy and filling. And fast.

Try anything new last week a la TrimHealthyMama?

By the way, the Conquer Your Clutter Ultimate Bundle sale ends TODAY. Go here to check it out! And I’m offering any of my ebooks (shown here) free if you order through this link. Take a look. 🙂 Then email me to claim your free ebook.


TrimHealthyMama Lifestyle: My Week on TrimHealthyMama

TrimHealthyMama lifestyle: my week is a new feature here in which I share tips and tricks I’ve learned while working THM into my life. I hope you enjoy reading them, and please share your own in the comments.

Earth Milk Sip
Earth Milk Sip – those are my stainless steel straws and I love them! You don’t want to drink GGMS from a plastic straw, for example. These last forever and are much easier to clean than plastic.

I mentioned that I joined up with Crystal Paine’s 15 Days to a Healthier You challenge. (The challenge is now closed, but will reopen at some point.)

The material there, and the encouragement, are great. But since I already eat a healthy diet and I exercise, I decided that I would challenge myself to do something I often forget to do: enjoy one of the THM all-day sippers!

They’re so delicious, but sometimes I don’t take the trouble to make one. My goal is to enjoy one every day.

I know they’re good for me. They help me stay hydrated and not nibble inbetween meals, so they’re worth taking the time to make.

TrimHealthyMama Lifestyle: The Shrinker

Ingredients for the Shrinker: note my 2-year-old’s hand, he starts hollering at me whenever he sees the blender come out. “Shake! Shake!”. He loves all the THM smoothies and I always have to make enough to share with him. 🙂

Last week I enjoyed GGMS a couple of times, the Shrinker (made with decaf Roobios tea if I don’t need any more caffeine!), and Singing Canary (sooo yummy, and I know it helps me ward off viruses and such).

I also decided that I would begin working my way through the TrimHealthyMama cookbook, page by page, until I had tried every single recipe. A fun challenge! I’ll be sure to update here and post my thoughts.

TrimHealthyMama lifestyle: Wipe Your Mouth BBQ review
Wipe Your Mouth BBQ over Sweet & Tangy Coleslaw a la TrimHealthyMama – it doesn’t look very pretty in the picture, but it was delicious!

Last night I made Wipe Your Mouth BBQ (an E meal). It was easy and I love that it was a slow cooker meal. I didn’t have pineapple on hand, so I skipped that. Still, the recipe was for me too sweet. I wish I had used less stevia than the recipe called for. I find that many of the recipes are too sweet for my liking, so I should have known to use less sweetener. Also, I like my BBQ a little more vinegar-y, so I added a splash of Tabasco to my plate.

Still, it was delicious. I had mine over Sweet and Tangy Coleslaw (a Fuel Pull recipe). My family enjoyed theirs over bread. I liked the coleslaw recipe too, but again – a bit too sweet, not vinegar-y enough!

I’ll add a note to my cookbook to remind myself of this next time I cook these.

Many of the recipes from the cookbook have become family favorites, so I’m sure I’ll discover even more – my cookbook is falling apart from use!

Does your bottle of MCT oil sometimes leak a little down the side after you pour it? I posted to the THM Facebook page that I wipe this drip off with my finger and rub it into my face.

TrimHealthyMama lifestyle: MCT oil

The ladies there had some more great tips. Some of them said they replace the screw-on top with an olive oil pour spout. I thought that was a great idea! I might order some so I don’t have to fiddle with my olive or MCT oil lids. Another mom said she used a pump dispenser – also a great idea.

Two other moms there said that the Frank’s hot sauce flip top lid fits this bottle, and so does a Dawn dish soap lid! If you have either of those two things and are getting ready to throw them away, save the lids and use them for your MCT oil instead! (The Dawn dish soap would need to be washed for a loooong time to get rid of the smell and taste of soap. I can’t use dish soap on my coffee travel mugs for this reason, it’s baking soda and water for those.)

I enjoyed this post by Briana Thomas with 7 simple single-serve Greek yogurt variations. I used to eat a ton of Greek yogurt and sort of forgot that it was one of my favorite snacks! It’s high in protein and so versatile: you can eat it with peanut flour or a few berries for a Fuel Pull snack, or add banana or other fruit for an E snack, or chocolate, coconut or peanut butter for S.

Yesterday I enjoyed Greek yogurt with peanut flour, a dab of stevia, and a bit of chopped Lily’s dark chocolate. (The ALDI 85% dark chocolate is also on plan, and at a great price, I stock up while I’m there.) So delicious and filling.

That’s it! I’ll continue sharing TrimHealthyMama lifestyle tips and tricks each week, as well as update you on my “cook through the cookbook” adventures.

Note: this post contains affiliate links. Read more here

TrimHealthyMama Popcorn Recipes

It’s National Popcorn Day! Can you guess what this post will be about? Yep, popcorn recipes for TrimHealthyMama.

TrimHealthyMama Popcorn Recipes!First we have to get one thing out of the way for people new to the THM plan:

Can you have popcorn on TrimHealthyMama?


Popcorn is totally fine on THM in an “E” setting. Just don’t eat more than 4-5 cups, and don’t drizzle it with butter (unless you’re ok with a crossover, otherwise, keep the butter to under a teaspoon to stay in “E” mode).

Most TrimHealthyMamas enjoy their popcorn with a light spray of coconut oil cooking spray and mineral salt.

Now that I have been eating it this way, I actually prefer it to the butter-soaked variety. The flavor of the popcorn comes through better and it has a nicer crunch.

If you want a bit of variety, try spraying your popcorn with coconut oil cooking spray, then sprinkling with cinnamon and Gentle Sweet, or cayenne pepper or chili powder.

I also love my popcorn topped with nutritional yeast. It has a delicious cheesy taste similar to Parmesan.

Parmesan Popcorn – Speaking of Parmesan though, as long as you use less than 1 Tablespoon of the kind in the green can, you’re safely in E fuel mode.

Here is a roundup of some more delicious popcorn recipes, all TrimHealthyMama friendly.

Sweet and Salty Sugar-Free Popcorn – simply made with stevia and mineral salt.

Caramel Popcorn – a crossover, but still on plan.

If you love all things peanut butter, how about Peanut Butter Popcorn? Just spray your popcorn with cooking spray, add a couple teaspoons peanut flour along with a bit of Gentle Sweet and mix well.

Mexican Chocolate Popcorn: Sprinkle on cinnamon, a dash of cayenne and a teaspoon each cocoa powder and Gentle Sweet.

Maple Popcorn – Use maple flavoring for this one to keep it sugar-free! Mix a tsp maple flavor with your popcorn along with Gentle Sweet and mix well.

Curry Popcorn – spray your popcorn with coconut oil spray, then sprinkle on your favorite Curry powder and a bit of powdered ginger. If you really love Indian spices, try sprinkling on garam masala, turmeric and red pepper flakes.

Spicy Cowboy Popcorn – wouldn’t this be fun to eat while you watch your next Western?  Just sprinkle garlic powder, cumin and cayenne (or, chili powder) on top of air-popped popcorn. I hear popcorn tastes amazing dipped in salsa. Haven’t tried it yet.

Sriracha Popcorn – This spicy sauce, I hear, is delicious on top of popcorn. Add a bit of salt first, then sprinkle away.

Apple Pie Popcorn anyone? Careful, this recipe is a crossover, but I imagine it would be just as tasty if you cut that coconut oil down to make it an E.

Do the same for Pumpkin Spice Popcorn – spray with coconut oil or butter spray, sprinkle with pumpkin pie spice and Gentle Sweet.

Wasabi Popcorn – love the taste of sushi? How about a tiny dab of powdered wasabi and a sprinkle of soy sauce on your popcorn?

Ranch Popcorn – Sprinkle mineral salt, garlic powder, parsley, pepper and onion powder on your popcorn for a Ranch flavor with no fat.

Love this idea to make your own Skinny Pop – you’ll need to buy a $1 spray bottle, but you’ll be able to enjoy butter on your popcorn! (Just keep it to under 1 tsp per serving)

Dorito popcorn – oooh, I cannot wait to try this one! Sounds delicious. All the flavor, none of the crap and guilt.

Stevia-Sweetened Kettle Corn – ooh, kettle corn!

How to Make Homemade Microwave Popcorn

Microwave popcorn is filled with yucky ingredients and is wildly overpriced. Popcorn kernels are cheap, making popcorn a budget snack. There’s no reason to buy it when homemade microwave popcorn is so easy to make!

You simply put 1/4 cup of kernels in a paper bag, fold the top over twice, and microwave on high for about two minutes or so, until you hear the popping slowing way down.

I prefer to make my popcorn on the stove.

How to Make Stove Top Popcorn

I put 2 Tablespoons coconut oil in a heavy-bottom saucepan on medium, and add 3 popcorn kernels. Put a lid on the pan. When the first kernel pops, add 1/2 cup popcorn kernels and put the lid back on. Shake gently. The popcorn will start popping. Listen carefully and remove from heat when the kernels almost stop popping. Add mineral salt and enjoy!

This recipe makes enough for a family, about 8-10 cups. Eat 2 cups and you’ll stay in E fuel mode.

Need an air-popper?  Air poppers allow you to make popcorn with no fat at all!

p.s. Popcorn is a great snack and a healthy complex carbohydrate. It’s high in fiber. One cup of air-popped corn contains 30 calories and practically no fat. Go ahead and enjoy popcorn on THM – 4-5 cups at a time, with less than a teaspoon added fat and all the extra flavorings your imagination can come up with! Popcorn is another way to make sure you’re getting enough E meals and snacks.

Trim Healthy Mama Before and After Pictures

It occurred to me recently that I’ve never posted Trim Healthy Mama before and after pictures. So here goes!

Before Trim Healthy Mama Pictures

This one was taken about 3 months after my 7th child (a 27-weeker preemie) was born.

Trim Healthy Mama Before and After Pictures: BEFORE
Trim Healthy Mama Before and After Pictures: BEFORE

My face was so puffy! I had lost some of the baby weight at this point, but because of the sugar I was craving intensely (from all the emotional stress I was under), I was terribly bloated.

My face, hands and feet (a size larger than normal for me) were puffy.

This picture, taken a month later, has me looking even bigger.

Before TrimHealthyMama
Before TrimHealthyMama

And here are a few After TrimHealthyMama pictures.

Here’s a pic my 4 year old daughter snapped randomly. When I saw this, I remember being shocked at how my arms looked.

After TrimHealthyMama
After TrimHealthyMama: muscles popping out of my arms and shoulders!

Another After shot (I have so few of these, probably because I’m always the one taking the photos!)

AFTER TrimHealthyMama
AFTER TrimHealthyMama

It felt so great to feel comfortable in a bathing suit last summer!

Here’s a recent photo:

TrimHealthyMama After Picture

It is so easy to maintain one’s ideal weight on TrimHealthyMama. I’m very thankful to have found this lifestyle. I’m a THM lifer!

p.s. I recently posted this picture on the TrimHealthyMama Facebook group and got several questions:

TrimHealthyMama After Picture

Did I exercise to get to this weight? 


In fact, I did NOT exercise while I was losing.

For two reasons: one, I wanted to prove to myself that it was TrimHealthyMama causing the weight loss, not exercise. And two, I needed to rest and heal from the trauma I had experienced in the previous year.

I DO exercise now. I prefer the term “movement”, because I believe moving your body and rejecting a sedentary lifestyle should be part of one’s entire life, not something you do for a couple of hours a week.

I walk sometimes, bike sometimes, hike occasionally, and occasionally lift weights. I try to stretch for a few minutes each day. But again, I didn’t exercise to lose weight, the weight came off easily because of TrimHealthyMama.

Another question: Where did you get those pants?! 

From StitchFix. I wrote more about this wonderful service here.

I’m so thankful to Serene and Pearl for sharing their knowledge that helps women gain control of their eating and their health. After my 7th child was born, I felt so powerless. THM gave me confidence and a feeling of control over my body again.

And the benefits go beyond the weight loss! Read about my favorite non-scale victories here.

A final “after TrimHealthyMama” picture. (Clearly, this is one of my favorite tops.)

Caleb's Party revised 16e with cpyrght

Trim Healthy Mama What to Buy for Success on Plan

Thinking about starting Trim Healthy Mama? What to buy to have success on plan and to understand how THM works.

Trim Healthy Mama What to buy to understand the plan

While it is entirely possible to do THM without any special ingredients, I would NOT recommend trying to work TrimHealthyMama without reading the plan book. (See also: How to do TrimHealthyMama without the book.)

Also important to buy for success on THM? The cookbook. I use my cookbook every single day.  The recipes are delicious, and cooking from the cookbook for a while will help you figure out how to “Trim-ify” your other recipes.

How to do TrimHealthyMama Without the Book

Trim Healthy Mama What to buy to eat

Of course, you need to buy plenty of health food to eat on THM! Meats of all kinds, non-starchy vegetables, sweet potatoes, dairy products such as butter, sour cream, cottage cheese, cheeses, cream – all on plan. Stock up on brown rice and oats, berries and fruit too.

Trim Healthy Mama What To Buy

What about special ingredients? Which ones do you need to buy to do well on TrimHealthyMama?

One must have (in my opinion) for success on THM? A good-tasting stevia!

These vary a lot in their quality and taste. TrimHealthyMama’s stevia products are hands down the best I’ve tasted, and I’ve been using stevia for almost 20 years. I’m partial to Super Sweet. Gentle Sweet is also very popular. And the straight up Pure Stevia is very economical, as you only have to use the tiniest amounts.

I also like the stevia from ALDI. Buy the one in green packets, not the large bag (it is mixed with maltodextrin and is not on plan). The packets are great to keep in your purse.

Buy Trim Healthy Mama Baking Blend. Trust me on this. It’s delicious and makes your life easier. You need it to create the yummy desserts (pies, cakes, cookies and muffins) you can enjoy on plan. You can also make a delicious pizza crust and several on-plan breads with the Baking Blend. If you’re gluten-free, you’re good, as Baking Blend is also GF. (See also: Can you do THM gluten-free?)

I consider the above products to be absolutely necessary for success on plan with THM. Buy them right away when you start Trim Healthy Mama.

Without them, you’re going to make life much more complicated and far less delicious. Without a good stevia product, you’ll be tempted to eat sugar. Having a yummy on-plan treat around means you won’t succumb when people around you are eating sweets.

The following ingredients are always stocked in my kitchen too:

What to buy to make Trim Healthy Mama much easier and more delicious

Whey protein is also super-helpful for THM. You use it to make smoothies puffy and creamy and to add protein, among other things. Whey protein is something you have to shop very carefully for because much of it contains added sugar or other unwanted, unhealthy ingredients. The TrimHealthyMama whey protein is wonderful and has no suspicious junk in it. It’s also priced more reasonably than other brands.

Collagen is an ingredient that’s not only great for your health, but it makes you prettier!

Peanut flour – if you are a peanut butter lover like I am, you must get your hands on some peanut flour. You can find it in grocery stores these days, but some of them have added sugars. Play it safe and buy the THM brand.

Flavor extracts – I get mine from OliveNation because their prices on organic flavorings are great, and they send out discount coupons to your email regularly. I order lime, caramel, raspberry, strawberry, maple, and other flavors for smoothies, desserts and other yummy things.

Oolong Tea – I love oolong tea now. Before THM, I had never drank it. I use it to make Salted Caramel Oolong (sooo delicious, it feels like a decadent dessert) and for the Shrinker. I buy the Prince of Peace brand because it’s organic and very budget-friendly.

You might want to visit my TrimHealthyMama Amazon store to buy THM-safe products all in one spot. See more of my favorite TrimHealthyMama products to buy here.


Cleaner, inside and out

This year, my husband and I are buying a house. Because this home was babied by the current owners (we close in a few weeks, then we’ll be the current owners!), I feel highly motivated to take care of this place.

I’m thankful to TrimHealthyMama for teaching me how to take care of my body and to eat “clean” every single day.

When it comes to my home, though, I’m challenged – I have 7 kids and we homeschool; that’s a lot of bodies inhabiting a place all day long.

I wrote on my other blog how I plan on tackling this and doing better with cleaning this year. And I shared a company and an awesome freebie that helps me in that endeavor and that you might love too!

Go here to read more: Clean With Pretty Things


My Week on TrimHealthyMama

This year I’m going to try out a new feature here: “my week on TrimHealthyMama” will feature short snippets of life as a THM lady. I’ll post new recipes I’ve tried (and my thoughts on them), time-saving shortcuts and tips, and general tidbits on how I fit THM into my life. I hope it’s helpful to you!

Earth Milk Sip

(from the TrimHealthyMama cookbook)

Earth Milk Sip
Earth Milk Sip

Every time I make this drink, I remind myself that I should be drinking it more often! It’s yummy and just makes me feel good, and I find it’s filling too – it takes away my urge to nibble between meals.

Funny story: after I made it, my 6-year-old daughter asked what it was. I told her and offered her a sip. She took a big gulp, then made a face. “Yuck!” she said. A few seconds later, she asked for another drink. Then another. Then she started sneaking little sips behind my back. Haha!

This is a drink that looks nasty but tastes great.

Hot Fudge Sundae

I really needed a chocolatey dessert, and thankfully had a Trimtastic Zucchini Cake in my freezer! I cut a slice, topped it with a bit of dark chocolate, then microwaved it so the chocolate would melt. Then I put fresh whipped cream (from heavy whipping cream with a drop of vanilla and a bit of Gentle Sweet added) on top. Oh. My. Goodness.

Hot Fudge Sundae
Hot Fudge Sundae

An Oopsie – Peanutty Fudge

I started making the peanutty fudge recipe from the THM cookbook, only to discover halfway in that I was out of cream cheese! Yikes.

I decided to add a bit of gelatin instead, figuring it would cause the fudge to thicken, and would you know it turned out perfect? It wasn’t as greasy as the normal recipe in fact, I preferred the texture. It was every bit as delicious. This lowers the fat content of the fudge and is another way of getting collagen/gelatin into the diet.

Eat more non-starchies: Put it on a salad

One of the easiest ways I’ve found to increase my intake of non-starchy veggies? Simply put everything on top of a bed of lettuce.

I made pizza using the perfect crust (from the cookbook). Put it on a bed of lettuce.


I made ground beef for tacos (for the family). I put it, along with salsa and sour cream which make a sort of “dressing”, on a bed of lettuce. Voila. Instant taco salad.

Put it on a salad
Put it on a salad!

So easy. Eating a lot of non-starchy veggies is important on TrimHealthyMama because a) they’re good for you b) they fill you up with minimal calories c) they’re inexpensive.

I buy bagged salad mixes to make things easier. I know I would save a few pennies by chopping my own greens, but you know what? I eat FAR MORE veggies when I buy them pre-washed and chopped! My health is worth a couple of dollars more each week.

One of my favorite E meals: Tilapia Veracruz

I’m so glad I tried this recipe right away (also from the THM cookbook!). It’s become one of my all-time favorite meals and the family loves it too.


It looks so pretty on a plate!

If you struggle with getting enough E meals, try this recipe.