While this topic isn’t exactly about Trim Healthy Mama, many of us are interested in frugality and managing our money well, so I couldn’t not mention this deal! My newest book, The Temporary Tightwad: Radically reduce your spending, meet a money goal and change your life forever, is now available in Amazon, and for a VERY […]

Get a FREE $30 Mrs. Meyer's Cleaning Kit

This post is a bit off-topic, but if you a) like to save money and b) ever clean your house, you’ll be interested. And I’m thinking that’s pretty much all of us, right? I buy my cleaning products from Grove. I enjoy free shipping, and their prices on non-toxic cleaning products and other health and […]

olive nation coupon code

I got my OliveNation order today. Here’s what I got: caramel extract (for Salted Caramel Oolong tea, one of my favorites) butter extract (for my oatmeal, to keep it in E mode, and for Shake Gone Nuts) banana extract (for banana nut muffins and Bust a Myth banana cake) strawberry extract (to make oatmeal even […]

20% off OliveNation baking supplies today

For a limited time, you can get all baking supplies from OliveNation for 20% off.  The sale includes extracts, chocolate and cocoa, oils, spices, sugar free items and more. At checkout, use coupon code BAKE20. Offer expires 8/10/16.

Olive Nation Coupon Code

If you’re out of raspberry or strawberry extract, now is the time to stock up at Olive Nation. They’re FREE SHIPPING on all things berry. Use coupon FSBERRY at checkout. Expires 7/24. I love using strawberry and raspberry extracts for muffins and shakes. Olive Nation also has berry oolong tea and other berry flavored goodies. […]

Budget TrimHealthyMama: how to save money on groceries

Since my family is currently saving money for a down payment on our first home, we’ve been looking at ways to slash our spending. One of the goals I’ve had for this season is to trim down my grocery budget. So I’m going to share a few ways we eat TrimHealthyMama on a budget. Commonly, […]

TrimHealthyMama & Potatoes: On or off plan?

I’ve been working on spending as little at the grocery store as possible. (If you read my other blog, you know that my husband and I have launched a “fiscal freeze” for several months while we save the down payment for our first home. You can read the series of posts at No Spend Summer.) […]

TrimHealthyMama Saving Money Tip: Cash Back Apps

Those of us who follow the TrimHealthyMama© plan may find that our grocery spending goes up. Sad to say, it really can be true that healthy, whole foods cost more than junk. Here’s a money saving tip that might help. Some clever folks have found that by combining stores sales with coupons, they can make […]

Olive Nation Coupon

As I’ve mentioned before, OliveNation is where I get my TrimHealthyMama-friendly extracts and flavors. These make it possible to add a ton of flavor with no calories! Many of the Frappa recipes, muffins and breads and treats contain flavor extracts, and you can experiment and make your own as well. From time to time OliveNation […]

Creamy Cauliflower Soup - THM "S"

I love cauliflower, and it loves me too! Of course we TrimHealthyMamas© eat cauliflower often, but sometimes our families don’t share our enthusiasm. One way I get cauliflower into my kids is with this THM-safe Cauliflower Soup recipe to my family. The soup pot was scraped clean. I consider that a success! Funny, my oldest […]