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Trim Healthy Mama Fuel Cycle

Today’s day 3 of my Trim Healthy Mama Fuel Cycle, and I can now eat CARBS. Days 3 and 4 are E fuel days. Woo! Breakfast @ 5:30 AM – For breakfast I enjoyed an Apple-Cinnamon muffin, with an extra half apple and Salted Caramel gluccie pudding: a lovely combo and it kept me full […]

My Week on TrimHealthyMama

My Week on TrimHealthyMama is where I post tidbits, tricks, hacks and meal ideas. See all the posts tagged “my week on TrimHealthyMama” here.   As I mentioned lsat week, I’ve made it a goal to try every recipe in the TrimHealthyMama cookbook. Trim Healthy Mama Sweetie on Steroids is not a new recipe for […]

Did you see my last post with a THM pro tip? If you’re tired of scrubbing hard-to-clean baking dishes after making THM muffin-in-a-mugs, see this easy hack. Of course, you can also make Swiss Bread the same way and save yourself the work of all that scrubbing. As usual, food I ate marked with a […]

Last week's TrimHealthyMama Food Journal

This week had a couple of cheats. The first time happened because I was at a CPR class for a couple of hours, and I got VERY hungry (doing CPR, even for practice, is a workout! My forearms are soooo sore!). The only thing available was cookies and donuts. My bad for not being prepared […]

I believe that whatever can be measured, can be improved. I track my spending, my goals, and also my eating – and I post my food journal here for public accountability. Items with an asterisk * are from the TrimHealthyMama cookbook. Note: today I launched a new book called The Temporary Tightwad, and it’s only […]

TrimHealthyMama Food Journal

Oops. It looks like I’ve skipped a couple of weeks posting my TrimHealthyMama food journal. Oh, well. Sometimes it’s hard to get back in the swing of things after a vacation. I forgot to document what I was eating for several days, so decided to skip it. So here’s what I ate last week. All […]

Last week's TrimHealthyMama food journal

Time for last week’s TrimHealthyMama food journal. I went to a gathering last night and had a planned off-plan dessert. That’s ok once in a while! As usual, items with an asterisk * are from the TrimHealthyMama cookbook. Sunday Coffee with cream, *Skinny chocolate chip muffin – S @ 7 Tuna with Tabasco sauce, bell […]

Last week's TrimHealthyMama Food Journal

Time for this week’s Trim Healthy Mama food journal. I have fallen in love with Yogurt Power Bowls. They are so easy and delicious and feel so decadent. Here’s how I make mine: Yogurt Power Bowls, THM “S”  1 cup 0% Greek yogurt 4-5 strawberries, sliced 1/2 tsp Super Sweet or equivalent 1/4 small 85% […]

Last Week's TrimHealthyMama Food Journal

Every week I post what I ate, on and off plan with TrimHealthyMama. Recipes with an asterisk come from the TrimHealthyMama cookbook. I ate off plan a few times this week. I haven’t weighed myself, but my clothes fit the same. This week I’m back to stricter THM though. The first time I ate off […]