Firm-up Challenge, Days 8-10

I took a little break from blogging, but I didn’t take a break from movement. Friday I walked two miles. I didn’t do any weight lifting, but I was holding a toddler one way and a 3 year old part of the way back. Saturday I walked for an hour. Today I did a short […]

Someone didn’t post yesterday! (Hangs head in shame.) I didn’t do any strength training per se, but I did walk two miles, both times with a 20-pound toddler in my arms (not a stroller or baby carrier), so that probably counts! I felt truly exhausted today. As in, so tired that in the early afternoon […]

Here’s what I did today for my muscles: A series of “Superman” exercises 10 overhead lifts (with a 20 pound weight) 20 push-ups a 10 minute walk

My upper body muscles were definitely letting me know I had asked something different of them yesterday! We had planned on going to a local park that has workout equipment (and a really cool climbing structure shaped like the Eiffel Tower), but it rained all day yesterday and we didn’t want to deal with wet […]

Firm-up challenge Day 3

Today I woke up and my upper body was a bit sore from my workout two days ago. I remembered that when it comes to lifting weights, it’s best to leave a day in-between workouts so that muscles can heal. This will be my plan going forward: upper body one day, lower the next. As […]

Day two of my firm-up fitness challenge. Today was a busy day. My preemie had a hearing check with the audiologist this morning, which he passed with flying colors (yes!). My mom came over for a visit and we had a tea party, then we went to a few yard sales. Here’s what I did […]

Firm-Up Challenge: Day 1

I promised to post every day about what I’m doing to “firm up”, and here’s my first post. Today I took a one mile walk, jumped on the trampoline with my girls, played soccer outside with my toddler (my black Cons turned pollen green as you can see in the pic below), and did a […]

My Personal Firm-Up Challenge: Join Me?

I’m happy with my weight loss thus far, thanks to Trim Healthy Mama©! But summer is right around the corner. Here in Georgia, that means humid, hot temperatures, unbearable without donning light, breezy skirts and shorts, sleeveless tees and tanks. Our neighborhood pool will open and the kids will want to swim every day… I […]

On accountability, tough love, and truth-telling

I started this blog so that I could be accountable to my readers, with the hope we can encourage each other as we continue on this journey, not only of reaching and maintaining our ideal weight, but of improving our health and quality of life. Can we talk about accountability for a moment? Recently I […]

Every week, I’ll post an update of my Trim Healthy Mama™  journey. I’m not quite at goal weight yet. Even when I am, I think it will be informative (for me, and hopefully for others too!) to see how going completely sugar-free has impacted my health and well-being. Here is a pic I snapped today. […]