Trim Healthy Mama Before and After Pictures

It occurred to me recently that I’ve never posted Trim Healthy Mama before and after pictures. So here goes! Before Trim Healthy Mama Pictures This one was taken about 3 months after my 7th child (a 27-weeker preemie) was born. My face was so puffy! I had lost some of the baby weight at this point, […]

8 exercises you can do with your baby

Cosmo has a series of videos of exercises you can do while baby is strapped in a carrier. If you’ve ever tried to do body weight exercises around kids, you know they always try to climb on you or get under you anyway, so why not strap the toddler on and use their weight to get […]

I still took it a bit easy last week. Despite my best intentions, I’m sometimes very tired half way through the day. I homeschool in the mornings and do most of my housework in the afternoons, then every evening there is some activity – extracurriculars for the kids, religious services, etc. I’m not complaining, but […]

Firm-up challenge, day 13 and Instagram!

I started a new Instagram account just for LaSlimFemme. (Please let me know your Instagram username or link below and I’ll follow you!) I’ve been posting pics of food I’m eating – recipes from TrimHealthyMama cookbook as well as my own creations, like this one: Blueberry Fool – THM “S”, gluten-free, sugar-free, low-carb So easy […]

Today I would normally post a TrimHealthyMama-style meal plan, but we’re heading out of town in a few days, and I’m winging it as far as dinner is concerned. I want to use up everything in the fridge so nothing goes bad while we’re gone, so the plan is to peek inside the fridge and […]

Firm-up Challenge, Days 8-10

I took a little break from blogging, but I didn’t take a break from movement. Friday I walked two miles. I didn’t do any weight lifting, but I was holding a toddler one way and a 3 year old part of the way back. Saturday I walked for an hour. Today I did a short […]

Someone didn’t post yesterday! (Hangs head in shame.) I didn’t do any strength training per se, but I did walk two miles, both times with a 20-pound toddler in my arms (not a stroller or baby carrier), so that probably counts! I felt truly exhausted today. As in, so tired that in the early afternoon […]

Here’s what I did today for my muscles: A series of “Superman” exercises 10 overhead lifts (with a 20 pound weight) 20 push-ups a 10 minute walk

My upper body muscles were definitely letting me know I had asked something different of them yesterday! We had planned on going to a local park that has workout equipment (and a really cool climbing structure shaped like the Eiffel Tower), but it rained all day yesterday and we didn’t want to deal with wet […]