non-scale victory

My Favorite Trim Healthy Mama Non Scale Victories!

The weight loss is wonderful, but Trim Healthy Mama non scale victories are amazing too. Since starting Trim Healthy Mama over a year ago, I’ve lost 20 pounds and keep it off, effortlessly, without exercise or going hungry. I don’t even have to give up my favorite foods. But, as many THMers know, the non-scale […]

On accountability, tough love, and truth-telling

I started this blog so that I could be accountable to my readers, with the hope we can encourage each other as we continue on this journey, not only of reaching and maintaining our ideal weight, but of improving our health and quality of life. Can we talk about accountability for a moment? Recently I […]

Since I began eating a la Trim Healthy Mama™, I’ve been keeping a food diary. I highly recommend this practice. I’ll also be sharing it here every week. Hopefully it will help people new to THM see that you can eat whatever you love, and you don’t need to feel deprived. Items marked with an * […]