Trim Healthy Mama Budget Menu

Looking for a Trim Healthy Mama Budget Menu to help keep your food costs down? Read on.

I’ll be honest here and admit something. Since I started Trim Healthy Mama, my grocery spending has gone up. I’m not gonna lie. It’s worth it. The sustainable weight loss I’ve experienced and the non-scale victories are totally worth it! I know that long-term, spending a little more on a better diet will cost less than the chronic disease that results from a standard (crappy) American diet.

Recently I’ve begun thinking more about how to lower my monthly bills. Since I have 7 kids, grocery spending is our biggest expense after housing. Therefore, spending less on the food budget has a quick impact.

When we think about creating a budget menu for Trim Healthy Mama, sometimes our first thought is, “How can I spend less on the food I’m buying?”. Truly, however, that’s backwards. What we should be asking is, “Which foods are inexpensive to start with and are on-plan?” Do you see the difference? The first approach will have you scouring for sales, coupons and coupon codes. The second is far less stressful.

Trim Healthy Mama Budget Menu

Trim Healthy Mama Budget Menu: Start with Protein

Since Trim Healthy Mama meals are anchored with protein, let’s start with that. Which protein sources are least expensive?

A Google search turned up the following information on quite a few pages (most of them about bodybuilding, lol!). Budget sources of protein include:

  • Canned tuna
  • Eggs
  • Whey protein (this surprised me – maybe bodybuilders are using cheap whey protein. The THM whey protein is around .89 a scoop, hardly cheap – so instead, use cottage cheese or half a scoop instead. The Trimmy drinks only call for a teaspoon of whey protein powder.)
  • Ground beef
  • Frozen chicken breast
  • Cottage cheese
  • Ground turkey

(You know what’s NOT on the list that should be? Gelatin! A tablespoon of gelatin has 11 grams protein. (A can of Great Lakes gelatin has 38 servings, making it around .50 a serving. The Trim Healthy Mama gelatin is a little cheaper. )

See anything cool here? These are all on plan! Try forming the bulk of your meals around these protein foods. Canned tuna is especially cheap and it’s a Fuel Pull. I love it with hot sauce sprinkled on. You can make it an S food by mixing it with mayo. A half can of tuna along with sides will fill you up for hours. Around here, eggs have been around a buck a dozen. That’s a dime for almost a complete meal!

Cottage cheese is also cheap. I love it with sweet potatoes instead of meat. (If you mash it into a hot sweet potato, it sort of melts and gets gooey!)

Trim Healthy Mama Budget Menu: Now for the sides

What about produce? We THM types like to eat a lot of non-starchy vegetables. Check out this list of the cheapest vegetables by month. Because there’s no way I’m going to remember this list when I’m at the store, I simply have a price per pound in my head that I’m willing to pay for fresh fruits and vegetables, and I don’t go over it. That price dictates what I buy. For fruit, it’s .99 a pound. That means I buy apples and bananas more than anything else unless something’s on sale.

Do the same for meat. Vow to never spend over .99 a pound except for special occasions. If you shop loss leaders, you can accomplish this easily. You might not have as much variety, but who needs a different type of meat each day of the week to be happy?

Frozen! Frozen veggies and fruits are almost always cheaper than fresh in my area.

Don’t forget your E meals and snacks. Since they’re fueled with carbs, and carbs are inexpensive foods, E meals and snacks help the THM food budget. See how to get enough E meals and snacks here. Oats, brown rice, sweet potatoes, fruit: all cheap!

Ease up on the fats. Since fats are the most expensive, ounce for ounce, of any foods we buy (nuts are more expensive than steak), try eating more Light S meals. Avocados, nuts, cheese are all delicious, but they’re easy to overdo and can cause weight loss plateaus or stalls (which is why they’re not on the Fuel Cycle plan!).

Bulk it up. If you eat a lot of a particular food, say brown rice or oats, price that food in bulk quantities. I get my oats, brown rice and beans in 25-50 pound buckets. This is a bit of an investment up-front, but the price per pound is better than what I can get at the cheapest grocery store. I get my bulk stuff from Amazon. Two good brands are Augason Farms and Honeyville.

Trim Healthy Mama Budget Menu
My 50 pound bag of oats. Because we eat oats in some form every day.

I haven’t investigated warehouse clubs. Many frugal bloggers love them though, so it’s worth checking their prices.

Go NSI. No Special Ingredients – these recipes are marked in the Trim Healthy Mama cookbook because they contain no special, fancy ingredients (just an on-plan sweetener in the case of desserts).

Shop your local Scratch ‘n Dent. I don’t have one nearby, but I do have a Bargain Hunt, and I find THM-safe food there every time I go! I’ve bought flavorings, teas, canned food, protein bars and other things, all at a discount.

Shop at ALDI if you have one nearby. ALDI prices just plain beat everyone’s. If you have to drive a long way to get to an ALDI, it might be worth it to stock up once a month. They have awesome prices on unsweetened almond milk, 0% Greek yogurt, eggs, shredded cheese, produce and meat. Here is a free ALDI shopping list for THM. See all the pages tagged “ALDI“.

Eliminate Convenience. Anytime a human or a machine does something to process your food, you’ll pay. So romaine hearts are cheaper than bagged salads. Whole fruit is cheaper than cut. Blocks of cheese are cheaper than shredded (though not always – check prices per pound!). Riced cauliflower is more expensive than whole. Salad dressing can be whipped up in a minute and is cheaper and healthier than store bought. A large jar of Slim Belly Jelly is a fraction of the cost of all-fruit jelly. When eggs are cheap, it’s less expensive to separate them yourself rather than using boxed egg whites. Etc.

Learn to love pure stevia. THM pure stevia powder is the most budget-friendly sweetener they offer. It’s fine to start with Gentle Sweet if you begin THM as a sugar addict, but slowly acclimate your taste buds. Put your big girl panties on!

Stock up when the Trim Healthy Mama store offers a sale. Guess who ordered 3 bags of Baking Blend when it went on sale for 3 for 16.99 even when she already had two bags in her pantry? Yeahme. If you’ve ordered from the girls before, you’re on their list and they’ll email you when a sale hits. Take advantage!!

Eat smaller portions. Yeah, I went there! Just because we’re on Trim Healthy Mama and have food freedom doesn’t mean we need to eat on plates the size of a small parking space. Look at your grandma’s plates from the 50’s. They were probably 9″ in diameter, whereas modern plates are up to 15″! This is insanity. SIZE MATTERS. French women don’t get fat, and neither did our grandmothers – because small portions! Keep in mind that a portion of protein should be the size of a deck of cards. A portion of cheese? Two dice. Etc. Here’s a nice visual using your hand to help you remember this.

Fill your plate with non-starchy vegetables! The THM authors don’t just tell us this because it helps us stay thin. It also costs less!

Start a price book and use it to guide purchases and meal planning. This can be as simple as keeping grocery receipts for a few weeks. Write in a notebook or computer document the items you buy most often and the price you pay. You’ll start to see patterns – what’s a good deal (stock up!), and what’s not (eat something else).

Since the THM E pancakes/waffles are made with cottage cheese, egg whites and oats, the contain no special ingredients and are budget friendly
Since the THM E pancakes/waffles are made with cottage cheese, egg whites and oats, they contain no special ingredients and are budget friendly. Maple syrup is expensive, but the faux syrup recipe is cheap!

Sample Trim Healthy Mama Budget Menu

Budget THM Breakfasts

  • Oats with berries and 0% Greek yogurt or cottage cheese for protein (I like to blend my cottage cheese with a dash of vanilla extract and stevia to make it extra-creamy, almost like cheesecake!). E fuel.
  • 2 scrambled or fried eggs with sauteed vegetables or greens – hold the expensive cheese! Enjoy your eggs Deep S.
  • 1 large ground turkey patty with stewed apples (cook them in a very small amount of butter and a bit of water, add cinnamon and stevia). E fuel.
  • Leftover brown rice, warmed with a dash vanilla, cinnamon, almond milk and stevia for Hot Breakfast Rice. (Add a protein source like a Trimmy with collagen and whey protein, or put egg whites in the brown rice while you’re warming it.) E fuel.
  • Any of the smoothie recipes (sub 1/3 cup cottage cheese for whey protein)
  • Trim Healthy Mama E pancakes (made with oats, egg whites and cottage cheese)

My week on Trim Healthy Mama: a Fuel Pull lunch

Budget THM Lunches

  • Waldorf Salad from the cookbook
  • Any of the single serving soups from the cookbook
  • Tuna prepared how you like it, with a side salad and homemade dressing
  • Sweetie on steroids (cottage cheese, cooked chicken or ground turkey for protein)
  • Cajun-style rice and beans (with ground turkey or low-fat chicken sausage for protein)
  • Creamless Creamy Chicken (over cabbage)
  • Egg Roll in a Bowl – especially if you buy your cabbage whole and cut it yourself! Cabbage is super cheap.
TrimHealthyMama Popcorn Recipes!
Popcorn is an E fuel and is on plan! And it’s VERY budget friendly.

Budget THM Snacks

  • Glucomannan, since only a tiny amount is required, is quite cheap. Therefore, recipes that call for it are usually inexpensive. Gluccie Pudding is an example. – FP
  • Apple slices with peanut flour/0% Greek yogurt dip – E fuel
  • Celery sticks (chopped yourself!) with peanut flour/0% Greek yogurt dip – FP
  • Peanut flour is also very budget-friendly. A tablespoon only costs about a dime! Use it instead of peanut butter. It’s cheaper and has far fewer calories.
  • Oat flour is less expensive than Baking Blend, so find recipes using it.
  • Cottage Berry Whip is a Fuel Pull, inexpensive and very filling.
  • Popcorn!! Popcorn costs pennies per serving. Find Trim Healthy Mama popcorn recipes here.

Budget THM Dinners

  • Buy large bags of frozen chicken – these are often priced far lower than fresh. You can throw them straight into the slow cooker (or Instant Pot) too.
  • Any of the bean soups from the cookbook are budget-friendly.
  • Egg roll in a Bowl
  • Lentil soup
  • Cowboy Grub (with plenty of veggies, rice and beans, less meat)
  • White Chicken Chili
  • Sweet Potato Bar
  • Vegetable Soups (add ground turkey or shredded chicken for protein, or enjoy them with a Trimmy or Collagen Tea)
  • Chana Dahl
  • Main dish salads

Some more ways to save money on Trim Healthy Mama:

  • Try using cash-back apps to save money on groceries. There is a list of those here: Trim Healthy Mama Saving Money with Cash-Back and Coupon Apps
  • Try re-growing vegetables. No planting of anything required.
  • Your kids need crossovers! Have a pot of rice and/or beans on the table with every meal to fill growing bellies.
  • Make your own baking blend. You can buy coconut flour and almond flour in bulk on Amazon and mix them to create your own.
  • Make your own almond milk for pennies!
  • Since you only use a tiny amount of glucomannan per serving and it fills you up, it’s budget friendly. Gluccie Pudding made with homemade almond milk would cost you pennies per serving.

 Follow my Budget Trim Healthy Mama Pinterest board for more ideas!

Trim Healthy Mama Fuel Cycle: My first day

As I mentioned in my last post, I decided to do a Trim Healthy Mama fuel cycle. A fuel cycle is designed to wake up your metabolism. It’s not for people new to Trim Healthy Mama. It’s recommended for those who have been on plan for a long time and have mastered the concepts, but who have a bit of stubborn weight hanging on.

Trim Healthy Mama Fuel Cycle

I’m hoping to lose a bit of “fluff” around my waist and belly, sadly a problem area for les femmes d’une certaine age. I think also I’ve gotten a bit lazy in my diet lately. While I’m on plan 90% of the time, I don’t eat enough Deep S meals, or Fuel Pull meals. Maybe this will help me discover some new favorites and remind me of the importance of JUGGLING the fuels!

I also chose to do the fuel cycle for only one week, instead of two. I don’t want to lose a lot, just a couple of pounds that hopefully will come off my waist and belly. I’ll update every day on what I’m eating as well as my thoughts on the fuel cycle process.

If you want to know how to do a Trim Healthy Mama fuel cycle, you must read the book! If you haven’t already, go here to get a copy for around $12 on Amazon.

Trim Healthy Mama Fuel Cycle

This is my very first time doing a fuel cycle, so I made things easier on myself by getting prepared. I created a Fuel Cycle pinterest board and added meal plans. I read about other people’s experiences. I made a meal plan for the week, down to the snacks, so I wouldn’t have to think about what to eat.

Trim Healthy Mama Fuel Cycle

Starting weight: 124.2
Waist circumference: 29″

Here I am, in my messy pajamas still, first thing in the morning. (Funny note: I actually weighed myself a few minutes earlier and the scale said 126. Then I used the bathroom. For kicks and giggles, I decided to weigh myself again, and I had “lost” 2 pounds. Ha!)

The Fuel Cycle days will look like this:

Day One: Deep S
Day Two: Deep S
Day Three: E fuel
Day Four: E fuel
Day Five: Fuel Pull
Day Six: Fuel Pull
Day Seven: Deep S, Deep S, E
Fuel Cycle Results!

Fuel Cycle Day One – Deep S Day

Breakfast (6 AM) – 2 eggs fried in butter with sauteed kale, 4 strips of bacon and a Trimmy Rich.

Trim Healthy Mama Fuel Cycle

Snack (9 AM) –  fried egg (I was going to have something else, but this was left over from breakfast, so I had it so it wouldn’t go to waste), Trimmy made with Teeccino (see my review of Teeccino herbal coffee here).

Lunch (12:30 PM) – Green salad with cucumbers and seasoned chicken. I sauteed the chicken in butter and Cajun seasonings with added chili powder and onion powder. The salad dressing was a simple olive oil and ACV vinaigrette. I enjoyed a Roobios Shrinker after my meal.

Trim Healthy Mama Fuel Cycle
Snack (3:30 PM) – Deep S Hot Custard (thanks Briana, you are amazing!). The custard was delicious and so easy, but I still felt STARVING after I ate it, so I cooked a chicken breast in butter and seasonings (left over from lunch), along with pan-sauteed kale and a Trimmy.

I recall being VERY hungry the first week or two on Trim Healthy Mama. I think because I’ve always had issues with low blood sugar, and it was hard for me to adjust to fewer carbs. I found that I felt better with S helpers some of the time instead of regular S meals.

At this point in the day I’m feeling a mild headache. I’m not sure if I’m in ketosis or detoxing or what. I took a nap! I drank a big glass of water too. (Maybe I’m not drinking enough?) Then I made myself a GGMS to sip on.

Dinner (6:30 PM) – Faux Taco Salad – a huge plate of lettuce topped with seasoned ground turkey, black olives and cucumbers and lots of Tabasco to tickle my taste buds. I had a few pieces of Skinny Chocolate for dessert.

Thoughts on the first day of my fuel cycle:

  • I love Hot Custard. This one’s a keeper.
  • I need to eat more kale with eggs. So yummy. When I first began THM, I ate fried eggs with greens a lot, but got out of the habit.

I’ll be back tomorrow, another Deep S day, for an update.

Have you ever done a Fuel Cycle on Trim Healthy Mama? What were your experiences?

Trim Healthy Mama Sample Meal Plan

I often post a Trim Healthy Mama Sample Meal Plan here. If you’re struggling to figure out what to eat on THM, check back here regularly. The sample meal plan includes breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and sometimes dessert ideas.

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Trim Healthy Mama Sample Meal Plan

Recipes with an asterisk * come from the TrimHealthyMama cookbook.

Trim Healthy Mama Sample Meal Plan

Day One

B: Coffee, 2 TrimHealthyMama-compliant donuts (recipes in the THM cookbook or online, like this Glazed Crumb Donut) – S fuel
L: Homemade chicken and vegetable soup with white beans, slice of Nuke Queen bread – E fuel
S: Sheri Graham’s chocolate mug cake, topped with *Peanut Junky butter – FP
D: *Tilapia Veracruz with brown rice – E fuel


Day Two

B: *Apple-cinnamon muffin topped with 0% Greek yogurt (add a bit of stevia to the yogurt), *Trimmy beverage – E fuel
L: Tuna with mayo on 2 slices Nuke Queen or *Swiss Bread, side salad with creamy dressing and cucumbers – S fuel
S: 1/2 a sliced apple dipped in *Peanut Junky butter – E fuel
D: Chicken Salad Taco Bowl – cook chicken breasts in Mexican spices (use on-plan cooking spray in a non-stick pan), serve on top of a green salad. Use up to a tablespoon low-fat sour cream mixed with salsa as the dressing. Top with diced tomato, cucumber, jalapenos, cilantro. FP if served as is, E fuel if you add beans.
Dessert: *Cottage Berry Whip

Day Three

B: Oatmeal (served as Chocolate or Banana oatmeal), *Trimmy light of choice – E fuel
L: *Quick Black Bean Soup, slice of Nuke Queen bread – E fuel
S: *Fat Stripping Frappa, any flavor – FP
D: Homemade Pizza on THM-compliant crust (I love the Perfect crust from the cookbook!) with all the toppings!


Day Four

B: *Skinny chocolate chip muffin, coffee – S fuel
L: Poached chicken breast (cook in a small amount of broth) with non-starchy veggies of choice (cook these in broth too for more flavor) – FP fuel
S: Ginger snap cookies, *Trimmy beverage – S fuel
D: *Cowboy Grub served over brown rice – E fuel

Day Five

B: *Strawberry Cream Shake – S fuel
L: *Sweet Potato Oat soup – E fuel (if this combo sounds odd in a soup, I urge you to try it anyway, it’s a family favorite!)
S: *Trimmy beverage of choice, a few almonds – S fuel
D: Minestrone Soup with on-plan bread such as *Swiss bread or Nuke Queen bread – E

Day Six

B: *Banana Nut Muffin, coffee – S fuel
L: White Chicken Chili, on-plan bread – E fuel (white chicken chili is made from chicken broth, chicken breast, white beans of choice, and diced onion/celery/garlic, season with cumin, salt and pepper)
S: *Shake Gone Nuts – FP
D: *Skinny Sloppy Joes on *Swiss Bread, pan-fried garlicky kale – S

Fried egg on top of garlicky sauteed kale
Fried egg on top of garlicky sauteed kale

Day Seven

B:  Coffee, fried egg served on top of garlicky sauteed greens – S fuel
L: *Egg roll in a bowl with brown rice – E fuel
S: Autumn Trimmy (be sure to add collagen and whey protein to make this a real snack)
D: *Lazy Lasagne, side salad with creamy dressing – S fuel
D: Hot Fudge Sundae! Take a piece of *Trimtastic Zucchini Cake, put a bit of dark chocolate on top, melt in the microwave, then top with real whipped cream (with a dash of stevia added).

Hot Fudge Sundae
Hot Fudge Sundae

Interested in more Trim Healthy Mama Sample Meal Plan ideas? Click here for all the posts.

Sample Trim Healthy Mama Meal Plan

If you’re struggling to figure out what to eat on THM, check back here weekly for a free sample Trim Healthy Mama meal plan. They include breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and sometimes dessert ideas. To see all the Trim Healthy Mama sample meal plan posts, click here.

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Sample Trim Healthy Mama Meal Plan

Recipes with an asterisk * come from the TrimHealthyMama cookbook.

Sample Trim Healthy Mama Meal Plan

Day One
B: Coffee, *Skinny Chocolate Chip muffin – S
L: Small sweet potato, topped with sauteed vegetables and diced chicken, *Fat Stripping Frappa – E
S: Half an apple, sliced, dipped in *Peanut Junky butter – E
D: Low Carb Broccoli Tuna Casserole, small green side salad – S
Dessert: *Cottage Berry Whip

Day Two
B: Oatmeal (try Banana “cream” oatmeal or Chocolate oatmeal), *Trimmy beverage of choice prepared FP style – E
L: Pizza in a Mug, side of green beans, broccoli or salad – S
S: *Salted Caramel Oolong Tea, Lavish Delight (or a toasted *Swiss Bread) – FP
D: Pineapple Pork, brown rice and vegetables of choice on the side – E
Recipe: Brown pork chops, sprinkled with salt and pepper, in a hot skilled sprayed with non-stick cooking spray. Add one can of chopped pineapple (without juice) and a splash of soy sauce, cook until warmed through.
Dessert: *Upside-down pineapple cake
How to get enough E meals and snacks on THM: Pineapple Pork

Day Three
B: Coffee, Eggs scrambled with non-starchy vegetables of choice (I like onion, mushroom and bell pepper) – S
L: Large green salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, garbanzo beans, chopped chicken breast and a low-fat dressing – E
(Here’s one to try: mix a half cup of 0% Greek yogurt, a dab of stevia, and a little mustard, salt and pepper. It tastes like “Honey Mustard” dressing.)
S: Chocolate Cake topped with *Peanut Junky butter – FP (yes, it’s an FP – unbelievable, as this cake is very filling!)
D: Steak Taco Salad. Cook strips of steak in your favorite oil, add Mexican seasonings (chili powder, cumin, garlic & onion powder, salt and pepper). Top a large green salad with steak, sliced avocado, a little tomato, and a dab of sour cream.


Day Four
B: Spice Cake (top with stevia-sweetened 0% Greek yogurt), Autumn Spiced Trimmy – FP
L: Chicken breast cooked with non-stick cooking spray, salt and pepper. Serve with sweet potato fries and a green vegetable of choice – E
S: 0% Greek yogurt with 1 T peanut flour and 1 T diced 85% chocolate – S
D: Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole, green salad – S
Dessert: Peanut butter mug cake

Day Five
B: Coffee, Breakfast Sandwich: *Swiss bread, toasted, with a slice of cheese and fried egg – S
L: Fried Rice: In a non-stick pan sprayed with cooking spray, cook onion, peas and other non-starchy vegetables until as soft as you like. Add egg whites, stir until scrambled. Add diced chicken (or shrimp) and soy sauce, warm through and serve. – E
S: *Apple-cinnamon muffin, 0% Greek yogurt – E
D: *Jalapeno Popper Soup, topped with chopped avocado – S

Day Six
B: Coffee, French toast in a bowl – S
L: Large green salad topped with tuna (packed in water), cucumber, tomatoes, shredded carrots, garbanzo beans and a low-fat dressing (such as the one above) – E
S: *Fat Stripping Frappa in flavor of choice – FP
D: *Swiss meatballs in sauce, served atop mashed “fauxtatoes” cauliflower with green beans almondine

Day Seven
B: *Orange Creamsicle shake – E
L: Turkey and cheese sandwich (use *Swiss Bread or Nuke Queen Bread) with mayo, lettuce and tomato – S
S: *Trimmy beverage of choice with *Strawberry muffin – FP
D:  Taco Soup – S
Dessert: a bit of 85% dark chocolate or a *Hot Chocolate Trimmy

Trim Healthy Mama Meal Plan

I often share my weekly Trim Healthy Mama Meal Plan. If you’re struggling to figure out what to eat on THM, check back here for a free sample Trim Healthy Mama meal plan. It includes breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and sometimes dessert ideas.

Better yet, subscribe to my free newsletter. Enter your name and email address in the box on the right. You’ll get instant access to free goodies such as my free ALDI Trim Healthy Mama meal plan!

This week’s Trim Healthy Mama meal plan contains a lot of Fuel Pulls.

You might want to bookmark this one for January when you want to lighten things if you indulged in heavy foods in November and December!

Trim Healthy Mama Meal Plan

Recipes with an asterisk come from the TrimHealthyMama cookbook

Trim Healthy Mama Meal Plan

Day One

B: Oaty Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake in a Mug, Trimmy beverage of choice (remember to add collagen for extra protein and to help you feel full) – Fuel Pull
L: Large green salad with diced turkey, Fuel Pull Ranch dressing, tomatoes, cucumbers and garbanzo beans, serve with toasted Swiss Bread with optional *Slim Belly Jelly – E fuel
S: *Cottage Berry Whip – FP
D: *Chicken Parmy (I made this for the first time recently and thought, “Where have you been all my life?!”. Everyone loved it and it’s a definite favorite now.) served atop zoodles – S fuel

Day Two

B: Veggie scramble with cheese – cook your favorite non-starchy vegetables in butter or coconut oil, add 2 eggs and a sprinkle of Parmesan – S fuel
L: *Easy Black Bean Soup (if you don’t have the cookbook, just add a can of black beans, broth and salsa to a saucepan with cumin, salt and pepper) – served with *Swiss Bread – E fuel
S: Cake Batter Shake – FP
D: Fuel Pull Stuffed Peppers – FP

Day Three

B: Fuel Pull Refrigerator Oatmeal, Trimmy beverage – Fuel Pull
L: *Sweet Potato on steroids – small sweet potato, baked, topped with chopped chicken or ground turkey or cottage cheese, non-starchy vegetables and seasonings (I like Cajun) – E fuel
S: Fuel Pull Peanut Butter Blondie – FP
D: *Meatballs in Cream Sauce, *green “fries”, mashed cauliflower – S fuel

Trim Healthy Mama Meal Plan: Banana Cream Oatmeal
Trim Healthy Mama Meal Plan: Banana Cream Oatmeal

Day Four

B: Banana Cream Oatmeal – Enjoy with a Trimmy beverage (FP) – E fuel
L: Ham and cheese sandwich on *Swiss bread or other on-plan bread, side salad – S fuel
S: 0% Greek yogurt with the juice of a Meyer lemon squeezed in, add stevia – FP
D: Mustard pork chops (pan fried with 1 tsp fat, after chops are browned, remove them to a plate, then make a pan sauce with a bit of white wine and/or chicken broth and mustard, salt and pepper) with sauteed green beans, lemon pepper broccoli – Fuel Pull

Day Five

B: Instant Cheesecake – S fuel
L: Vegetable Soup – cook onions, carrots, celery, add broth, desired vegetables and seasonings, and garbanzos or white beans, add *Swiss bread or other on-plan bread – E fuel
S: Briana Thomas’ Chocolate Dreamy – the best FP okra shake I’ve ever had!
D: Jalapeno Popper Chicken Casserole, green salad with creamy or Italian dressing

Day Six

B: Low Carb Orange Streusel Muffin, Trimmy beverage of choice- Fuel Pull
L: Cabbage Roll in a Bowl (follow FP directions)
S: A few almonds and half a small bar of dark chocolate – S fuel
D: Lemon-pepper Fish (choose any white fish you like, baked in a bit of broth or white wine, sprinkled with lemon pepper and lemon juice), brown rice, “honey” carrots (chop carrots and simmer in water until cooked, then sprinkle with a tiny bit of stevia) – E fuel

Day Seven

B: Pumpkin Waffle (follow FP directions), Trimmy drink of choice – Fuel Pull
L: Bean burrito made with an on-plan wrap (such as the Wonder Wrap in the cookbook), topped with lettuce, diced tomatoes and/or salsa, up to 1 T shredded cheese or a dab of low fat sour cream – E fuel
S:  Yogurt bowl. Put 1 cup 0% Greek yogurt in a bowl, add flavor extracts of choice, top with 1/4 cup diced berries – Fuel Pull
D: Green Chicken Enchilada Cauliflower Casserole with green salad (top with avocado and chopped tomato with creamy dressing) – S fuel

Remember: if you don’t feel full after eating Fuel Pull meals and snacks, you can always add more non-starchy vegetables! Non-starchies are the KEY to feeling sated and not gaining weight by consuming excess calories.

So for example if you’re still hungry after eating an E fuel lunch, grab some carrots or celery and dip them into 0% Greek yogurt (season it with onion and garlic powder and a dab of stevia, salt and pepper).

When you eat dinner, fill your plate half full of vegetables, then add your protein. All that fiber and water will fill your belly.

See more sample Trim Healthy Mama Meal Plan posts here.

Trim Healthy Mama Weekly Meal Plan

Instead of posting my THM food journal, as I did for several months, I now publish a Trim Healthy Mama weekly meal plan. See all the posts tagged “sample TrimHealthyMama meal plans” here.

There are a couple of reasons for this change. For one, I’m at goal weight and find that I need to eat Crossovers quite often in order to not lose more weight. That may not be helpful for those who are still losing. Second, I keep THM simple by eating the same things over and over. Some may want more variety, so I try to include that in the weekly meal plan.

I hope you enjoy these, and please leave feedback in the comments! (If you have a special diet challenge such as allergy, let me know and I’ll do a meal plan that accommodates that.)

Trim Healthy Mama Weekly Meal Plan

Recipes with an asterisk come from the TrimHealthyMama cookbook.

Trim Healthy Mama Weekly Meal Plan

Day One

B: Coffee and cream, *French Toast in a Bowl – S
L: *Egg Roll in a Bowl with brown rice – E
S: 0% Greek yogurt with 1/4 cup berries – FP
D: Tamale Pie, green salad with dressing of choice – S
(Note – I loved this recipe so much I made it two days in a row. The kids said the topping tasted just like cornbread, and they’re right.)

Day Two

B: Trimmy beverage of choice (FP),  steel-cut oats with added collagen and whey protein – E
L: Veggie scramble – saute onions and bell peppers (and other desired non-starchy veggies) in a little butter, add eggs, scramble. – S
S: Pumpkin Spice Muffin in a Mug – S
D: *Quinoa Goes Cajun – E  – for dessert, Cottage Berry Whip would complement the spicy flavors of this dish nicely

Day Three

B: Banana Protein Shake – E (To make this, I mix half a banana, a half cup cottage cheese, 1/2 tsp banana extract, stevia, ice and collagen)
L: Green salad with diced chicken, ham or turkey, creamy dressing, cucumbers, a bit of peeled carrot. Serve with Swiss Bread or other on-plan bread – S
S: *Fat Stripping Frappa in your favorite flavor – FP
D: Ham, *green fries, mashed cauliflower – S

Day Four

B: Coffee with cream, green omelet – make an omelet with spinach and optional Parmesan cheese – S
L: “Ham” and Bean soup – this contains no ham and is an E fuel.
S: 1/2 dark chocolate bar, a few almonds – S
D: Chicken breast poached in broth and white wine with mushrooms, brown rice, 1/2 small sweet potato – E. For dessert, enjoy an Autumn Spiced Trimmy

Day Five

B: FP *Trimmy drink, small serving oatmeal cooked with 1/2 chopped pear, topped with cottage cheese blended with stevia and a dash vanilla – E fuel
L: Avocado sandwich made with on-plan bread. Spread bread with mayo, line with lettuce, add avocado slices and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Add an easy salad of chopped cucumber on the side. – S fuel
S: *Hot Chocolate Trimmy – FP
D: Roast turkey with bacon-wrapped asparagus, roasted Brussels sprouts and mashed cauli – S

Day Six

B: *Skinny Chocolate Chip Muffin, coffee with cream – S
L: Small baked sweet potato. Top with diced chicken or turkey (or cottage cheese), diced cooked onion, tomato or Seasoning Blend and spices of choice – E
S: Pickle wrapped with thin-sliced turkey – FP
D: Zoodle Bake with lightly dressed salad greens  – S

Day Seven

B: *Trimmy beverage (FP), Egg white omelet with non-starchy vegetables – FP
L: Lasagne in a Bowl – S
S: 0% Greek yogurt with 1 T peanut flour and 1/2 banana, diced, mixed in – E
D: Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole with green beans and cauliflower – S

See more Trim Healthy Mama Weekly Meal Plan ideas here

TrimHealthyMama Sample Meal Plan

I have been publishing my TrimHealthyMama food journals here for months. It occurred to me the other day, however, that it might be more helpful to post sample meal plans!

When I first started TrimHealthyMama, my biggest question was, “What do I eat?!“. I would have been very thankful for a free sample meal plan to help me along in those early weeks, so I’m going to start publishing that very thing here.

trim healthy mama sample meal plans

The THM sample meal plan will have 3 meals a day, plus a snack and a dessert (I use B, L, S and D for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner). Items marked with an asterisk are from the TrimHealthyMama cookbook. Some dishes are linked to a recipe somewhere online.

I hope these are helpful to those of you new to the plan (who are hungry and confused about what they can eat or how to “freestyle” the fuels), as well as to the more seasoned THM veterans who just want suggestions. Please leave me comments in the upcoming weeks to let me know if you appreciate these posts, and I’ll be sure to do more of them!

I’m going to assume, for the sake of simplicity, that you’re a coffee drinker (since most of the adult population is!), so I include “coffee with cream” in each breakfast suggestion. If you don’t drink coffee, just substitute whatever beverage you usually have with breakfast! And keep in mind that if you keep your half-and-half to under two tablespoons, you can stay inside E fuel parameters, but if you go over, you’re in Crossover or S fuel territory. In this case, make a Trimmy instead if you need to stay in E fuel (Trimmaccinos are FP). 

Be sure to have at least a 2 1/2 hour window between your meals, especially if you’re switching fuels.

Sample TrimHealthyMama Meal Plan

Day One

B: *Brainy Blueberry muffin, hot beverage of choice (coffee with half and half, Trimmaccino, etc), add 1/2 cup stevia-sweetened 0% Greek yogurt if the muffin isn’t enough breakfast for you (it isn’t for me!) – S fuel

L: Green salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, tuna, shredded carrots and a dressing (made from 0% Greek yogurt mixed with a little stevia and mustard, salt and pepper), add an on-plan bread – E fuel (Fuel Pull if you skip the bread)

S: *Fat Stripping Frappa in your favorite flavor (I love the lemon, so refreshing!) with cottage cheese for protein

D: Beef stew with lots of non-starchy vegetables (radishes, cauliflower, green beans, zucchini). For dessert, a *Hot Chocolate Trimmy – S fuel

You can easily Trim-ify any beef stew recipe by removing the potatoes and carrots (and cornstarch or flour), and adding non-starchies, but here’s a recipe to try: Harvest Beef Stew @ Mrs. Criddle’s Kitchen

Day Two

B: Steel cut oats with cottage cheese and berries (I blend cottage cheese in the blender with frozen berries, sweetened with a bit of stevia), coffee with a dab of cream or *Trimmy beverage – E fuel

L: Turkey and cheese sandwich on THM-safe bread, side salad with creamy dressing – S fuel

S: *Apple-cinnamon muffin with 0% Greek yogurt – E fuel

D: Lentil stew (add low-fat chicken sausage to this recipe for more protein) served with *Swiss bread – E fuel. For dessert, enjoy a *Salted Caramel Oolong

Red Lentil Stew with Socca


Day Three

B: Coffee with cream, French Toast in a Bowl – S fuel

L: Small sweet potato, baked, topped with chopped, cooked chicken or turkey and sauteed vegetables (onion, tomato, carrot, celery, any others you like, or just use frozen Seasoning blend!), along with a small sprinkle of Parmesan cheese – E fuel. Have a *Cottage Berry Whip for dessert and extra protein.

S: Half an apple with peanut flour “butter” – mix peanut flour with water, add a dash of salt and stevia. – E fuel

D: Burrito Bowls. Have it your way – this recipe can be made any fuel type.

Burrito bowls - THM "S", "E", or "FP"


Day Four

B: Scrambled eggs with sauteed vegetables (I keep Fajita Blend – onions and bell peppers – in my freezer to make eating more veggies easier), coffee with cream – S fuel

L: Zoodle spaghetti. Make zucchini noodles with a spiralizer, top with cooked ground beef, sauteed onions and marinara sauce – S fuel (or, use ground turkey for a Fuel Pull)

S: A cheese stick and a few almonds – S fuel

D: Dirty-E Rice – E fuel. Enjoy a *Strawberry muffin for dessert


Day Five

B: Oatmeal with collagen and berries. Enjoy a *Trimmaccino (or just have your coffee with 2 T of half and half or less) – E fuel

If this breakfast doesn’t fill you up, try the cottage cheese blended with stevia trick I mentioned earlier. I love oatmeal made this way!

L: Quick Black Bean Soup – In a saucepan, mix chicken broth, black beans and salsa (use whatever ratios you like to make it thinner, beanier or hotter!). Season with cumin, salt and pepper. Serve with *Swiss bread – E fuel

S: Instant Cheesecake – S fuel

D: *Cabb and Saus – S fuel (if you don’t have the THM cookbook, this recipe is easy: just brown kielbasa in a pan and top with cooked cabbage, season with salt and pepper and nutritional yeast if you have it)



Day Six

B: Coffee and cream, *Trimtastic zucchini cake – S fuel. Yes, you CAN eat cake for breakfast!!

L: Vegetable soup (use whatever veggies you like cooked in chicken broth, add white beans or garbanzos), serve with on-plan bread or *Swiss bread – E fuel

S: 0% Greek yogurt mixed with 1 T peanut butter – S fuel

D: Breakfast for Dinner! *Bring On The Butta pancakes, sausage or bacon – S fuel

Day Seven

B: Coffee with cream, two scrambled eggs with sauteed vegetables and cheese – S fuel

L: Chicken breast, poached in a bit of chicken broth with onions, mushrooms, served with brown rice – E fuel

S: Turkey-wrapped pickle – FP

D: *Thai coconut chicken and vegetables, riced cauliflower – S fuel. For dessert, enjoy a Lemon mug cake 

TrimHealthyMama food journal