Trim Healthy Mama Gift Ideas

If you have an anniversary or other special day coming up and need some Trim Healthy Mama gift ideas for the THM devotee in your life, read on!


Trim Healthy Mama gift ideas

Anything from the “my favorite TrimHealthyMama products” would be welcome to most THMErs, but here are some more gift ideas.

The TrimHealthyMama plan book and cookbook are a MUST. If your friend is searching around on the internet, trying to understand the plan or find recipes that are THM-safe, she needs these two books! They’ll save her hours of frustration and boost her efforts to stay on plan.


If your favorite TrimHealthyMama already has the official THM cookbook, get her the other one she wants: Food For Life, a collection of THM-compatible recipes.

Every TrimHealthyMama wants Lily’s chocolate, but she may not want to buy it for herself because it’s a little on the pricey side. But that kind of describes all great gifts, doesn’t it? Something we truly want but hesitate to buy for ourselves? Treat her to a Lily’s multi-pack so she can taste all the flavors!


Trust me when I say that every Trim Healthy Mama drools over the VitaMix! It’s certainly on MY wish list! With a VitaMix, THMers can make those secret shakes (made with okra) super creamy. Ordinary blenders just can’t handle the demand a THMama puts on it! THM mamas bust through cheaper blenders.

A VitaMix is an investment in your health, and a good long-term choice because it will last forever. She can make her favorite Trimmy beverage in it (they can’t be made in many other blenders without exploding hot liquid everywhere! – ask me how I know!), she can even make quick healthy soups in the VitaMix. Or blend bread dough. Or do many other tasks she’s currently (frustratingly) using an inferior product to do.

If your budget is smaller, here’s a gadget that will make her everyday life a little easier: a milk frothing wand. She can use it to put a foamy head on her Trimmy drinks or to mix up Goodgirl Moonshine or other beverages without dirtying the blender. Pictured above is the one I own and use several times a day. I love it! It puts a beautiful foamy top on coffee beverages (see this post about THM-safe Starbucks copycat recipes and “What’s on plan with THM at Starbucks?” if your girl is a coffee lover!)


What about a gift pack from OliveNation?

I love their organic flavor extracts. I use them for my THM shakes, for Trimmy hot drinks, for GGMS, for muffins and cakes, and more. (THMamas use extracts to add maximum flavor with minimal calories.) Put together an order with her favorite flavors and surprise her. I love banana, raspberry, coconut, strawberry, maple and butter (for my oatmeal and to make my own sugar-free maple syrup), and lime.

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And finally, TrimHealthyMamas can never have enough measuring cups and spoons. Give her an extra set in stainless steel so they’ll last forever.

This set even includes teeny-tiny spoons perfect for measuring those tiny amounts of pure stevia powder! It has 1/64 and 1/32 teaspoons. Trust me, THMers need those sizes.

What would be your dream gift idea as a TrimHealthyMama? 

(Hint: mine would be the VitaMix!)