you might be a trimhealthymama

TrimHealthyMama Lifestyle: The Shrinker

TrimHealthyMama lifestyle: my week is a new feature here in which I share tips and tricks I’ve learned while working THM into my life. I hope you enjoy reading them, and please share your own in the comments. I mentioned that I joined up with Crystal Paine’s 15 Days to a Healthier You challenge. (The […]

Trim Healthy Mama Before and After Pictures

It occurred to me recently that I’ve never posted Trim Healthy Mama before and after pictures. So here goes! Before Trim Healthy Mama Pictures This one was taken about 3 months after my 7th child (a 27-weeker preemie) was born. My face was so puffy! I had lost some of the baby weight at this point, […]

My Week on TrimHealthyMama

This year I’m going to try out a new feature here: “my week on TrimHealthyMama” will feature short snippets of life as a THM lady. I’ll post new recipes I’ve tried (and my thoughts on them), time-saving shortcuts and tips, and general tidbits on how I fit THM into my life. I hope it’s helpful […]

My Favorite Trim Healthy Mama Non Scale Victories!

The weight loss is wonderful, but Trim Healthy Mama non scale victories are amazing too. Since starting Trim Healthy Mama over a year ago, I’ve lost 20 pounds and keep it off, effortlessly, without exercise or going hungry. I don’t even have to give up my favorite foods. But, as many THMers know, the non-scale […]

Trim Healthy Mama Gift Ideas

If you have an anniversary or other special day coming up and need some Trim Healthy Mama gift ideas for the THM devotee in your life, read on!   Anything from the “my favorite TrimHealthyMama products” would be welcome to most THMErs, but here are some more gift ideas. The TrimHealthyMama plan book and cookbook […]

What's on plan at Starbucks #THM

What’s on plan a la Trim Healthy Mama at Starbucks? Does being on Trim Healthy Mama mean you can’t enjoy your favorite Starbucks beverage? Maybe. Read on… 18 years ago, I was an employee of Starbucks, so I know a thing or two about their drinks. If you love plain old, ordinary drip coffee, you’re […]

THM Food Journal

if you take the kids to Starbucks and three of them order the Lemon Loaf Cake, and the smell filling the car on the way home is making you insane, and you whip up a quick Luscious Lemon Cake for yourself to enjoy… … you might be a TrimHealthyMama! Here is this week’s food journal. […]

You might be a TrimHealthyMama...

… if your snacks carry a warning label … you brag along with your teenage sons about the size of your poops … you encourage your husband to buy you a fancy blender for your anniversary … there are 3 sets of measuring spoons and cups in your sink at any given time of day […]