This week’s THM menu

Trim Healthy Mama approved menu plan

Monday: Last night we had Pork Chops with Mustard Sauce, along with roasted asparagus and a Caprese salad starter (a friend gave us fresh basil from his garden!) – “S” – This was a recipe from one of my favorite cookbooks, Bonne Femme, on everyday French cooking. The pork chops can be prepared with a minimum of fat to stay in “E” mode, but this was an S meal because of the olive oil I used on the asparagus and the mozza (and more olive oil) on the salad.

Tuesday: Chicken breasts with Artichoke Hearts, brown rice, glazed carrots (I used to make carrots with honey, but this time I’ll add a tiny bit of Gentle Sweet) – “E” – This recipe also comes from the Bonne Femme cookbook.

Wednesday: Cheeseburgers (bunless), sweet potato fries, baked beans (this is a big ole crossover, but that’s ok once in a while, and hubby requested this meal) – “XO”

Thursday: Lemon-Pepper Tilapia, green beans nicoise, green salad with homemade Bleu cheese dressing – “S”

Friday: Sweet potato bar – sweet potatoes baked in the slow cooker with a variety of toppings such as chopped chicken breast, broccoli, veggies, shredded cheese for the kids – “E”

Saturday –  Cajun-style Dirty Rice – “E”

Sunday – TBA, maybe leftovers if there are any or something that needs to be used up before I shop

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