THM Round-up

Better than Snickers Cake by the Fabuless Wife. Oh, my. This is on my to-do list now.

I love a good banana muffin, and have been looking for one that’s an E fuel. Win! Healthy Flourless 1 Minute Greek Yogurt Banana Muffin. This recipe isn’t perfectly THM-safe as-is, but leave out the chocolate chips, add stevia, make sure your Greek yogurt is 0% and use egg whites and it’s a clean E.

This Chili Rellenos Casserole looks amazing. From Mrs. Criddles Kitchen.

Also, I love cannoli. Now you can get the taste of cannoli in a cheesecake, THM-safe. Brilliant.

Finally, I came across this fun article that says eating chocolate cake for breakfast can make you smarter and healthier. The authors say that chocolate may help brain activity and cognition.

TrimHealthyMamas love to eat chocolate cake for breakfast, only our recipes don’t cause weight gain!

volcano mud slide muffin with peanut butter whip

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