Video: How keeping a Food Journal can help you with TrimHealthyMama

How Keeping a Food Journal

Of course, this isn’t mandatory, but keeping a food journal was so helpful to me in the beginning weeks of my TrimHealthyMama experience that I have to recommend it to you here.

I kept a food journal for about one year. It made it so simple to keep track of switching up fuel types, eating enough non-starchy vegetables, and other things that made my weight loss so easy with THM.

The video is only 3 minutes long. I know you’re a busy mama!


In it, I share:

  • How a food journal helped me understand THM quickly
  • How keeping a food journal helps you with meal planning
  • One reason why weight loss plateaus occur and how to avoid them
  • Easy, free tools for keeping a food journal
  • My Bullet Journal and how I use it to make my life easier

Keeping a food journal is simple. Just write down what you ate, what time you ate it, and what fuel type it was. If you’re just getting started and finding THM hard to understand, this will help you.

One final thought: keeping a food journal makes it plain and obvious when you’re cheating and eating off plan! It’s a little painful to have to write down that you succumbed to those french fries (hey – no judgments from me, you’ll see french fries making a frequent appearance in my food journals here!) or those cookies at Grandma’s.

Seeing it in black and white on paper means no more excuses. The plan WORKS, if you work it. It’s a way of staying accountable to yourself.

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