What I ate last week on (and off!) plan with Trim Healthy Mama

As I mentioned yesterday in my post about sugar addiction, I ate a slice of cake to celebrate at my son’s graduation party. I don’t regret it, because “failure” is a data point. I learned that eating sugar causes an immediate, uncomfortable reaction: I begin itching. And then I feel just plain … yuck.

The old me had little self-control when it came to sweets. I couldn’t keep anything sweet in the house because I would be nibbling on it throughout the day instead of eating one small, sensible portion and then leaving it alone. I craved sugar in the afternoons (now, when I hit that lull at 3 o’clock, I treat myself to a rest and le goûter: a cup of coffee or tea and an indulgent, sugar-free snack).

Simple THM "S" snack

Before I gave up sugar, I was often constipated.

No longer!

My digestion and elimination are so much better now. (When you can brag with your teenage sons about the frequency and size of your bowel movements, know that you’ve arrived at bowel health.)

My energy is more constant through the day. My moods are more level. I’ll never go back to eating sugar! To my surprise I lost another pound and now weigh 126, even though I went off-plan twice this week. 

It’s what we do every day that matters most, not what we do once in a while.

Here’s what I ate last week.


Steel cut oats with strawberries – E @ 8
Strawberry frappa, cheese – S @ 12
Cheeseburger wrap – S @ 2:30
Lily’s chocolate – S @ 4:30
2 slices Swiss bread with butter and peanut butter, *hot chocolate Trimmy – S @ 7
Glass of wine – 8

Movement: I did 40 squats


Scrambled eggs with parmesan, coffee and cream – S @ 7:30
0% Greek yogurt with blackberries – FP @ 10
*Creamy lime shake, 2 pieces Swiss bread with peanut butter  – S @ 11:30
Banana muffin with peanut butter and bananas – XO @ 2:30
2 Madeleines, ½ breakfast sandwich (off plan) – XO @ 6:15
Fiesta chicken soup, oatmeal – E @ 8
*Hot chocolate Trimmy – FP @ 10

1 mile walk


Scrambled eggs, bacon, *Swiss bread, coffee and cream – S @ 9
Fiesta chicken soup, *banana muffin – S @ 1:30
Chocolate-nut cluster, mocha “frappuccino” THM-style – S @ 4:30
*Trim Mac salad – S @ 6
*hot chocolate Trimmy – FP @ 9

Oops! Didn’t have my “E” meal today.

Walked 1 mile


2 fried eggs, 1 turkey bacon, chocolate-nut cluster, coffee, cream – S @ 8:45
0% greek yogurt with peanut flour – FP @ 10:3
Oatmeal with peanut flour – E @ 11:45
*Mocha FSF, 2 slices Swiss bread w/ butter @ 2:30
Scrambled egg and cheese, slice of Swiss bread – S @ 4:30
Fish Veracruz with avocado, onion, tomatoes, *hot chocolate Trimmy – S @ 8

Walked 1 mile


Fried egg, turkey bacon, 2 pieces *Swiss bread, coffee w/ cream, chocolate-nut cluster – S @ 8:30
Avocado sandwich, *hot chocolate Trimmy – S @ 12
Small turkey burger, parmesan broccoli, green salad – S @ 6
0% Greek yogurt with peanut butter and LIly’s chocolate – S @ 9


Fried egg, 2 pieces Swiss bread, coffee w/ cream – S @ 9
Lime protein shake – FP @ 11
Steel cut oats – E, *hot chocolate Trimmy – FP @ 12:30
Burrito bowl – ground beef, lettuce, salsa, sour cream, sautéed pepper and onion – S @ 6
Volcano mud slide muffin – S @ 8


Steel cut chocolate oats, ½ banana, coffee and cream – XO @ 8:30
Avocado, cucumber salad with diced ham and cheese, parmesan crisps – S @ 12
Ham and cheese roll-up – S @ 4
Salad with Bleu cheese, onion, strawberries, pear and cucumber, 2 pieces crustless supreme pizza (sausage, cheese, peppers) – slice chocolate cake (cheat!) – XO @ 6:30

I didn’t exercise every day, mostly because I was busy cleaning and preparing the house and yard for my son’s party. I got plenty of movement, which is even better than ‘exercise’.

How was your week? Do you do TrimHealthyMama© or another eating plan?

As always, foods with an asterisk * are TrimHealthyMama cookbook recipes.




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